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2020.11.15 20:54 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in NV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
BetterHelp Licensed Mental Health CounseloTherapist for Online Therapy Boulder City
BetterHelp Licensed Mental Health CounseloTherapist for Online Therapy Carson City
BetterHelp Licensed Mental Health CounseloTherapist for Online Therapy Elko
Bluecrew Warehouse Associate - Up to $18/hr Reno
Allied Universal Armed Security Officer Transit Service Carson City
Allied Universal Armed Security Officer County Carson City
Allied Universal Armed Security Officer County Incline Village
Kindred At Home RN, Home Health Full Time Fernley
Loves Travel Stops & Country Store Customer Service Cashier - Retail Wells
Loves Travel Stops & Country Store Customer Service and Cashier Wells
WilliamsonHeckt Management Leaders - Become a Franchise Owner Carson City
WilliamsonHeckt Business Leaders - Become a Franchise Owner Carson City
Loves Travel Stops & Country Store Tire Technician - Truck Care Fernley
Bluecrew Warehouse Associate ($500 Bonus!) Carson City
Bluecrew Production Associate ($500 Bonus!) Reno
Liveops Licensed Life Insurance Independent Contractor - Work from Home Alamo
Liveops Licensed Life Insurance Independent Contractor - Work from Home Amargosa Valley
Liveops Licensed Life Insurance Independent Contractor - Work from Home Baker
Walmart Warehouse Worker - Make $20/hr Churchill County
Walmart Warehouse Worker - Make $20/hr Douglas County
Centra Healthcare Solutions Speech Language Pathologist (SLP - CCC) Henderson
Walmart Distribution Center Team Member - make $20/hr Humboldt County
MountainView Hospital Mother Baby Registered Nurse Las Vegas
MountainView Hospital Neuro Surgical ICU Nurse Las Vegas
SelectQuote Insurance Advisor - January Start North Las Vegas
TNG Retail Services Retail Merchandiser - Hiring Immediately Reno
TNG Retail Services Overnight Reset Merchandiser Reno
Wilson Logistics Seeking CDL-A Company Drivers - Earn up to $.51 CPM Alamo
Wilson Logistics Seeking CDL-A Company Drivers - Earn up to $.51 CPM Amargosa Valley
Wilson Logistics Seeking CDL-A Company Drivers - Earn up to $.51 CPM Baker
Triage Staffing - Google Rating 4.9 Travel Medical Technologist, Boulder City, NV Boulder City
Visiting Angels of Carson City Caregiver in Carson City, NV Carson
Centra Healthcare Solutions Rehabilitation Speech Language Pathologist (SLP - CCC) Carson City
First Transit Bus Driver Carson City
Focus Staff Travel TELE RN - Telemetry Carson City
ITS Logistics Hiring Linehaul, Regional & OTR Company Drivers Carson City
Blue Royal Staffing Senior Laboratory Manager (MLS/MT) Day Shift - Full Time Perm Fallon
ITS Logistics Hiring Linehaul, Regional & OTR Company Drivers Fernley
ITS Logistics Hiring Linehaul, Regional & OTR Company Drivers Gardnerville
Valvoline Instant Oil Change Licensed Automotive Inspector Henderson
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nv. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.11.13 02:14 LuxNewbie Gucci Leather Ankle Boot with Belt from TS Fisherman

Disclosure - Nothing to disclose, did not gain anything in exchange for this review.
Purchase Info

Quality - 10/10

These babies are goooooorrrrrge. They feel super luxurious. I have no doubts about the quality of leather. It is soft and very pliable, which makes it very easy to slip on and off. The elastic inserts on both sides are very strong. I tried pulling as far as I could, and they withheld. Super stretchy, again, making it a very easy slip on and off. The lug sole is solid. The boots feel heavy on hand, but very comfortable on feet. The ankle strap is made of the same high quality leather. The jewels shine bright, and the gold doesn't look like it will scratch off easily. The GG emblem seems a little too gold though, the auth looks more brass-y, but nothing to deduct points for. The craftsmanship on this is amazing, the stitching and alignments are all straight and correct. The inside of the shoe is super comfy, great insole. They didn't get the stamping right inside, but made up for it in comfort. And because the leather is so pliable, it molds to your foot, these can definitely withstand all day wear. Which I will be doing. In my house. While on lockdown.

Accuracy - 9.75/10

Honestly, just being picky here because I know these things will bother someone, they do not bother me. Here's where the -0.25 came from: Here you can see a little of what looks like glue, here you can see the interior stamping or lack thereof, and here you can see the GG emblem is more yellow-y than it needs to be. And if you're really picky about packaging, I only got one dust bag instead of two for each shoe :(. Now that the cons are out of the way, I can say that these are as perfect as they come. I've seen a lot of this model on DHG with all sorts of inaccuracies (the "R" registered logo by the "Gucci" on the toe is my pet peeve), but this one hits the mark. It has the right number of jewels on the belt, the correct type of leather (not too shiny, not too matte), the right size "GG" emblem (even though more gold than brass) and the right snake on the bottom of the shoe. Without the aforementioned nit-picky items, I would give this a 10/10 and walk right into the boutique with my head held high and my mask on.

Satisfaction - 100000/10

Don't know what to tell ya, I'm in love. My experience with reps is fairly new, but I can confidently say these boots are IT. They are the perfect height, color and style to fancy-up a casual outfit or tone-down a fancy one (but why would you want to???). I can not stress how comfy they are, they definitely fit true-to-size. I wore them with thin socks and could slip in and out with ease. I will be wearing them around the house a for a few days though to stretch out the mid-section, I find that area to be a little tight. But I am verrrrry flat footed. All in all, I'm 1000% satisfied and I already have 2 other boot orders placed with Fisherman. I'm super excited. Also, for as much as I see those boots all over DHG and seller pages, I have yet to see them in the wild. So I'm also very excited for my essential travel to Walmart for a subtle flex. Hey, get them in where you can these days.

Seller Communication and Service - 10/10

Fisherman is a doll, omg! Super sweet, very kind, and very patient. I find him to only answer during daytime hours in China (makes sense, dudes gotta sleep), so communication may take longer than with other sellers, but he always gets back to you and answers every question. I was super concerned about sizing because I've seen some reviews say these are TTS, others saying to size up, and he walked me through the proper measurements to ensure I got the right size. As I mentioned, I've already placed 2 other orders with him. I'm still new to the game, so when I find a seller I like, I'm going iiiiiin. Fisherman, thank you *chefs kiss*

Additional Notes

I would really appreciate feedback on my shoes and my review please. I may be looking at all of this with newbie eyes. I'm so happy to be a part of this community. My wallet can't say the same, but OH WELL.
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2020.10.25 06:48 Arofam Updated Walmart Terms/Names


SM: Store Manager. Management.
COM: Co-Manager. Management. Now obsolete, replaced by Store Lead
ASM: Assistant Store Manager, Management. Mostly phased out, only ASM roles that remain are APASM, eComm ASM, and ACC ASM.
Coach: Coach, Management. Own areas of store, salaried manager. Replaced Co-Manager
TL Team Lead, Management. Often referred to as a Hourly ASM, runs sections of the business, reports to coach.
AT Academy Trainer, Non-Management. Originally rolled out to Supercenters and NHMs as a test, however was recently eliminated in supercenters but remain in NHMs. Teaching and training associate, reports to Team Lead.
CSM: Customer Service Manager. The "Cashier" Manager. Can be referred as a "OverNight" CSS. When management can't be found, CSS/CSMs are called to handle both Employee and Customer Concerns. *Now obsolete, replaced by Teaming Model (ATs and TLs)
DM: Department Manager *Mostly Phased out, with the exception of Auto DM and SFS DM (select stores)
ACCM: Auto Car Care Manager.
APASM: Asset Protection Assistant Manager. Also known as Loss-Prevention. Helps to safe-guard against theft.
CAP Supervisor: Supervises CAP teams. Replaced By teaming model
APA: Asset Protection Associate.


Grocery Doors: The Front-End doors nearest the produce. These stay open as long as the store is open.
GM Doors: General Merchandise Doors are the other doors. Usually closed at a certain time.
TLE: Tire Lube Express. May be known as: ACC (Auto Car Care)
HBA: Health & Beauty Aids. May be known as: HBC (Health & Beauty Care)
OTC: Over the Counter (Pharmacy).
L&G: Lawn and Garden.
FDD: Frozen-Dairy Department.
CO: Cash Office
FrontEnd: Often referred to the first and last opportunity for a store to make an impression. Most customers go through this area to enter and leave the building. Cash registers, Doors.
Sales Floor: This area comprises of all other departments in the store.
BackRoom: Employee Only area. This is where most of the overstock, preparation for pallets, and day to day management of the store takes place.
HardLines: Electronics, Toys, Bikes, Athletics, Sporting Goods, Automotive, Tools, Home Improvement, Furniture.
-- Action Alley / Path Names --
Action Alley: Wider Aisles that receive the most foot traffic. These separate departments.
B Action Alley: This is the Action Alley that separates the the B Asile (Next to the Grocery) from Apparel that usually includes Pets, Office Supplies, Cleaning Supplies.
The Cross: The cross-section of tile/cement that separates all apparel departments.
Horse Shoe: This is specifically names for the departments in this order: Toy, ACC, Tools, HBA, OTC.
Bowling Alley: This is the section at the front-end that's before the cash registers. Origin: Named for when customers look like bowling pins when lined up.
Main Alley: Back most action alley. May also be known as: Long Action Alley, Back Action Alley
Race Track: When "Action Alley", Main Action Alley, Bowling Alley and The Horse Shoe are meant as one single path.
-- Walls--
Wet Wall: Produce that includes fresh vegetables. Usually has a carpet or two under this area to help soak up moisture.
Meat Wall: All Meats. Chicken, Pork, Beef, Packaged Deli
SoftLines: Clothing, Jewelery, Bedding, Shoes, Baby.
End Cap: End of each aisle there's an End Cap. Usually towards an Action Alley.

'Customer-Facing' Othe/

Zoning: Considered when packages are placed correctly, and the first two of each item is placed forward on the shelf for easy reaching.
Hell Days: Food Stamp Benefits Days. Stores tend to be ravaged during these dates. When Food Stamps (EBT or SNAP) are handed out in a small time span (1-3 days) the effect can be greater. The degree varies state to state and store to store. Some states give out benefits over a much larger time span (over 10 or more days) and it's effect is often times not as seen or noticed. Dates infamously known: 1st and 10th of each month.

'Employee' Othe/

PDQ: Pallet/Predetermined/PreMade Display Quantity. Generally items that are sold in a presentable box whether large boxes or pallets on the sales floor or small enough to fit on top a bin. Also known as "Pretty Darn Quick", see "Self-Ready Packaging".
Example, Shelf PDQ:
Example, Floor PDQ:
BreakPacks: Small Items HBA/OTC/Cosmetics. May be known as: Totes, One Touch, Casepack, Eaches.
Fast-Track: Under and facing outward each shelf there's a strip of plastic that holds product information, including the cost of the item.
CBL: Computer-Based Learning. Where training for various areas will occur while not in your area or on the floor.
TC-70: Handheld Scanners sees prices, and product location. May also be known as: Gemini, MC, Palm, Zebra, Handheld, Gun Scanner,
ULearn: Additional Training for associates. Aimed for new hires at Walmart.
Teaming/Great Workplace: Program designed to streamline work and empower associates to make decisions for themselves. Resulted in elimination of many supervisory jobs, but also the introduction of Team Leads and Academy Trainers.
1) HVDC Truck or 'Grocery' Truck.
2) Vendor Transportation consolidation program on a large scale.
HVDC: High Velocity Distribution Centre.
McLanes/Coremark: Generally all Candy, and other small goods. Origin: Describes the truck that the goods arrive on.
Dance Floor: Truck Unloading zone.
Hole in the Wall: Trash Compactor.
Baler (Carboard/Plastic): Creates neat squares of a given type.
Bin: Where overstocked items are kept, in the Backroom. These items have been scanned and are waiting to be put on the floor.
Steel: Referring the 'Steel' shelves in the Back-End, These are the waiting area of Overstocked items.
Top-Steel: See Above, These are pallets that have been raised onto the Top area.
Pick: Scan-Out an item from the Bin that needs to be put on the aisle.
Work: The actual definition may differ store to store (May be 1 OR 2). Make sure to ask for clarification.
1) The process of Picking (See Pick) and Placing on the sales floor.
2) Taking a cart, and placing contents on the sales floor. The "Picking" is not apart of this process.
Bunkers: Located in Grocery. These are located in the action alley, between the walls and the aisles and about 3 feet high. They keep frozen goods cold. Also known as: Cooler Bunker
StackBase: 4' x 4' Plastic or Wooden pallet meant to go in Action Alley. Usually are black in color.
COMAC: Food Products sent from the home office that need to be featured and are given directions on how to display. Considered force shipped to stores to be sold.
TIP: Towel In Pocket. Towels kept with associates that can take care of small spills at a moment's notice. Often will be Orange-Backed.
FOE: Facts, Opinions, Personal Experiences. Another method of dealing with Unionizing without breaking the law.
The Mule: A tool for the Cart Pushers. Red Machine with an amber emergency light. This is a self-powered machine that helps assist cart pushers gather a large quantity of carts at once. Also known as: The Machine.
CIFP: Customer Inventory Flow Process. This is the process something gets from the manufacturer to the house.
CAP: Customer Availability Program. Teams associates meant to only work. Replaced IMS. a tool which simultaneously audits, bins & picks merchandise into & from the bins using one screen
IMS: Inventory Management System. Replaced by CAP. 4 different tools, @ least 6 different screens
DSD: Direct Store Delivery. These items are received through other than Walmart Warehouses. Notably, Vendors. These deliveries tend to be faster and more responsive to a store needs.
MABD: Must Arrive By Date.
OSA: On Shelf Availability. Is there shelving available for product that shoppers can purchase it?
SMART: System used in stores mainly up until 2016ish. Still in use in some form, but is being decommissioned slowly.


HEATKTE: Het-Ka-Tee. High Expectations Are The Key To Everything.
EDLC: Every Day Low Cost. Minimizing store expenditure.
EDLP: Every Day Low Price. Minimizing the cost of a product. Relies on EDLC.
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2020.10.10 18:09 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in MD Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Pivot Physical Therapy Athletic Trainer - High School Outreach Mount Airy
Adventist HealthCare Registered Nurse, (RN), Night Shift, Observation Unit Rockville
Adventist HealthCare Registered Nurse (RN), Night Shift, MotheBaby Rockville
Adventist HealthCare Registered Nurse (RN), Day Shift, Labor & Delivery Silver Spring
ABC Supply co. Class A CDL Delivery Truck Driver Rosedale
Agemark Senior Living Part Time Med Tech Cumberland
Walmart Warehouse Associate - Full TIme - Located in Smyrna, DE Cecil County
Walmart Distribution Center Team Member - Full TIme - Located in Smyrna, DE Cecil County
Walmart Freight Handler - Located in Smyrna, DE Cecil County
ARS-Rescue Rooter HVAC Install Mechanic Elkridge
ARS-Rescue Rooter HVAC Install Mechanic Forest Hill
DeLeon & Stang CPA's & Advisors Tax Accountant Gaithersburg
ARS-Rescue Rooter HVAC Service Technician Dundalk
Best Buy Appliance Sales Specialist Lutherville-Timonium
Roehl Transport Inc CDL-A Truck Driver - Dedicated - Top Paying Route! Cheverly
Roehl Transport Inc CDL-A Truck Driver - Dedicated - Top Paying Route! Mount Rainier
Peridot Deals Peridot Deals: Licensed Health Insurance Agent Sell Uhc Cigna Anthem And More Ocean City
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Licensed Health Insurance Agent Sell Uhc Cigna Anthem And More Ocean City
Peridot Deals Peridot Deals: Licensed Health Insurance Agent Get That Cheddar While Working From Home Ocean City
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Licensed Health Insurance Agent Get That Cheddar While Working From Home Ocean City
Roehl Transport Inc CDL-A Truck Driver - Dedicated - Top Paying Route! Thurmont
Geico Senior Big Data Developer - (R0012895) Chevy Chase
Geico Senior Data Analyst - (R0014258) Chevy Chase
Geico Big Data Technical Supervisor - (R0014167) Chevy Chase
A. Duie Pyle Diesel mechanic 3rd Shift Elkridge
L&W Supply Outside Sales Representative Hyattsville
i4 Search Group Emergency Department Registered Nurse - ER / ED RN Prince Frederick
i4 Search Group ICU Registered Nurse- Rn Prince Frederick
ManorCare Health Services Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN Towson
Scientific Research Corporation Senior Program Analyst Aberdeen Proving Ground
USA Truck CDL-A Dedicated Truck Driver Bowie
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate Brunswick
USA Truck CDL-A Dedicated Truck Driver Cheverly
USA Truck CDL-A Dedicated Truck Driver District Heights
AstraZeneca Associate Director RWE Data Scientist Gaithersburg
Cross Country Nurses Registered Nurse - ER job in La Plata , MD La Plata
Blueforce Healthcare Staffing RN / Operating-Room job in Lanham, MD ($2174.4/week) Lanham
The Home Depot Warehouse Associate Rohrersville
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol Agent Aspen Hill
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Systems Engineer Aspen Hill
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in md. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.10.07 19:12 skeletor_thagawd ‘Every day is a struggle‘: El Paso, one year later A extensive article with new details and an in-depth look at what happened during the El Paso Walmart shooting

Copy pasted here to avoid paywall ——————————————————-
EL PASO — Gilbert Anchondo calls his son André on his cellphone. He knows André will never answer.
Will Englisbee is lost without the woman he called his best friend. Angelina María Silva de Englisbee was vibrant and healthy when she died at nearly 87.
Dina Lizarde sits in her house with its lights turned low and the TV a constant companion. She stares at the candles she lights in memory of her 15-year-old son Javier Amir Rodríguez.
A father. A son. A mother.
They are but three of the survivors of the 23 people who died at the hands of a gunman at a busy Walmart in the worst mass shooting of Hispanics in recent U.S. history.
In the year following the Aug. 3 tragedy, The Dallas Morning News interviewed family members of those slain, about a dozen of the injured, other witnesses and multiple sources close to the investigation. We reviewed hundreds of pages of documents related to the massacre.
Our reporting has brought the massacre’s details into sharper definition: The grim determination of the suspected gunman’s preparations and actions inside the store. The desperation of survivors hoping that their loved ones didn’t die. Their struggles to live the rest of their days without them.
Gilbert lost not only his son but also a daughter-in-law, Jordan. The couple’s infant son was grazed by a bullet but survived the shooting.
“I brought him into the world,” Gilbert said of André. “I was the first one to hold him in my arms and I was the last one to close the casket.”
Will cries when he imagines Angelina’s last seconds. She had a lifelong fear and hatred of guns.
Dina’s walls are covered with photos of Javier, reminders of a life just getting underway.
She constantly thinks of him. She rarely thinks of his killer.
It’s a cloudy Friday night in August. Patrick Crusius, one week past his 21st birthday, unemployed and having lived off government benefits for the past five months, leaves his hometown of Allen, a middle-class Dallas suburb that is mostly white but has seen its demographics change markedly in recent years.
Around midnight, he heads southwest along Interstate 20 in a dark gray 2012 Honda Civic. His destination is more than 650 miles away.
A GP WASR-10 semiautomatic rifle, a civilian version of an AK-47, sits in the trunk. So do 1,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, protective eyewear, gloves and earmuffs. He is carrying something else in the car: his laptop. Inside is a hate-filled, racist document he wrote titled The Inconvenient Truth.
He’s spent hours on 8chan, a loosely moderated message board that has allowed racism, misogyny and white supremacy to breed on its platform.
He stops for gas and energy drinks at least twice, the last time in Van Horn, about 115 miles from El Paso.
Sometime after 8 a.m., he arrives, tired and hungry.
As usual, the lines on the international bridge stretching to Ciudad Juárez are long with shoppers. Many will head to the Cielo Vista Walmart, one of the busiest Walmarts in America.
About half a mile from the Walmart, he pulls into a Cicis Pizza — one of his favorite restaurants back in Allen — but it isn’t open yet. Later, people close to the investigation will wonder whether he intended to eat there or carry out his deadly act.
He then heads into the Walmart parking lot.
Perhaps 3,000 people are inside the superstore. It's often referred to as the “Juárez Walmart” because of its number of Mexican shoppers.
Wearing a black T-shirt and khaki cargo pants, he steps out of his car and approaches the store doors.
Crusius’ movements after he gets out of his car and enters the store are known to us through interviews with eyewitnesses, multiple sources close to the investigation and our review of documents related to the case.
Outside, preteen girls, parents and coaches from the El Paso Fusion girls soccer team are selling aguas frescas and chicharrones to raise money for a tournament.
One of the coaches, Luis Calvillo, goes live on Facebook.
“Say ‘Hi,’ girls!” he says. “Tell ’em to come support.”
Crusius walks around the store for nearly half an hour. The store is teeming with activity. He returns to his car. He now knows the layout and the profile of shoppers.
Minutes later, he reenters the store. He heads for the fruit section and buys oranges. He lingers by the grocery cart area. He nonchalantly munches on an orange as shoppers, oblivious to what is about to happen, walk by him.
He returns to his car and sits for nearly an hour.
He logs onto his computer and tries to post his screed to 8chan, according to sources close to the investigation. The title of his post is “Hello FBI.” But he posts the wrong document. At 10:17, he uploads the correct one, with an addendum: “FML nervous as hell.”
On 8chan, he shares his fear that if he thinks too much about what he is going to do, he might not go through with it.
He grabs his semiautomatic rifle from the trunk of his car.
At 10:38, he heads toward Walmart a final time.
Crusius’ history is well known: The child of a nurse and a mental health counselor who divorced when he was 13, he was lonely and computer-obsessed during his years at Liberty High in Frisco and, later, Plano Senior High. He moved in with his grandparents, dabbling in community college and falling into the world of misogyny and white supremacy on 8chan and Twitter.
His defense attorney declined to talk for this story. His family declined multiple interview requests. But their attorney, Chris Ayres, said that Crusius never shared signs that he’d become radicalized.
“He was like your normal 20-something kid,” Ayres said. “He was finding his way.”
But any sense of normalcy was illusory.
In his manifesto, he denounced “race mixing” and defined himself — a young man with no military experience — as a warrior in the fight for America and Europe.
His hometown saw a demographic shift as he grew up. According to the 2000 census, Allen’s population was 83% white. By 2018, the Hispanic and Asian population more than tripled. The white population fell to 59%.
Ayres said Crusius’ grandparents allowed him to live with them as long as he followed “general expectations,” like not being on his computer all the time or leaving the house late at night.
He said they never found him watching violent or white supremacist videos, nor did he arrive home with neo-Nazi materials.
But there were warning signs on Twitter, where he had only a dozen followers and his banner photo featured Dylann Roof, the South Carolina white supremacist who killed nine Black people at a Charleston church.
In a court filing in July, Crusius’ defense attorneys wrote that he had had “severe, lifelong neurological and mental disabilities” and that he was in special education for much of his schooling. Ayres declined to comment.
Last summer, Crusius legally bought a semiautomatic rifle. When his mother found out, she told Allen police she wasn’t sure her son possessed the maturity to own the weapon. But Crusius was an adult and the police did not act on her call.
Crusius bought heat-resistant shooting gloves. He began to research the most devastating type of bullet for an attack, people close to the investigation say. These details have never been reported.
He had looked online for the screed written by a mass shooter who killed 51 people in New Zealand. When he had trouble finding it, his twin sister Emily obtained it for him, sources close to the investigation say. That detail, too, has never been reported.
It’s likely Emily didn’t know his real intent, the sources say. Ayres denies her involvement. They last saw each other the night of Aug. 2.
About the time Crusius leaves his home, Will Englisbee returns to his.
He creeps into his home after a shift as a manager at a sports bar. His mother, Angelina, dozes on the sofa after trying to stay awake to greet her son. She always does this for Will or her two grandsons, who often come home late.
Will tries not to disturb her, but Angelina wakes up. He sheepishly explains he’s lost yet another pair of new sunglasses — a routine she constantly chides him for. The two laugh and retreat to their bedrooms.
Javier Rodríguez spends the night with his mom Dina Lizarde’s youngest brother, Octavio Ramiro, 23, playing video games late into the evening. Dina, an employee at another Walmart down the street, has Saturday off and is going to join Javier and her daughter back home in Horizon City for one last weekend before he returns to high school, where he is a soccer star.
Around 9 a.m. Saturday, as Crusius arrives in El Paso, Gilbert Anchondo is rushing to work. He stops at a red light within sight of his son André’s newly opened granite shop. He sees André, wife Jordan and their two children outside their house, which is next to the business. Gilbert watches proudly but does not honk or wave. He figures he’ll see his family later that afternoon. They’ve planned a triple celebration: A new home. Their daughter’s sixth birthday. André’s and Jordan’s first wedding anniversary.
María Eugenia Legarreta has stopped at Walmart on her way to the airport to pick up her teen daughter, who is returning from a trip to Europe.
Crusius sees the 58-year-old from Chihuahua City, Mexico, pushing her full shopping cart across the lot. When she sees him, she freezes, then pushes her cart forward in front of a parked van that shields her, but only momentarily. He pulls the trigger.
Chaos erupts. Shoppers scatter as Crusius walks calmly toward the front doors, firing his weapon. On the way, he walks and shoots. He sprays bullets into a cluster of adults from the Fusion soccer team, injuring Luis Calvillo, the coach, and killing his father, Jorge Calvillo, who is visiting from out of town.
The gunman walks through the store as if he owns it.
An elderly man emerges from the men’s room and unwittingly walks into his path. He tries to flee as fast as he can. Crusius shoots him in the back of the head. Emotionless, Crusius walks by his body, lying face down on the store floor. He doesn’t look down.
He heads toward the line of fast food joints and the bank that are just inside the entrance.
Families are screaming and diving under tables. Later, some survivors will recall watching the shooter’s shoes slowly pass bodies, as they tried to melt into the floor or pretended to be dead.
When the shooting took place, an estimated 3,000 people were inside the Walmart. Authorities announced that day that 20 had died, but the number rose to 22 within 48 hours and to 23 almost nine months later. (Joel Ángel Juárez/Agence France-Presse)
In their scramble for safety, shoppers run straight through racks of clothes, and items scatter across the floor. Other people stand motionless, clearly in shock, clutching their shopping carts. A shopper ushers a woman clutching a bag of frozen shrimp to safety, the woman holding on to her bag for dear life.
Pilar Estrada, from Casas Grandes, Mexico, has been showing her husband their daughter’s first school outfit via FaceTime. She hears a loud bang. She hangs up as she hears frantic parents crying out to one another to cover their children’s eyes. She thinks, A devil may be on the loose.
A family cowers behind a wheelchair they had purchased for a relative. But Crusius sees them. They lock eyes for what feels like an eternity but is a few seconds. He passes by, continuing to spray gunfire. The family runs to their car and drives nonstop to their home 12 hours away in Mexico.
Crusius moves toward the registers as cashiers flee. A man finds he is trapped and crouches low on the floor, which is running red with blood. He pokes his head above the counter to see if the gunman has passed. It is a fatal mistake.
The gunman sees another customer crouching at the checkout line — Angelina Englisbee, according to eyewitnesses and people close to the investigation — and shoots her.
He turns toward the tiny bank lobby, where a man is hiding behind a column. After shooting him point blank, he turns his attention toward Javier Rodríguez and his uncle, Octavio.
Octavio has been waiting in line to open a bank account. When he hears the gunshots, he screams for Javier to come his way. The gunman leans over a counter and shoots Javier. Octavio is shot in the leg.
As the shooter heads toward other shoppers, André Anchondo, a former high school linebacker, throws himself over his wife, Jordan, and their 2-month-old baby, Paul. André is fatally shot in the back.
After Crusius leaves, a shopper picks up Paul and runs for safety. The Anchondo family calls him “The Angel” and will not know his identity for months. He is later identified as a transient who moved to Memphis.
Less than three minutes have passed. What happens next still baffles people close to the investigation. Before Crusius lies an escape route. He can simply drive toward I-10 and flee town.
Instead, he loops back toward the main entrance of Walmart. He sees police cruisers and emergency vehicles behind him. He stops his car.
People close to the investigation suspect he then thought about pulling the trigger on himself. In his online writing, he envisioned being killed by police during the attack and said capture was a far worse fate. If he survived, he wrote, he’d have to live knowing his family despised him and would face the death penalty.
At 11:06 a.m., he steps out of his car and surrenders to two police officers.
“I am the shooter,” he says, explaining he came to El Paso to kill Mexicans.
The officers are Hispanic. They calmly cuff him.
Later that day, authorities will announce that 20 people have died — 14 of them 60 or older — and dozens more are injured.
About 48 hours later, the toll will rise to 22. Nearly nine months later, El Paso Fusion soccer coach Guillermo “Memo” García will die after undergoing nearly 50 surgeries and never leaving intensive care. He will be the 23rd fatality.
Crusius will face 90 federal charges to which he will enter a plea of not guilty. Each federal charge holds a sentence of death or life in prison. He will plead not guilty, too, to capital murder charges in the state case in which prosecutors will seek the death penalty.
Gilbert Anchondo, the father, greets his auto body shop employees and his first client of the day. He makes small talk, then sits down for a cup of coffee in his office. He calls his son André to check in with him.
But André doesn’t answer. Unusual, his father thinks. He always picks up, or texts back. It is just after 10:30 a.m. In a little while his other son, Tito, will call to tell him about the shooting at a nearby Walmart.
At the Englisbee home, Will, the son, is sleeping in. He suddenly wakes up, rattled, from a dream in which he saw a flash of light. Minutes later, his sister is banging on his bedroom door in a panic. She tells him there’s been a shooting at the mall.
They move through the house and discover their mother isn’t home.
They phone her but get no answer.
They call their brother, Rick Englisbee, who’s flying back to El Paso from Florida. He spoke that morning to their mother, who said she was at Walmart. The conversation ended at 10:34 a.m. Will holds out hope. Maybe she ran and dropped her phone. Maybe she got out.
Dina Lizarde, the mother, receives a panicked call from her brother, Octavio, shortly after 11 a.m. from Walmart to tell her that her son Javier is dead. She can’t believe what she is hearing. She needs to see for herself.
Dina rushes with her sister to Walmart, but police block her way. She pleads. Her son is inside, she says. She and her sister are turned away.
They head to the hospital. She imagines someone telling her where her son is and how soon she can expect him to recover. The hospital has no information.
By noon, families start trickling into a hastily designated reunification center. It’s at MacArthur Elementary-Intermediate School, a few miles south of the Walmart.
About 2 p.m., Will’s sister Connie calls his home. No word yet from their mother. Will decides to wake up his teenage sons. He tells them Angelina is missing.
They, too, head toward the Walmart, find it barricaded, and go to the school.
At the auto shop about 2:30 p.m., Gilbert’s other son, Tito, 28, answers the phone.
“Can you help us identify this person?” a nurse asks.
The body of Jordan, Tito’s sister-in-law, is at University Medical Center hospital where the Apple watch on her wrist has not stopped ringing. Tito describes her blond hair and tattoos.
There’s a pause.
“I’m so sorry. We don’t usually do this over the phone,” the nurse says.
Back at the reunification center, some families learn their relatives made it out or are alive at the hospital. By late afternoon, only about 20 people remain, including the Englisbees, the Anchondos and Dina Lizarde. Authorities tell them to return Sunday.
After a sleepless night, Dina returns to the school. She’s surrounded by family members. Authorities confirm Javier’s death.
She screams to the heavens.
Gilbert Anchondo was born in El Paso and raised in Juárez. Late at night, he thinks of his son André and wonders: What if he had stayed in Juárez and raised his family there? Sure, the violence there is out of control, but “not where I was raised,” he says.
In mid-October, Gilbert went to Crusius’ arraignment. He sat with other victims’ families, including Will. When Gilbert saw the accused enter the court, one of the few white faces in a sea of brown, “It was like a walking body without a soul,” he said.
Gilbert’s unsure whom to blame. His conservative, pro-business views led him to become a Republican long ago. He certainly doesn’t blame President Donald Trump, whom he met with his son, daughter and wife when Trump visited El Paso.
Crusius came to town to create evil,” Gilbert says. “But I want to believe that it was not him. I want to believe that it was the spirit in him.”
Dina is surrounded by love and support from her co-workers at Walmart. It’s going home she fears. Days of celebration are now days of sorrow.
On a visit with a reporter, she lights another candle on a table that serves as the first of several altars dedicated to her son. They include soccer trophies, jerseys, portraits and a tiny pair of boots he wore when he was a year old.
Javier loved soccer and dreamed of playing for Barcelona. He joked that he would never leave his mother and thought about someday working for the Border Patrol.
“I miss him so much,” Dina says as she bursts into tears. “I dread going home to an empty house every day. He was supposed to grow old and look after me, look after one another.”
Dina wants Crusius’ relatives to hear from her. She shares a message for a reporter to deliver.
Larry Brown, the grandfather of Patrick Crusius, answers the door to his Allen home, a two-story large brick house. His neighborhood near the Allen Premium Outlet Mall is a portrait of blissful suburban living and affluence. Brown is followed by two barking poodle mixes.
Brown politely explains he can’t open the door and adds: “I can’t hear.”
But he cracks it and accepts a note from a reporter:
*We have a message from the mother of the youngest victim, 15-year-old Javier Rodríguez.
She asked me to tell you that she doesn’t blame you or your family for what happened in El Paso August 3.
She said she prays for you and your grandson Patrick Crusius. And she forgives him.*
He begins to shake. He folds the note and whispers, “Thank you.”
Asked if he has anything more to say, he pauses to gather himself and repeats, “Thank you.”
His head hangs as he turns away, followed by the two dogs, wagging their tails. The door closes.
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2020.09.28 20:09 SupaThicJonWick Can someone tell me what this may mean or should i just write it off as some weird dream.

So i woke up 4 times last night, but this dream continued going on even after i went back to sleep. So i will break it uo into 4 parts for coherency sake. Also i was wondering what each part could mean, i don't think the overall parts have an overlapping meaning. though, i may be wrong. Either way i found it interesting nonetheless
Part 1
So the first part was this, i was back in highschool and had to use the bathroom. So i go and while I'm doing my thing this kid kicks open my stall. He was this dude named Kendrick, i end up getting my ass beat pretty bad because i was taking too long. And it wasn't just him who did it, it was literally every dude from that class except my 2 friends. Anyway after that i go home and have my girlfriend come over. It's a nice time until people show up with guns. I give her a rifle, my grandpa my shotgun and then i take his pistol. Anyway we end up having to defend my house. While this goes on, we end up having to stockpile ammo and it just got weird because these guys who came kept bringing up the bathroom incident. It may sound ridiculous, but having yo defend my home and my loved ones for what felt like days had me waking up with anxiety. The events leading up to it were ridiculous, but that gunfight really had me scared.
Part 2 This part is less eventful, and i only had an hour between this and the next time i woke up. Anyway so second part is again my girl staying over, but now theres a baby in my room and she's out in the family truck smoking with my 2 brothers, cody and Armando. Shes lecturing me about not waking up the baby. Well it isn't our baby and im confused as to how it got there. Now this is the only one i may have an explanation for, a week ago her and i had an incident and i thought she may have gotten pregnant. Having a child this early in life sometimes scares me.
Part 3
Anyway third part is this. We're hanging out again and but this time, everything from the first part has blown over and there is no baby. So i just assume it wasn't our baby. Anyway, we're hanging out with my cousin travis and playing video games. We're having a great time when we go outside. Now this dude shows up. He's in the military but is on leave. We hang out with the dude but i notice he's trying to get closer and closer to my girlfriend. Apparently in the dream they had history in highschool. He was kind of disregarding the boys and literally only focusing on my woman. So i confront him about it, i shove him and tell him to get out of my house. He ends up shoving and punching me in the face. Well after that a fight breaks out, he kept bringinh up how if i lost my girl would have to pick me up from the ground or something along those lines, which would basically show her just how weak i was. Either way i beat him pretty badly and tell him to tell me the truth about why he's here and of course its to win my girlfriends heart. Shitty anime plot i know. Either way i keep nudging him with my foot to make him leave but she just decided to help him up and lead him out. After he leaves she comes back and kisses me which was p pretty reassuring. That part kind of had me nervous when i woke up for some reason. I mean i won but still
Part 4 Anyway fourth part is the less eventful one. So its during a storm, her, me, my great aunt, my step father and this black family are at a dollar general/food lion/walmart store. Employes dressed like a mixture of DGs and walmart, store had similar layout to all of the 3, colors of DGs, overall layout of walmart and foodlion. So for most of it we're shopping alone. As we're nearing the register, this black dude calls me over, he asked me avout these cinnamon snacks or poparts. It was weird but i chose cinnamon snacks becasue there was one more in the box. So i run back to the counter and buy stuff. Well it turns out we forgot some groceries, so after that we travel around the store with the black dudes family looking for stuff. We go through the line again, steal a pair of cased water and then as we're walking out of the store its just pouring down outside. So im standing in front of the door while this massive storm is just outside pounding the ground. She hug me from behind and I just watched the rain fall. That one was definitely more peaceful than anything else. Now with the last one, it had some stressful moments,but it was definitely more peaceful.
Now i should mention i recently started dating my high school sweetheart again after 4 years. It has been over a year since ive been interested in dating so yeah. I'm sorry its so long and has some spelling errors. My phones screen is messed up and i literally just woke up.
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2020.09.24 07:43 bobittee I let people steal from the store I used to work at...

A few years back I used to work at an extreme revalue store. You buy name brand items for 30-90% off the "real" retail value. Mostly overstock from other stores; like walmart and stuff. We sold things like food, toys, furniture, clothes, etc. Literally ANY fucking thing you can think of (my favorite item found to this day was a two foot, blue dick candle for your living room decor lol) Considering it was almost like a thrift store, it was EXTREMELY unorganized and didn't have very many rules.. "Put items on the shelves and clean the dust bunnies around the cash register" was our motto (no but seriously. it was.) We had ZERO cameras or alarms throughout the store so it was free game to anyone who came in... I don't live in the best area, so we would get an array of humans in and out of our store (my favorite human was the homeless gentleman who always got naked and slept in our lounge chairs, but i'll save that story for another time lol). Knowing what I knew about the store, I would let ANYONE steal ANYTHING from our store.. you want a jar of vienna sausages? GET YOUR WEINER ON SON!! you want a new skateboard? DO AN OLLIE BEFORE YOU LEAVE!! new pair of heels? SHOVE IT IN YOUR STROLLER WITH YOUR TODDLER!! I was getting paid minimum wage at that place, was worked like a slave, and the manager was a dick pimp so I didn't give two squirts of piss outta my cooter what happened there.... I would personally find "damages" and throw them into the dumpster and tell the homeless people to climb in there and get it. I "gave/threw away" a new dining room table and chairs because there was a "scratch" on it.. It was all charity work in my eyes. None of our items were tracked/logged so if we lost something, it didn't mess up our sales. We had so much stuff that we didn't find that important..
ALSO we made our own tags at our store and personally placed them on every single item we received. I caught people switching tags multiple times (for example: a new crockpot was rung up as a ten dollar hydro flask) but i never cared.. The people who stole were the ones who genuinely needed it. I used to let a woman take a few food items once a week just to get her and her kids by.. Not a shit ton of food, but enough to feed them babies at least one good meal a week.. I feel good about the things I did because FUCK capitalism and also I helped a lot of people. I never let any of them use me in anyway, and THEY KNEW I could call the cops at any second. If you don't expose me, I won't expose you.. We had a bargain.
And the funny thing was that I was offered the manager position for being a "good employee" but turned it down and found another job.... lol.
LESSON LEARNED: vienna sausages aren't worth stealing. But if you steal vienna sausages AND barbecue chips..... you maybe on to something mate.
The End.
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2020.09.22 16:47 serenechaos32 Entitled woman takes my niece's Baby Yoda I made for her

Recently my sister and her husband came to really like Baby Yoda/the Child in the Mandalorian. I crochet and made them a Baby Yoda, something my four-year-old niece liked as well. I ended up making another Baby Yoda in purple, my niece's favorite color specifically for her.
Image here:
Yesterday I was babysitting my niece and we went to Walmart to pick up some snacks and ingredients for dinner. My niece insisted on bringing her Baby Yoda with us.
It happened fast while I was picking through bags of spinach: my niece who was in the shopping cart began screaming and crying. Despite not having any children yet, I am more than a little of a Mama Bear and instantly abandoned the spinach to check on her.
My niece was halfway out of the cart, still screaming, pointing at a woman who was walking away with a very familiar purple Baby Yoda in her cart, heading towards the registers.
I picked up my niece and stormed after this woman, abandoning my shopping cart as she turned into a register. She had put her things on the check out conveyor belt when I got there, most of her things already scanned and she was trying to discuss prices for the Baby Yoda.
"It's not in the best of shape and the price indicated it was $12.99. Could you give me a discount?"
I marched over, my sobbing niece in arm, and snatched the Baby Yoda from the surprised clerk who was checking for a tag. The entitled woman screeched as she grabbed at the toy as well.
"How dare you! I'm buying this for my daughter! She loves purple and those other ones are all green!"
"This belongs to my niece! I made it for her!" I snarled.
"Liar! You're just angry I got to it first!"
A manager must have been attracted by the noise of screams because he approached, a less than pleased look on his face. "Is something wrong here?"
The entitled woman pointed at me with her free hand. "This woman is trying to take this doll I'm trying to buy for my daughter!"
I was still trying to keep a grip on the Baby Yoda. "I told you I MADE this! I doubt the Yodas sold here are made from yarn!"
The manager called security after a moment of trying to mediate and I was forced to let go of the Yoda to talk to the guard. Luckily, I like to take pictures of my projects that I finish so it only took a moment for me to pull out my phone and bring up a picture of the Baby Yoda when I had finished it, namely the picture on the link above.
We both turned back to the cash register and my niece began to cry again when we saw the woman was gone and the manager approached us with a hard look.
"I realize that those toys are very popular, but you shouldn't try to steal one of a specific color from someone-"
I held up my phone, picture still up and saw the man's face drain of color when he saw the toy in an environment that was very much NOT his store but the damage was already done. He had sold my niece's toy to the entitled woman and she had left.
Needless to say, I'm never going back to that Walmart and my niece is still upset about her purple Baby Yoda being stolen. I'm making another one for her currently, one that'll have her name stitched onto the back so this will never happen again.
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2020.09.21 23:14 SloppyEyeScream Gunfighter Dad: Sage Advice From A Stranger!

Crib-Midgets! Some of us took a considerable amount of time and deliberately planned our journey into parenthood. Not me! I was not so fashionably late during my pullout game. I had zero desire to create an ultrasound alien, but my dick zigged instead of zagged. Then there was the "waiting". Waiting for your wife to see the results of the piss-stick lottery. Then there was the "wondering". Wondering if I had enough steps for the wife to "fall-down" in order to terminate the pregnancy. Despite planning, or lack of planning, there is one thing we universally don't know. No! I am not talking about sex. I am talking about fucking terrorism people.
I am well aware of this rather simple recipe. Add baby gravy, lock the oven for nine months, and presto; a fucking child. It's not complicated. I just wonder how the hell my wife burned the Cake? What can you do to prevent an evil-loving chaotic gremlin? Below is an exert from
Baby's Early Brain Development
Listening and experiencing music stimulates the fetus' brain and assists with the growth of brain structures. New studies even suggest that babies remember music they listened to in the womb for up to four months after being born!
I often wondered why my wife had headphones pressed against the bowling-ball-carrier.
OP: What are you doing?
Wife: Playing classical music. It's supposed to be good for the baby.
If you have read any "Cake" story you clearly know she fucking lied. I don't know what she was pumping into the cave, but there was no way it classical music. It was the soundtrack to "American History X" at best. Maybe it was classical music? Maybe Cake was destined to be a Sour Patch Kid, and the music only increased his propensity for villainous chaos? Who fucking knows? My money is on "Die, Die My Darling" though.
This was supposed to be a short story! I look up and realized that I have just fucking ranted myself into another long story. Fuck! It was really supposed to be short. This particular story is about kids and stores. Fuck My Life (FML), they can be nightmare experiences if you strap a "I want..." humanoid into any shopping catr. Kelly had his fits, but he turned the corner and decided it was better to not be a prick. Not Cake though, that guys needle was pegged on "dickhead" every time we walked into an store. I Semper Fucking Gumby though, "Always Fucking Flexable."
I stopped fighting with Cake. I let him grab everything he wanted. It was not worth the chaos. I hate listening to some spoiled brat lose their shit in Walmart, and I hate it more when that master of chaos is my kid. My technique you ask? Let them grab whatever they want. Upon arrival at the checkout register, I simply separate the shit I was there to buy from the shit Cake wanted.
OP: I'm so, so sorry, but I won't be buying this stuff.
Cake's Brain: Time to make a fucking scene, and embarrass you fuckhead!
Cake's Mouth: (Opening and preparing for chaos)
OP: (Ear Whisper) Just remember that you'll be in the car in a minute. In my world again!
Cake's Mouth: Closed
Fucking winning! Right? Well, this technique did not always work. Cake knew that, but whats an unprepared dad to do? Sure, you can pinch his thick quad-meat while he is in the shopping cart, but if you go too hard in the paint, you're going to listen to a screamer. Worse is when they can actually scream, "You pinched me Daddy." Fuck that! This particular day was horrible. Cake just wanted to scream. I quickly did my shopping, only to arrive at a checkout register that was "Black Friday" long. I was forced to listen, with a loving parent face, while my brain screamed, "muffle him with the blanket OP." Then I met my savior.
Cake: Screaming...
OP: It's okay buddy. We will be in the car soon.
OP Brain: Will anyone notice me choking him?
Cake: Screaming...
OP: Cake. Come on buddy. Want Daddy to hold you?
OP Brain: So I can choke you? I don't even think anyone will care at this point!
Cake: (Louder) Screaming.
Cake: Please Cake. Do you want a candy bar?
OP Brian: Embarrassing. He is embarrassing you OP. Run! Walmart doesn't check receipts for kids. Just fucking run!!!
Complete and Utter Super Stranger (CUSS): Need help son?
This guy was old. White hair. White beard. Dressed like a lumberjack, so he could have been a lumberjack or a serial killer who likes flannel. Fuck it! I needed help.
OP: Yeah, but there is no helping this kid.
CUSS: Cause you are a constant.
OP Brain: We talking about math?
OP: What?
CUSS: He knows you. He doesn't know me though. Give me permission to yell at him and you'll thank me.
OP Brain: Go ahead and yell at him. Fuck. If he keeps crying like this I will sell him to you and you can part him out.
OP: Sure?!?
Cake: Screaming...
People looked. It wasn't crazy-loud, but people looked. I looked back at Cake and it looked like someone licked the icing off. He was a sloppy mess, but quitter than Helen Keller. I was about to thank CUSS and then whispered, "Tell him he's going home with me if he starts crying again."
OP: If you don't stop crying, I am going to let him (Points) take you home. Do you want that?
My fucking god I am surprised he didn't snap his neck when he shook his head. He was not thrilled with the possibility of going home with CUSS. Not one bit. Know what? He shut the fuck up the rest of the time, and I played on that shit forever. "I have his number, and he still wants you. Should I call him?" It worked every time. I am all about Random Acts of Kindness and I finally got to pay it forward at grocery store last week.
OP: Hey man. I know your having trouble but I can help you out.
Parent (Dad): How?
OP: Give me permission to yell at him. He doesn't know me an it will scare the crap out of him.
Parent: Takes a village right? (Clearly a military dad)
OP: STOP SCREAMING. STOP SCREAMING RIGHT THIS SECOND! (I didn't cuss. I know. I'm a horrible person.)
OP: (Whisper) Now tell him he is going to go home with me if he cries again. I will just stare at him the entire time.
The guy whispered wave and mouthed "thanks" as he departed. I paid it forward finally. It was great. Why? Because it works. By no means am I saying you need to take my advice, but I have actually asked for strangers to yell at my kids. Some of you may think I am a terrible father. Maybe I don't deserve kids. Know what, send me a Direct Message (DM) and I will give you my address. Feel free to stop over and take Cake off my hands. The address will be like a message from Inspector Gadget. Well, it won't self-destruct, but you can bet your sweet ass that I'll be moving after you pick him up. That's my "no return" policy.
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2020.09.14 01:39 -sunnydaze- I went to buy my friend some baby formula today, and walmart keeps it padlocked... they are $30 each, and when they unlocked it, they put them in another security for me to tote to the register. This country is trash.

I went to buy my friend some baby formula today, and walmart keeps it padlocked... they are $30 each, and when they unlocked it, they put them in another security for me to tote to the register. This country is trash. submitted by -sunnydaze- to LateStageCapitalism [link] [comments]

2020.09.11 13:30 Qigong90 My Introduction

I was exposed to two cults in my lifetime, the Nation Of Islam and the Soka Gakkai International. I never officially joined the Nation Of Islam, however I came close. I had been going to the Monday night meetings and attempted to write a letter that was necessary for joining. The letter was rejected over and over, so I said, "This is a sign that this isn't for me." I still went to the NOI Sunday morning meetings which overtime just became nauseating with the same old stuff, no progress as it pertained to black people, homophobia, and reactionary ideas of 50s morality. I sadly joined the SGI pseudo-Buddhist cult at age 25.
I first heard of SGI in during the 2013 October Pride. By this time I had been chanting on my own for some months. I picked up that booklet The Winning Life. I read the book front and back, but it didn't motivate me to join. I reached out to Nichiren Buddhist communities on Facebook and that's how I ended up in contact with a SGI member. I went to my first introduction to Buddhism meeting with a MD in January 2014. On the way, I was put off by him saying that everyone was chanting to become happy. After the opening chanting, I told the man I had to study Biology. I did, but I also wanted to get out of there. The MD gave me a World Tribune to read. I never read it. It reminded me too much of the NOI's Final Call.
Summer 2014: I researched Soka Gakkai by way of Wikipedia, as I hadn't heard of Reddit yet. So far, what I had read was glowing, but I still wasn't convinced to join.
Affixing breakthroughs to SGI activities
August 2015: I had a financial aid problem in college. Chanting and doing Gongyo wasn't working. Then I had went to a study meeting, imbibed the concepts and little by little the problem resolved. I connected the resolution of the problem to chanting, and doing activities.
September 2015 First seed of doubt:
This is from the September 2015 Living Buddhism pages 60-61.
"If members persevere with strong faith to the very end, they will be victorious, even if they should die from illness. There are many who, while suffering from illness, have chanted for kosen-rufu and the happiness of others, and continued to reach out to encourage those around them right up to the very moment of death. Their lives and their bravery in the face of death have given courage and inspiration to countless others. Such people will quickly be reborn with healthy bodies. I knew a young girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 11 and died at 14. But throughout her illness, she was always happy and bright. She even cheered up the adults in the hospital with her sunny, positive presence. No doubt her illness caused her terrible pain, but she continued to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and to encourage others. When she was near death, she said to one of her last visitors: 'I don't care about my illness anymore. I've stopped chanting for myself. There are so many others worse off than me. I'm chanting with all my heart that they will take faith as soon as possible and find out for themselves just how wonderful the Gohonzon is.' To her parents, she said brightly: 'What if this had happened to you, Dad? We'd be in terrible trouble! And it would be just as bad if it had happened to you, Mom. And if it had happened to my little brother, I'm sure he wouldn't have been able to handle it. I'm glad that it happened to me instead of any of you... I'm sure this is the result of a promise I made before I was born. If my life can somehow touch and inspire those who know me, I will be happy.' Hearing this girl's struggle with illness, I sent her a bouquet of roses. I also sent her a Japanese poem on which I had written the words "Light of happiness" and a photograph I had taken of a field of irises in bloom. I heard that she was thrilled when she received them. To those around her, she left the words 'Faith means to continue to believe until the very end.' And she demonstrated those words with her own life. At her funeral, a long line of people came to pay their respects. In her brief 14 years, she had told over a thousand people of the greatness of the Mystic Law. She won. That's what I believe. Everything that happened to her had meaning. Or rather, through her struggle, she gave meaning to her suffering. She said that her illness was the result of a promise she had made in her past lifetime." "...If those who embrace the Mystic Law were blessed with every form of happiness from the start, no one would ever come to know how powerful and effective Nichiren Buddhism is. That's why we voluntarily choose to be born with problems and suffering so that we can show others what human revolution looks like. It is as if we are performing a part in a play, a great drama." That did not inspire me one iota.
November 2015: I began to imbibe the concept of esho funi (oneness of self and environment) into my life. I began to use that concept to change my relationships with people. By that I meant that I had determined to change myself so my life would improve, family would improve, and finances would improve. My evenings between November 2015 and January 2016 were spent kind of like this starting at 0:34 time stamp.
*There is nothing wrong with taking responsibility for any way you are contributing to your own distress. The problem arises when you try to take responsibility for things beyond your control. You cannot control the weather. You cannot control your reality. You cannot control how people feel about you; no matter how long you chant for their happiness. There are people who will dislike you no matter how nice and respectful you are, or make an effort to be. When that happens, the problem has nothing to do with you. I am telling you this now to spare you a catastrophic meltdown.*
Also I began to shakubuku people on my campus, and in my hometown community. I had really imbibed the message of shakubuku being the fastest way to change karma.
* For those who may wonder how could an erudite person get sucked into such a cult, assess these factors
Sadly, no amount of book smarts can offset the deleterious effects of these factors.*
2016: Now I initially wasn't totally gung ho even as a member. Yes I did shakubuku, but I told people about nam myoho renge kyo and Nichiren more than about SGI and Daisaku Ikeda. In 2016, my activity participation frequency increased slightly more. As it related to Gajokai, I treated it like every now and then community service.
September 2016: The study format for Gosho study had changed. There was no longer a Gosho passage and Ikeda's lecture on certain passages. It was now, 95% Ikeda's lectures, and 5% Gosho snippets. And I am being very graceful with that percentage. Anyway, it paled in comparison to the way it was when I first joined; it paled in comparison to the 2007-2010 editions of Living Buddhism; it paled in comparison to the 2005 editions of Living Buddhism. I know this because as a lover of vintage things, I would read and collect old Living Buddhism editions from the past. I worked around such a disappointing turn of events by reading the Gosho on my own time.
Fall 2016: This is when I first heard of the 50K initiative. Personally I wasn't on board with it. I still remember being gung ho for Nation Of Islam's 2005 Millions More Movement initiative and being so disappointed when it ended only four years later.
Early 2017: I accepted a YMD district leadership position. I only did it really to fill in a quota because I was tired of the leadership gaps within my district. By gap, I mean that there was a WD leader, MD leader, and a YWD who was MIA. (In hindsight, good for her).
August-October 2017: By this time, I had used chanting to release a lot of anger. Now, I was gung ho for SGI. Then I started to really see fanatical behavior, and the regimentation. I was doing shakubuku with a WD member from the NSA days. She was trying to push me to make friends with one person I had shared nam myoho renge kyo with. When I told it took time for me to make friends with people, she said, "You need to make friends more quickly." For months to come, she would ask me if I got in contact with that young man which was a no. Also, that summer I had increased my Gongyo recitation to 3-5 times a day since I couldn't chant up to four hours a day. I was so happy to tell her that. I considered it splendid given that there were YD, even in leadership positions, who still struggled with doing Gongyo twice a day. To my dismay, she was not happy with that. Even when I explained my reasons. The topic ended with her saying, "Then you are not practicing with the SGI." This was also in the same dialogue where she told me about a woman who left the SGI and her house burned down. Almost two years later as I was defecting, I gave her a piece of my mind about that. Later on that month, I had a financial aid crisis. Also, I had neighbors with whom I didn't have a particularly good relationship with. Along with the practical scholarship search method, and the respect the boundaries method, I also, handled it the SGI way: chant like your hair is on fire for 60+ minutes, shakubuku like it's the NSA days, participate in Soka Gakkai activities, and receive some encouragement, which boiled down to: think positive and don't doubt. I shakubuku'ed x>200 students. Long story short, it didn't keep me from losing my enrollment and dorm housing; nor did it improve the relationship with those neighbors. I had to live under a clandestine arrangement, however I was just determined to have legitimate housing. So many nights, I was in study rooms chanting and furiously rubbing my beads together like a stark raving madman; and I participated in Soka Gakkai activities with the hopes of accruing enough good fortune to turn my condition around. I did it in spite of inconvenience, and preference. I participated in a Soka Spirit toso with the same WD and her MD husband knowing all I had to eat for breakfast was a cookie, which was insufficient. Some weeks later, I went to another district's district discussion meeting with her husband, and at his behest, I read the lyrics to the god-awful song "I Seek Sensei".
November 2017: I also lost a friend, who was a SGI member. He had HIV and died from AIDS complications. I was devastated and baffled. I wondered, "Sensei was told he wouldn't live past 30 due to tuberculosis; and he's been defying the odds for six decades. This was supposedly due to his practice and efforts for kosen rufu. My friend had been dealing with HIV for over a decade and died three years after becoming a member of the SGI. Why?" Later on that month, this Many Treasures member asked me to do an experience. I told her I didn't have an experience. Instead of finding someone else, she encouraged me to use an ongoing struggle as an experience of determination. She said that it would encourage others. So I did it. It was a T.B. C. experience. A T.B.C. experience is a To Be Continued experience where there is no victory given at the end, rather it's a re-determination to win. I don't know who the hell got encouraged by my TBC experience but I sure as hell didn't. I hate cliffhangers. It's one of the reasons I hate to watch the last episodes of Moesha and Supah Ninjas. Also, normally when I gave experiences, I considered if I would be convinced if it was coming from someone else. With that being said, I am not encouraged because someone is continuing to fight. It sticks in my craw that I gave this galling experience. I refuse to put my hat in a losing battle. That's just a waste of my time and energy. When I gave that TBC experience, it just created more anxiety for me because then I had to find a way to win, but since I was told to put more goals into the experience, I had to find a way to accomplish those too. It was unnecessary stress.
December 2017: I wasn't seeing eye to eye with my mother at the time and trying to find a place in the area, especially in order to make it to the last meeting of the year. I had been told that making it to the meeting would allow me to accrue good fortune. However my apartment was a day late. The only place I could have went in the city was the homeless shelter. The MD who was to drive me to my new apartment dropped me off at the homeless shelter. Even if bunking with him would have been a tall order, he could have either had me lodge with someone else, or just dropped me off at the shuttle and said, "I'm sorry you can't make it. Just get on the bus and go back home. See you in 2018." Not drop me off at a homeless shelter. (Update: my mother and I are doing better. She was rightfully mad as hell when she found out about me being in a shelter). The homeless shelter was terrible, especially given that the hosts had terrible bedside manners. The day afterwards I had decided that if my room wasn't ready still, I was going to go back home. It turned out, my room was ready and I was able to go to the December 16 meeting. Afterwards, I learned that my room had bedbugs. I had bites on my neck and arms. I had to go to the emergency room and wait all night for a prescription. To the couple's credit, they did take me to Walmart and foot the bill for my prescriptions. But now, I still have a $749 medical bill to pay from that night. Make no mistake, I also studied the Gosho and President Ikeda's writings. But frankly, President Ikeda's words just rang hollow as he said a life without problems would be empty and uneventful, and that enduring and overcoming difficulties are true "peace and comfort" .
December 2017: I wasn't seeing eye to eye with my mother at the time and trying to find a place in the area, especially in order to make it to the last meeting of the year. I had been told that making it to the meeting would allow me to accrue good fortune. However my apartment was a day late. The only place I could have went in the city was the homeless shelter. The MD who was to drive me to my new apartment dropped me off at the homeless shelter. Even if bunking with him would have been a tall order, he could have either had me lodge with someone else, or just dropped me off at the shuttle and said, "I'm sorry you can't make it. Just get on the bus and go back home. See you in 2018." Not drop me off at a homeless shelter. (Update: my mother and I are doing better. She was rightfully mad as hell when she found out about me being in a shelter). The homeless shelter was terrible, especially given that the hosts had terrible bedside manners. The day afterwards I had decided that if my room wasn't ready still, I was going to go back home. It turned out, my room was ready and I was able to go to the December 16 meeting. Afterwards, I learned that my room had bedbugs. I had bites on my neck and arms. I had to go to the emergency room and wait all night for a prescription. To the couple's credit, they did take me to Walmart and foot the bill for my prescriptions. But now, I still have a $749 medical bill to pay from that night. Make no mistake, I also studied the Gosho and President Ikeda's writings. But frankly, President Ikeda's words just rang hollow as he said a life without problems would be empty and uneventful, and that enduring and overcoming difficulties are true "peace and comfort".
Early 2018: I am convinced that the only way anyone can still exhibit that SGI ardor after experiencing what I experienced in 2017, they would have to either be under the influence, delusional, or flat out attempting to distract themselves like Brad Nixon in Bladfold. I was in essence going through the motions. In the months leading up to the 50K Lions of Justice Festival, I had to call YMD in my district to try to motivate them to register. Most of the YMD in my district had been MIA (Missing In Action) since before I became a member. (Basically 12+ months MIA). My personal rule is this: if someone has not made an effort to surface or reach out, then they are no interested in being a part of the SGI. Anyone who was no longer interested in being a part of the SGI, I was willing to respect their decisions. (Even as a member I had the mindset "this is not a one size fits all".) I felt so intrusive and disrespectful calling these men upon orders from higher up. I felt so terrible that when my higher up leader suggested that we call throughout the week, I rebelled. I didn't call at all. Around this time, I was discouraged from goalless chanting by a MD. This quote by the late Marie Fredrikkson of Roxette sums it up: " I was sad a lot of the time ... when I always had to be nice and say the right things, always having to be available to everybody, always putting on a smile and being happy... I had less and less space to be myself. And when I was myself I felt uncertain, small and lost." Besides, during this period, I was trying to revive my faith.
Summer 2018: After graduation, I lived with my mom, maternal uncle, and maternal grandparents. The events of 2017 wrecked my self-confidence and ravaged my faith in a way synonymous as an EF5 going through a trailer park. On top of that, living in my maternal grandparents' house was a nightmare. There was no central air so the heat was unbearable; my uncle was, and likely still is, so disgruntled and would at random moments take it out on my mom, maternal grandmother, and eventually me; my maternal grandmother has dementia and would periodically throw her weight around; I had no money; all of my friends lived hours away. I was so desperate to revive my faith that I bought all of the volumes of The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra and a book of Ikeda's poetry, which is terrible. In the end, all of the studying failed to revive my faith. No amount of study could convince me that all of the hoops and drama that I had went through in 2017 was worth it. Also, reading The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra Volume 6 is how I learned of the late Junko Kobayashi (1949-06/26/1982).
*Junko Kobayashi:
She had joined the Soka Gakkai in 1966 three months after her parents. Three years after they joined, her mother died from cancer (so around 1969-1970). Her father died shortly thereafter. I only kept my malcontent to myself. Daisaku Ikeda gave her this encouragement after the death of her father, "For someone your age, the death of a parent is something that you would expect to experience twice in the future. So really all that has happened is that you have experienced this somewhat earlier than others. But because you have the Gohonzon, everything will be all right!" Kobayashi exerted herself to the utmost in practice and Soka Gakkai activities. She was apparently able to even study abroad in Spain.Two years later, a malignant tumor was discovered in her left knee. She underwent surgery, relearned to walk, and worked tirelessly for kosen rufu in Spain. In 1982, the cancer had metastisized in her lungs and she died at the age of 32. Remember when I said that she exerted herself. Fuck a million, she did 20,000,000 Daimoku from the time she first went to Spain, even in the terminal stage of her cancer. Here is some math for you in SGI terms:
10,000 Daimoku at galloping horse rhythm = 3 hours
20,000,000 Daimoku at galloping horse rhythm = 6,000 hours (250 days)
Now while I understand that illness and death are inevitable, I expected with this practice, for my life span would be extended to at least my 80s.*
By August, thanks to my mother's urging, I sought out employment, or underemployment. Then I started to practice consistently. Up until then, I would go days without doing Gongyo. This time, when I started practicing consistently, I resumed goalless chanting. I also told my mom that after 50K I was done with SGI due to the Ikeda focus. I also, as a result of Google surfing, stumbled upon this subreddit. Here I learned of the late Shin Yatomi who had died from lung cancer in 2007.
August 2018: Around this time, 50K rehearsals were to begin. That involved a huge carpool, thanks to the members. I was in chorus. The first thing that put me off was the frenetic chanting during morning and evening (well afternoon) Gongyo. The first time dealing with that was so terrible that I went a week without doing Gongyo because every time I attempted, I would hear that frenetic chanting in my ear. One weekend I missed rehearsals because the first day I had ride issues. The second day, I didn't want to risk that again. So instead, I went to my zadankai. MD who was taking me back home from zadankai told me that I should have stayed in the city and fought for the success of 50K, even if it meant being homeless because that's how one builds good fortune. When I tried to explain what happened in 2017, he blamed me for my struggle. He told me that it was because I tried to make a deal with the Gohonzon. The only reason I didn't say anything was because I didn't want to get kicked out mid-trip. I wasn't going to risk homelessness again. The MD also encouraged me to pass out 50K flyers, which I did out of desperation for a change in my estate. I accidentally sent it to someone who initially turned down my shakubuku and that ended that contact.
September 2018: Leading up to 50K, I assisted with vocal warm ups. Since the music involved using augmented second leaps for one verse and a whole minor seventh leap, I incorporated them into the warm ups. (Thank you Hanon No. 12). I really enjoyed that. What I didn't enjoy was studying excerpts from The New Human Revolution or the regimentation where every YD, unless sick, was to participate in Gongyo. I worked around it by studying Gosho more so than Ikeda's literature. I practically treated Gosho like reading letters sent to me. It was almost like Celie from The Color Purple reading letters from her sister Nettie. Also, a WD assured me that I could chant at my own pace. So while everyone else was chanting like we were riding out a 7.3 earthquake, I was chanting in a more slowly and relaxed. On the weekend before the festival, Southeast Region and South Central Region practiced together in a high school knowing that on this day in question (Saturday), the school's air conditioning was malfunctioning. Now the temperature outside was 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. It would have been plausible to cut rehearsals short or relocate, but no. Three of us got sick, including myself. I had a headache and nausea. I felt better the next day; and I got to miss that closing Gongyo. I heard someone say that the Saturday closing Gongyo was the best group Gongyo session ever. I am glad I missed it. And after 50K, nothing really changed in my life. Absolutely nothing. My faith wasn't revived after 2017. If ever asked if I would ever participate in another event like 50K again, my answer would be no. Absolutely not. The one thing that turned me off at the festival were the experiences where Daisaku Ikeda was mentioned. I did not join the SGI to take part in his approbation. The ultimate takeaway from the whole experience was this" in the spirit of itai doshin (many in body one in mind), we will ameliorate our world via doing our human revolution in the name of esho funi (when you change, the environment changes). Everything was ultimately about Ikeda.
March 3, 2019 (My last KRG): Leading up to March 3, meteorologists had been discussing the chance for severe storms for March 3, 2019 with a chance for severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes. The area I was living in at the time since May 2018 was initially under a Slight Risk for severe weather. On March 3, the area was moved up to Enhanced Risk. I had a concern about my grandparents' house, that I was living in, being rocked by a significant tornado, (EF2 or higher), especially since it was old, falling apart,and the foundation had been corroded by chalk from a nearby plant for over 45 years. All I could think, "I have to get out of here. This house can't take an EF2." (An EF2 is a strong tornado capable of snapping or uprooting even large trees, tossing cars, and on the high end can toss 18-wheelers, demolishing mobile homes, tearing roofs and exterior walls off houses, turning light objects into impaling missiles, and apparently as seen in Rutherford County, Tennessee, can flip an unanchored house onto its roof). So I was not willing to find out what that would possibly do to my house. Given that March 3, 2019 fell on a Sunday, there were no other businesses open in the county, and barely any business was open in the nearby counties. So I offered to do a Gajokai shift at the kaikan nearly two hours away. I didn't have a set way back home. The only thing I could think about was getting out of a potentially life-threatening situation. I own that what I did was imprudent; I risked being stranded; and I inconvenienced members who were kind enough to give me a ride back. I of course was upbraided for it. I was sure to apologize and reimburse them as much as I could. Now I know that the SGI would have been to trust the Gohonzon and ride out whatever storm came. After 2017, my attitude to that was hell no. After 2017, that was never happening again. When you chant to live in the best place possible, and the Gohonzon has you supposedly going from a homeless shelter to a bedbug-infested, overly priced hovel, are you going to trust it to protect you, or trust it to have you ejected to your possible death? Now thankfully my house, and the neighborhood was unscathed in the midst of two EF1s that struck within 40 miles. In total, on that day, over 40 tornadoes touched down within that state, and the neighboring states. It was indeed a tornado outbreak. The outbreak spawned an EF4, the first violent tornado the USA ever had in nearly two years, and that EF4 resulted in a death toll the USA has not seen since the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma EF5.
Also, at that KRG, I talked to a Many Treasures member who spent two years homeless and yet telling people that through chanting they could get anything they wanted. That sounds mortifying. 2 years; 24 months; 104 weeks; 730 days; 17,520 hours; 1,051,200 minutes; 63,072,000 seconds of not knowing where you are going to sleep night after night; of watching your fellow members, the people you shakubuku, including the people you encouraged to trust the Gohonzon, leave your presence and to houses while you hope you can get a spot at the shelter and not have to sleep on asphalt; and yet telling people that they can get anything they want via chanting. Even if the spring eventually came, was it really worth that level of humiliation? In my case in 2017, it wasn't.
June 2019: By this time, I had just given up on changing my family karma. Also, I began to redefine myself with a better perspective. While I still identified myself as a practicing Buddhist, SGI took a backseat me being a Buddhist and a musician. Also I was ready to leave SGI, but I didn't want to say, "The Gohonzon failed me" because members could use that to say that I had weak faith. If you don't believe me, assess these quotes:
" Shin’ichi went on to say that the secret to happiness was winning over oneself and practising to the Gohonzon with doubt-free faith that flows like a pure stream, no matter what happens.
'The Daishonin’s Buddhism is made valid,” he said, “by documentary, theoretical and actual proof. But some people begin to have doubts as soon as their business suffers a little downturn, or say the Gohonzon has failed to protect them if, for instance, their child gets injured. And there are those who, when certain sectors of the mass media criticize the Soka Gakkai, begin to doubt the guidance of their seniors in the Gakkai, lose faith in the Gohonzon, and stop doing gongyo altogether.
'These are people who tend not to reflect on themselves or their faith. Instead, whenever the slightest problem or setback occurs, they start doubting the Gohonzon or the Soka Gakkai. However, this only erases the great benefit they would have otherwise accumulated.
'Babies thrive because they drink their mother’s milk without question. If they stop drinking it too soon, however, their growth will be stunted and they’ll become weak and susceptible to illness. In the same way, if we continue to have faith in the Gohonzon and chant daimoku throughout our lives, we will absolutely tap into the life force of the Buddha and the way we live will reflect a condition of absolute happiness.
'Please do not doubt the Gohonzon, but continue to chant daimoku and work together with the Soka Gakkai, the organization dedicated to kosen-rufu. This is the way to enjoy a truly meaningful and happy life.” Shin’ichi’s guidance expressed his earnest wish that each of his fellow members would enjoy a life of great fulfilment, abundant benefit and good fortune. '"
— ‘Pure Stream’, New Human Revolution Volume 8, 192–93
"Although I and my disciples may encounter various difficulties, if we do no harbor doubts in our hearts, we will as a matter of course attain Buddahood. Do not have doubts simply because heaven does not lend you protection. Do not be discouraged because you do not enjoy an easy and secure existence in this life. This is what I have taught my disciples morning and evening, and yet they begin to harbor doubts and abandon their faith. Foolish men are likely to forget the promises they have made when the crucial moment comes." WND-1, 283
Also, I was talking with a MD from a SGI Facebook group and he brought up Nikko Shonin's 26 Admonitions. I realized that I disagreed with No. 21.
No. 21: You should not sit together with slanderers of the Law at religious ceremonies for fear of suffering the same punishment as they.
July 2019: Someone asked this question in the SGI Facebook group: I am new to this practice. I am also interested in Zen Buddhism. I would like to practice both. Do you think either would object ? Does anyone also practice both ? I was okay with it. Others weren't. I was so hard pressed not to say, "Fuck what Nichiren says?" And in the midst of an argument, I realized that I had my reason to leave.
Now having read the articles on the subreddit, I knew I had to be strategic with it; lest I get pulled back in. So I told my non-SGI friends about my defection. I didn't tell anyone in SGI for two weeks, howbeit given my exit experience, I would suggest waiting 2-3 months before notifying.
The first two weeks were actually great knowing that I was done with SGI. When I finally got around to letting SGI members know that I was done, I 1. highlighted that I was leaving due to doctrinal disagreements 2. Framed the defecting as I was leaving the Fuji tradition of Nichiren Buddhism. (By Fuji tradition, that included the following schools:
My rationale for that was so no one could say that I left SGI for Nichiren Shoshu, especially with 2020 being the 30th anniversary of Daisaku Ikeda beginning his lecture series at Soka University, and 2021 will be the 30th anniversary of Ikeda and Akiya being excommunicated from Nichiren Shoshu.(Soka Gakkai and SGI were not really excommunicated in 1991. Here is some proof. Volumes of The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, the Gosho edition that Nichiren Shoshu use to this day, were still printed by NSIC (Nichiren Shoshu International Centre) and distributed among Soka Gakkai and SGI until 1995. Now why would Nichiren Shoshu distribute its edition of the Gosho to a group that it already excommunicated? Given how quiet it is compared to SGI and Soka Gakkai, it's not likely to be motivated as much by greed.)
Rationally speaking, if you don't believe in the crux of a religion, there is no point in you staying whatsoever.
Or so I thought
The closest friend I had made in the SGI, and had known for four years, couldn't accept it. When he found out through the SGI grapevine that I was defecting, he called me. Even after I read to him the article which really upset me. It upset me because he was a fortune baby with a bachelor's in Sociology, and the admonitions are easily accessed under the Soka Spirit website.
If he didn't know, he could have used Google to find out.
Nevertheless he set up a call meeting with a WD. This was the same one who told me to give that TBC experience. This WD just lied to me like a corpse in a ravine. Just lied to tell me what I would want to hear so I would stay. This is why SGI cannot be a force for change in the world. It's so attached to membership numbers that it will practically undermine Nikko's doctrine, which Soka spirit is supposedly based on, in order to keep members from leaving. At the end of the call, that young man said, "Sensei says no one who has left the SGI has ever found happiness." There really wasn't much happiness when I was in SGI that's for sure.
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2020.09.06 09:01 John-Lando 4 Year old suffering Visual And Audio Hallucinations

I enjoy the idea of the supernatural. But always feel there's a rational explanation for everything. So I'm mostly a skeptic.
There's a very real chance my 4 year old is a schizophrenic. But doctors tell me this is rare and have ran her through a battery of tests this past week. MRI's, spinal tap, and now injecting her with steroids because of a gut feeling on a possible result that may take weeks to come back.
To begin with this started Friday August 28. We sent the child to bed while the rest of the family watched Bill and Ted Face the Music. In the middle of this she began to bang on the door, that she couldn't all of a sudden open. It happens to her sometimes. Probably cause she's a kid and not very coordinated, but she never freaks out about it. Just calls for us. That day she was definitely perturbed and frantic. Then started talking about the cloudy people. We didn't really put much stock in it, and she ended up sleeping with us that night. We even forgot about this until we needed to start piecing everything together later.
The next real event was at Target on Saturday. My son and I have been hunting action figures and the Wife and 4 year old tagged along with us. Everything was fine until she saw a Spider-man toy "Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Web Shots Spiderbolt" it has some rubbery webbing on it. And she started freaking out about Spiders being on her. I thought she was just being a silly kid and thought webbing equals spiders. After we pretended to brush the spiders off she started to become clingy. But things worked out. We ended up at Walmart and bought her a blue's clues stuffed you. I mention this because I remember her calmly and rationally make a decision between Blue and Magenta. She chose Magenta. The next day I was out of the house mostly, until the evening. We made a run to Home Depot for some soil for the wife's garden and brought her along. I had time to interact with her in the car because I didn't feel like driving, and tried to get her to say please when she asked for a snack. She was being stubborn, and was gonna say please but then decided against it. We ended up at different Walmart and she saw this Trolls microphone that plays the same song, over and over again. For twenty minutes she incessantly played it, and only gave it up at the register. But I never put it back in her hands. I gave her some Candy we bought to get her to forget about it on the ride home. Again I tried to get her to say please, and now she refused outright.
Back at home, within an hour. The hallucinations started. She started giving them names of cartoon characters Tyrone and Lady Tasha from Backyardigans. They go often on adventures never remember cloudy people. I checked my Plex records and she had watched them on 8/26. A few days prior to the event on Friday. Prior to this she had watched them on 8/21 and before that March. The cloudy people were everywhere and she began to talk to gibberish and nonsense, a lot of verbal diarrhea. Imagine a very hyper child on speed. Her heart rate increased and she began to walk back and forth open and closing doors. We tried to get her to sleep she just would not relax, even when we had her in the bed. We were definitely concerned. But thought maybe she had too much candy. Although this is not normal behavior for her, even when she has had too much sugar in the past.
I finally got up and took her to another room, and held her close to me and asked her to relax and close her eyes. I started to hear the rhythmic breathing of sleep but the eyes never closed. They were wide open and doing but blinking rapidly. Like in REM Sleep.
The next morning, She slept until past 12. But I ended up waking her, just wanted to make sure she was okay. She got herself up, seemed pleasant. But then the incessant verbal chatter started again. Then we noticed she was having a conversation for the first time. Not like a child at make believe where they are talking to themselves and maybe answering the questions to. She seemed like she was being interviewed or interrogated. She would give Answers to non existent questions. I sent her on a neighborhood walk with my oldest daughter. Along the way she discussed moving and finding a new house. But not with my daughter, with the voices she was hearing. Upon their return, we setup a virtual meeting with a pediatrician, while we waited for our appointment with the real pediatrician.
I also learned during this meeting that my daughter had bought her ice scream from a quick stop. But immediately after arriving the child had forgotten she had eaten it.
The virtual pediatrician, was the first to point out this behavior seemed typical for a 4 year old. Yes i've seen hyper four year olds, and agreed, but not for her. I still thought maybe a sugar reaction. But we started to see her talk with a changed higher pitched baby voice. The doctor noticed it as well and then noticed her talking to herself and then answering the cloudy people. She told him that's who she was talking to. He recommended we take her to child psychiatrist but told us to visit the pediatrician so we can make the recommendation.
Soon after, she was bouncing off the walls with hyper fears and anxiety. Spikes on the floor set by the cloudy people among other things. I started to be filled with dread as a parent, but still thinking it was sugar I decided to take her for a walk to tire her out. so we went to Target. She found that microphone we bought and she proceeded to use it for over an hour straight. On the drive and at the Target, Until we saw the same toy again. Once she saw the webbing she threw herself on the floor, that spiders are all over here, and on my hand and she wouldn't let me touch her, and on the microphone, which i had to wash for her to touch again. That night was even worse than the previous night. Only now I had a 4 year old who is regressing into herself, becoming more immature, smushing her food. That was a long night, hard to get her to sleep, and us looking at every theory in the book, from PANDAS, to ADHD, to AUTISM.
Monday at the pediatrician, the first pediatrician only saw what she believed to be a normal, babbling 4 year old. We assured her this was not normal for her and when she stepped away the conversations and trance like answering, robotic voice began. When she returned with a second pediatrician and they observed the behavior. He remanded us to the ER immediately. He said We Can do nothing for her here. We wanted them to swab for strep throat to rule out PANDAS. My wife has had issues with strep throat over the years, with swollen tonsils and lymph nodes. And I currently had swollen lymph nodes myself. But they wouldn't. U suspect they thought our daughter had fallen into household or recreational drugs. We have everything like cough syrup on a high shelf int the kitchen locked up and don't do illegal drugs or prescribed meds.
So we went to the hospital, where til today she has been through a littany of tests. She has baffled and scared quite a few doctors, and today left what seemed to be a very sure of her psychologist with the case of the "i don't knows" She also started with the she seems normal. Then we mentioned the cloudy people. Saw the terror in my daughter's eye, and then began to just lose her from that moment.
We think it's stress related. But they wont let her out of the hospital. And the neurologist gave us the hard sell on the steroids. She had seen our child in the trance like state and assured the Psychologist there was a real problem.
I hated agreeing to the steroids, but just want her home to rest. The hospital has been traumatic.
She has referred to the nursing staff as killers. Her hospital gown as jail clothes, and described a jail area somewhere in the hospital.
But here is the punchline. I decided to talk to her to get through to her. And asked about the cloudy people who they were and what they were doing. She said the name George. I said what does George do? George and Harold make Comic Books she said. Captain Underpants is a favorite of my son. And it just so happens she watched it at the hospital. I'm getting nowhere. So frustrated I said, George and Harold are on the TV, Its captain underpants. Tyrone and Lady Tasha are Backyardigans. They are on the TV too. They aren't real. She gets quiet and Whispers, "they have the same name" The same name as who? George and Harold? No, as the George at home and Georgie. The fucking dog. Who is a rescue off the streets. Whom we named Georgie, because our child who was still crawling at the time, just said the name out of thin air. We thought it was cute, assumed it was from a cartoon and thought nothing of it. She stopped talking soon after that, we feared autism and we took her to speech therapy. She eventually started talking again.
But if that wasn't enough, my wife's sister watched her today at the hospital. When the sister was leaving, she told my wife that she also talked to ghosts as a child, and my wife realized she had repressed those memories.
Now I have been home without my wife, for 5 nights. Still a skeptic, and jumping at every strange noise i hear in the night.
P.S. Why we fear schizophrenia is that my wife has two people in her family (aunt and uncle) who were diagnosed and took meds and exhibited extremely and severely odd behavior. Now I'm wondering if these people talked to fucking Ghosts too? I personally witnessed the aunt talking to voices. But I was always told this happened to her because of a mugging where she was hit over the head.
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2020.08.08 18:28 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 19 Jobs in Columbus Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry Experienced Psych - Registered Nurse - $2000.00 Hiring Bonus Columbus
Cowan Systems CDL A Local Truck Driver - Dedicated Home Daily Columbus
Insight Enterprises, Inc. Solutions Sales Account Executive Columbus
Survey Junkie Work From Home! Paid Survey Participant Columbus
PMB Broadcasting LLC PMB Broadcasting LLC: Programming And Sales Positions Columbus
Walmart Walmart: Retail Associates Columbus
Walmart Walmart: Personal Shopper Columbus
Walmart Walmart: Backroom Associates Columbus
Sleep Number Sleep Number: Home Delivery Driver Columbus
Piedmont Healthcare Piedmont Healthcare: Charge Rn, Neuroscience, Ft/Days, Midtown Columbus
Piedmont Healthcare Piedmont Healthcare: Registered Nurse (Rn), Mother Baby, Nights Columbus
Aspen Dental Aspen Dental: Dentist - Dds / Dmd Columbus
Columbus Healthcare Center Columbus Healthcare Center: Lpn Charge Nurse New Increased Starting Wage Columbus
Trustaff Travel Nursing Travel ICU/CCU RN job in Columbus, OH Columbus
Mount Carmel Health System RN, Registered Nurse - Clinical Decision Unit Columbus
Mount Carmel Health System RN, Registered Nurse - Medical ICU Columbus
Mount Carmel Health System RN, Registered Nurse - Emergency Columbus
Engie North America Electrical & Instrument Tech 2 Columbus
Franklin Retail Solutions E Columbus, OH - Retail Merchandising - PT & Flexible East Columbus
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in columbus. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.08.08 18:14 throwaway_0530 I(31) caught my wife(26) talking to another guy...again

Sorry if my post isn't organized and if I'm going off on small or unrelated detail. I'm at work and my mind just isn't there right now.
Some background info: I caught my wife talking to other guys previously before. Last year, I started feeling a little suspicious for some reason with the way my wife was acting. This is something I don't feel good about but I'm not sorry for it because she used to or do it to me all the time. I went through her phone and caught her talking to a bunch of guys on snapchat and most were flirty and dirty talk. This made me feel like shit but I didn't confront her yet cause I think I thought to myself that I was going to wait to see how it plays out. I never go through her phone but she always goes and digs through mine. I used to get seriously annoyed and frustrated by it but it doesn't bother me much anymore and I don't have anything to hide so I don't care. Then one night I come home from work, she says she's gonna go to Walmart so I get home, shower and what not, and start getting ready for bed. Now she's taking forever and it's been like over an hour and a half so I'm getting this weird feeling in my gut. It doesn't take that long to go to Walmart and it's not that far. It's way past 12 am already. I call her and text her but got absolutely no response. I go on my computer and remember her Google is logged into computer so I track her activity/location. I don't know if something dangerous might have happened to her or if she's doing something behind my back. Her location show she has been in a grocery store parking lot that is 3 minutes from our house for the past +1.5 hours so I go there worried about her. My heart and stomach completely dropped as I just see her standing there next to her car talking to another guy. I park on the other side of the lot just watching them. As I watch her finally leave, I stopped the guy's car before he could leave and confronted him. I don't see them kiss or get that close or anything but I wasn't exactly very stealthy about it and she may have seen and knew I was there. The guy said she never told him she was married and I ended up talking to him before leaving. I go back home and we argue and whatever. I told her I've seen her snapchat dm's and even a few dick pics. She complains that she's not happy with our relationship. I'm completely hurt but didn't want to lose my relationship and even still told her I'll try to do better. I tried my best to work my way through it.
About 2-3 week ago, I caught her talking to someone again on snapchat. For some reason I was on her phone, I believe I was just checking something? She got a snapchat notification and I saw his messages. It was obviously flirty and not in just a chat or friendly way. I told him to fuck off my wife and threatened the dude. Usually, even if she's talking to someone, I can't see their messages anymore and see what they were talking about. She has completely changed her settings to where the chat and messages disappear after initially viewing them. She blames that it's a snapchat thing but that's bs because that's not how it was when I first caught her. I was too dumbfounded that I caught her doing it again that I didn't realize it in the heat of the moment but later realized it was even the same guy she met that night even when I told her before I don't want her talking to him. That guy said he understood and would leave my wife alone so fuck that guy. She even told me he had a girlfriend already or something but looks like he's still going behind her back and trying to talk to other people. I think if I ever saw him again I wouldn't be to hold back. I was hurt again from this. Just as I thought I was able to put the first time behind me, she does it again. But me being a fool, I'm desperate to keep my relationship alive and told her this is the last chance.
COVID has been really stressful for everyone and especially us. Our plans for vacations and finally going to South Korea this year got cancelled and it sucks but she blames me for not being able to go to South Korea because she wanted to go for our honeymoon but I suggested Florida which in the end she was good with too because she really wanted to go to Disney World as well. I wanted to wait to go to South Korea this year because I wanted to take my parents there as well (I'm Korean) and it's not like I could have foreseen that COVID was going to happen... My parents are in their 70s and haven't been back to Korea since they moved to the States almost 40 years ago. I felt like if we went by ourselves, then I wouldn't get another good chance to go again to take them. They're old and my dad smokes everyday (he won't quit) so I don't see them living for a long time. Also, I felt like it wasn't a good trip for a honeymoon cause a trip like S. Korea is tons of walking and exploring, etc where as you want a honeymoon to be more relaxing and enjoying. In the end, she agreed with Florida too and it was good. We actually loved Florida but she blames me now about not being able to go to Korea. This along with some other thing has constantly led to her saying things are all about me and what I want only. I always ask her what she wants and what she wants to do, if it's possible. I try to be fair and give up days for whatever she wants to do instead of what I want to do. The other weekend, she had 3-4 days off, I spent my entire time with her. The 2nd time I caught her was still on my mind and I haven't moved on past from it, but I've been trying my best to act like everything's ok. She acts like it was no big deal either. I even helped her in trading her car for a new one. We just used my credit only but she is going to be making the payments. I'm just trying to make things feel like they're back to normal. I've been very adamant on social distancing and COVID. I don't see how it so hard for people to be better safe than sorry. I also have very elderly parents and my dad still smokes so COVID would devastate if not kill them. I hate going to stores, etc right now unless it's necessary. She has still been going shopping at stores during this pandemic. I don't say she can't go cause she's her own person so I can't control but just wear a mask and be smart. But she gets mad if I don't go with her so I end up going. I just end up staying in the car and bask in the oven of a car under the sun because I'm not going inside. I'm sure she gets annoyed by this.
Last weekend, I was planning to go fishing with friends for one of the days and told her a few day in advance. She said she's going to go to her niece's birthday at her cousin's house that day. She never mentioned about wanting me to go before. I didn't want to go either because it's just the kids and all of her cousins and sisters who are all girls. There is nothing for me to do there and each time we go other I'm absolutely bored. Most of the time, they're just talking and gossiping and most of the time in a language I don't understand. On that day or night before, she says she wants and expects me to go with her. I was annoyed tbh but whatever ok. I cancelled my plans with my friends in which I was the one the told them to all go in the first place. When we were in the car, I just asked and requested her that if she wanted me to go then just let me know or tell me before so I don't have to cancel and ditch last minute. She blows up at me saying things like that's how marriage is and my friends shouldn't matter compared to her, etc. The whole point is not about her vs my friends, it's just about it being nice to know ahead of time and not wanting to cancel things last minute. Like she's completely going off. Also, we're picking up her sister at her boyfriend's house and kind of annoyed now cause I don't like having other people in our cars during COVID. We pick her up and during the car ride, her sister says how her boyfriend is sick and has a fever. They talk about he's just going wait it out and not get tested or anything. Sure it can be just a flu or whatever, but it could be a small chance of COVID. So in my mind, I'm like "WTF?". I put on my mask in the car but it probably doesn't even matter now but I just do it make myself feel better. She forces me take it off and blows up at me later and calling me stupid and rude to her sister. They ordered a like big water slide that kind of looks like a jumping house at her cousin's house so I watch my wife and all of them play for a bit. It's hot outside so I just end up going inside and hanging out by myself on my phone for a while. Most of the time, I'm dozing off on the couch but then everyone comes in later. I'm just watching the kids play around and all of them just talking and gossiping. I was so bored and it was really crowded inside, people sitting on the floor too, so I figure I make space on the couch and rather go lay down and sleep in the car and it's more quiet. Not once did I bother her about wanting to leave and go home, I let her stay as long as she wanted. She keeps complaining that I'm rude and don't know how to enjoy or have fun. That's enjoyable and fun for her. I don't know how she thinks that would be enjoyable or fun for a guy with nothing to do for like 6 hours? I didn't even complain once about being over there or staying for so long.
Yesterday, she talked about she wants to go to this career college to try and do their Psych Tech program. She's a CNA right now. I was talking to her about it but I just feel it isn't a good idea. It's just my feelings and thoughts but I'm forcing her to do anything. I'm just expressing my thoughts. She always changes her mind about her job/career and doesn't know what to do. I researched Psych Tech and saw that the majority of people felt like it was a dead end job with no future or growth. I just don't think it's worth to pay that much money for that kind of career path. I just tell her my thoughts and she thinks I'm putting her down and want her to do only what I want her to do. She can do whatever she wants but I'm just telling her what probably ensues of Psych Techs. I'm just checking to make sure is this something she wants to do for a very long time or majority of her career and it'll probably lead nowhere with not a lot of money. If so, then she can do whatever she wants but she thinks I'm just putting her down. She's comparing it to IT and my education and people still regretting their education in whatever they do. Sure that's true but the difference is I got my degree with the intention of it being the career for the rest of my life and I have room for a lot of growth. I just want her to be sure and if it's something that is going to be her career and likely won't be able grow or move around even after paying that much money. Psych tech is a extremely limited job position. There are very few places that offer positions for them and it's not like the pay is great either. Anyways, she said her sister is going to come over today and I was pretty annoyed. Her sister is still staying and hanging out with her boyfriend who is sick and has had a fever. A lot of her family are pretty negligent and don't care about being safe that much. I try to get my frustration inside but I only made one request that her sister not sit on our bed since they will be studying in our bedroom with my desk and computer is. She absolutely blew up at me and got so mad saying I was stupid and why do I even think like that. It's like she doesn't even care who's sick or who has been or stays in close contact with people being sick. She still wants her sister to come over and hang out. Her sister doesn't care either, she still sees her sick boyfriend even though she lives with their dad with diabetes and even their old sister is pregnant who they hang out with a lot. COVID tests are free also. I don't get how it's so hard to just go get tested but he doesn't care. My point is that they're all so negligent and don't care about being safe. So now my wife thinks I'm stupid and screaming at me. We end up arguing and she thinks I'm being rude and shitty to her sister and family. I told her it has nothing to do with them and has to do with still hanging out with people who are sick or close to people who are sick during this pandemic. She could hang out with them all she wants for all I care but she says if her sister gets it from her boyfriend, then she's gonna get it from her sister already so it doesn't matter. I just stop arguing cause I'm frustrated inside and it's 10:00pm so I have to go to sleep and wake up for work at 4:30am. You would think that someone who works in healthcare would practice these kinds of things but nope...
I woke up at like 2 or 3am and she was still awake on her phone. I pretended to still be asleep but could see that she was texting like crazy on her phone. I instantly had the thoughts she was probably talking to someone again. I woke up for work and started getting ready. SHE WAS STILL AWAKE. She was probably talking to someone all night. She made it so obvious to me too. She even took of the phone chargers from our bed and put it on the other corner of the room. She went to the bathroom as I was getting ready for work. She probably knew I would check her snapchat but I saw the setting app open with kik on it. That means she probably reinstalled it and uninstalled it. She doesn't use KIK, last time she used it was when we first started dating. I confronted her about it. I told her to open kik and let me see it right there and then with her so she can't hide or delete anything if she didn't already, and if she didn't then I would no longer care what she shows me cause it would only be what she wanted to show me. She wouldn't so I just left downstairs to go to work. Before I left, she tried to show me her KIK. It only show like 2-3 messages from a guy. That is bullshit, you don't only have 2-3 messages from the whole night of me hearing you texting on your phone while I'm sleeping right next to you. So she deleted them and also deleted her own messages too cause it showed no messages that she sent. I told her I didn't care what she showed me cause it didn't matter anymore. She could have changed or deleted whatever she wanted to. I left and went to work. I'm driving and she calls me so I answer and wants to talk. She says she doesn't know why she keeps doing this when we get in a fight or she's not happy. Then she goes onto saying that I'm selfish and constantly only want things my way and not what she wants and never ask how she feels. While I can try and acknowledge that her feelings can be valid, I don't care what happens, there is never a good reason to cheat or do something like this behind your partner's back? Is this considered cheating? If you keep doing this over anytime you're not happy or a fight, how can you be trusted? Isn't that's what marriage about? Being strong and overcoming obstacles together and working things out together without going behind their backs?
I always ask her how she is and how her days are, etc. I let her do whatever she wants like shopping or buying things. I don't try to control her and who she talk to or who she is friends with. She doesn't have much friends and I told her I don't care if she has guy friends but there are limits and boundaries. She says I think I'm perfect or I'm always right but I don't think that. I know I'm not perfect and I always try to do my best. I feel like I'm the one always saying sorry or trying to make it up in the end. Our sex life is pretty active since we generally have sex around 3-4 times a week.
Sorry guys, I ended up writing a whole essay. I don't even know if I'm just trying to get all of it off my mind or if I'm trying to seek advice. The other time, I was hurt. This time, I don't think I really feel that hurt. I don't know if I'm just getting numb to it or what or if it's because I had to deal with this and wake up at 4:30am to go to work. My mind is all over the place at work right now and can't even really focus. I don't even know if I'm missing other detail that should be included. I'm scared that one day I'm just get numb to it, not care anymore or not get bothered by it anymore, and let it keep happening like a normal occurrence. Also, we don't need to discuss legalities right now. We had an Asian traditional wedding but didn't register our marriage right away afterwards. Then I caught her the first time and have just been put off on doing it until I feel good about it. I was going to register our marriage this month but now this happened. But I still consider us married in the truest sense, you don't need a marriage license just to be considered married but I do absolutely want to get it done.
Is there any way to salvage my feelings or marriage? I'm scared and worried that I'm not hurt or in pain right now. We were planning to try and have a baby within a year and I wanted to start saving for a house that we could possible look into purchasing within 2 years.

TLDR: Caught my wife talking to other guys twice before, meeting the guy in person the first time. Just caught her again texting on her phone all night last night and now don't know what to do.
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2020.08.04 03:47 hecccccccccc Posting every word in my favorite albums until i get banned or tired

I got banned lol, look at my comment with How to Leave Town by Car Seat Headrest
No Dogs Allowed by Sidney Gish
Teaching a parakeet to talk is fun a-a-a-a The old method took time This record was specially designed teach (to teach) Any of these parakeets Using scientific that hard learn A carefully trained voice Repeats (repeats) over and Same words, the same phrase words In future For next few seconds this will be silent Then begins your parakeet's talking lessons Place close enough so he can Hear lesson (Hello baby, hello) Got work on my brain then I'm Crawling back grave certain gonna die No doubt left inside mind tonight So just wait for nausea set in, Peacing out at eleven, Friendly girls are trying comfort me as if I’m depressed chick frat party [Chorus] Two-faced bitches never lie And therefore I Diagram sin triangle Because don't know what say sickness by another name Wouldn't sweet either but With luck, it would least look much more tame [Spoken Interlude] Let's see how personality works Bill Woodruff here has something his He wants fact— [Verse 2] I’ve got face now, Wearing shades when it's dark But don’t you worry being cool Like everybody else around school maybe wanna him again an isolationist accident, like Japan Before they went traded stuff other lands two-faced triangle: biblical kind not sine least, like, suck What do we mean about personality? It's way get along with people changing environment You want things from in go getting those reveals example, did ever one place gang wanted somewhere else? do? How Did want, much, make good impression someone? accepted feel alone, place, very part group? some Therefore [outro] Wouldn’t luck Flying corner Scrutinizing all screens That you’re on, well naturally secret figured now expressing Through manipulation Of master degree Just sleight hand (you!) (make!) whole room vanish Yeah study magicians Twentieth paragraph Trying entertain Deeper understanding whatever An absolute basket case unassuming casing think late life If tried tricks end up Trix cereal’s mascot suffocated hat half torso cut From messing box routine bad That, rabbit - non-comedic lawsuit top [Outro] Take greatest fear Make disappear sophisticated space educated population socialite donate takes own 60 days congregation There’s collection puts Banquets have vice-reported balcony wall worst permission slip imagine wouldn’t gain entrance anything than who Would dole tickets Good knowing yourself You’re sitting speaking Reporting temperature Fake-deep, non-eloquently, every hour? Lost deep MFA Ten mental breakdowns navigating regards found welcome home Amongst made stone Now between man mean? Whatever it’s etiquette To sink model ships pirate wave Two varieties, oceanic friendly news really great running thought today right, enlightened, fill let alone summationed Taking okay care myself Scan spiral stairs Teleport middle can’t give try take Scanning Teleporting into too At advance peacetime trance Bad no restrictions mood effort Usage Process phantom pain Eye strain too, strength which should profuse add collective hurt practical matters must settle first put down, ones Shoot tranquilizers, leave them falling ground bearskin rug this, list distracted explaining I'll canon stamp night Another day, stand lit hallway anymore liked despite past ideas advice sit still wonder why were any different write book mailbox pick send Amazon pepper everything unvalidated you’ll agree 'Cause that’s fine Toeing line reality mud Where sidewalk ends Is only We friends circle courting both shoes fun, assume Characters confused play song Nobody world interprets wrong hilarious point, everyone caked On phone, food ate kissed because losing weight batting eyes siren bait hate-watched series catalog dearly Dreary how-tos half-assed self-abuse Probably 22 doing new lose attention fast bored right off bat hate class, nothing's even worse curse complain day thrive best machines shallow tabloid magazines groups memes where fights tries straight white boys cry swallowing All sides conflict? Possibly 3 percent non-hikikomori 97 speaks there Fuzzy socks shampooed hair Cyst acne bare, eating healthy Watching Ina cook Jeffery kinda pissed real eat La la It pains grow (Outgrown, outgrown, it) businessman, waste shit (Don't time, shit, what?) These instincts ruin progress, times Bitch, wasted, kidding, high We’re show, come probably grown (I've out, 20, washed already (Down sit, down sit) (Ruin life) Ruin (There's progress) progress (Just times), pretty time) (Bitch, wasted) wasted high) show (Die) (These instincts) times) die! 1] solipsists Plug matrix Rest it, happy Not [Chorus taste books read lot When act blank places standing’s there’s vat floating liquid’s goo Leaving, Thinking, filtering observe, word Ghost town, dogs allowed Upon realizing owe lazy sense glee Down corners streets, rat city Rebrand NPC, audience TV My latchkey kid I’ll saline am, supposed waiting truth Who could minute walk away Could front Oooooooo Glitter candy perfume Ooooooo Bubble bath entropy lovely feeling met gelateria worked motherfucking register Reminded pizzeria looked pies cleared throat said “oh no. right.” i bleach damn Ooooooo... 'sposed round Careers phone bunny you, second, called Persephone By purse-a-phone greek goddesses aren’t grab leaving phone’s purse Purse-a-phone there, Hades’ lair pray gods Butchering names believing mispronounce mis-accent infinity There isn’t stop Six pomegranate seeds, winter Greece Please visit me, Protestant pro-test-ant word, church donations needs mistakes stupid phrases anyway? I’d known mess many shut rest visit, purse-phone [Bridge] Let Even please Hey, Perseph-en-phone Unfortunately, am dog, fur companion lady forum types glittery decorum Myself walking legs feet head leash Every wondering "What’s human gotta like? What’s competent?" Was mistake define certain’s mad incompetence? can't smell well, or tell K through 8, nor dash 9 human, grossly underqualified canine, overqualified blend PetSmart remains Walmart case, "What fuck lost aisle 3?" "Was incompetence?" 3] watch moving far knows suspects fine, outs behavioural Frankenstein Victor LA Syd "y" U majors labels Rebooting soon able Da da da, Attention passengers, we've reached our destination. hope enjoyed flight, nice Welcome eleventh hour done? daydream tower build hut start clock strikes zero two finally through- forgot years year's eve? wrote riff last december played year sure remember didn’t doesn’t, fair nether does year’s bonus track Dogs Allowed Burning hundred discs house Been New York fortnight Came stay night, Print everythin' needed Speakin' limericks Thank purchasing Compact disc thing, Song isn't internet
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2020.07.15 03:26 mysticaltater I inherited a haunted Walmart: What Happens Next Will Blow Your Tits Clean Off (Part 3)

"Alright, Jimothy," my grandpa said as he stood in my doorway.
"Gramps, for cripe's sake, can't you see I'm busy beating my meat?!" I yelled, punching the ever-loving shit out of some ground beef.
"Well, then. Come down when you're done. We have some important matters to discuss."
"Sure thing, Gramps!" I lobbed the beef full force at my window and followed him downstairs.
He whacked me upside the head with a newspaper. "I didn't say now, you daft boy!"
"Oh," I replied, dejected. I turned to go back upstairs.
"Wait, now that you're hre, we need to discuss some matters. They're important."
"Your mom's important," I muttered.
He sat me down and began talking. "So, as you know, I'm the manager of [town withheld] Walmart. And with a little bit of nepotism magic, it will be yours, I've told you. I've worked there for nearly fifty years, Jimothy. It's time to pass the torch." He handed me a flashlight.
"I put my two weeks in yesterday, Jimothy. The Walmart will be yours in two weeks."
"Grandpa, you know I already have a job."
"Indeed, Jimothy. And I called them and resigned for you. This legacy... you mustn't let it die."
I couldn't understand why it mattered if someone related to my grandpa became manager. I mean, for one, don't you have to work your way up? And for two, it's frickin Walmart. Big whoop.
"There's one more thing..." he said suspiciously. "The store was built on an ancient graveyard. It's very, very haunted."
"Sounds fantastic," I said. I stood up. "Well, thanks for ruining my life." I gently clapped his shoulder.
"I'll start training you tomorrow!"
This is a convenient time skip to my first day as manager.
"I have no fucking clue what I'm doing," I said, aimlessly poking at the register, trying to teach a new employee how to use it.
"Me neither," she replied. The lights flickered ominously. Thunder crashed, lightning pealing across the sky. I saw it because we have some nifty sunlights.
I stepped away from the register, and hurried to the back. Grandpa told me that lightning was a bad omen, especially when it was just clear and sunny three seconds ago. I ignored the family of melting people I ran by until I slipped in a puddle. That puddle was their baby, Delia. This was the fourth time this has happened. I think she trips me on purpose.
I scurried around the backroom and found exactly what I needed. The vending machine! I kicked a skeleton out of the way and bought some Fanta. I chugged it and looked around some more. Headless body, check. Giant glowing crow, check. Sickly-sweet odor, check. Everything looked to be in order.
"Jimothy!" the front-line manager yelped. "Where have you been? This lady needs to speak to the manager's manager!"
Karen glared at me, her ridiculously blonde stacked haircut flew off her head and attacked me. "Someone call the exorcist, Hairison's at it again." Hairison was the ghost of this very hairy (think caveman) man who died by trying to trim his hair with a chainsaw. He haunts people's hair. But only people who are wearing pink in aisle ten at 2:03pm. I threw the sentient hair off of me and screamed.
Several customers looked at me. One of their eyes fell out. Hopefully that was one of the spirits, else I'll have a lawsuit on my very inexperienced hands.
The lightning finally subsided, and everything went back to normal. Same old normal shithole, where the scariest things are what some people try to squeeze into.
So if you're ever at the [data expunged] Walmart and it suddenly begins to lightning, just know you're probably screwed and there's nothing you can do about it. But please, come to our store. The customer is always right. Especially when they walk right in front of the legless axe murderer and get an axe thrown into their faces!
please follow thanoschungus for more of absolutely not this
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2020.07.11 01:58 yer_afrodisiac AITA for refusing a DNA test for my daughter?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 years now, and we share a 2 year old daughter. Before I met him, I was in a serious relationship that was extremely abusive - and I haven't seen my ex bf for a few years - but while I was out eating with my daughter and my MIL a old mutual friend of my ex and I's saw me and as she was saying hi, she took one look at my daughter and asked if that was my ex and I's kid. I let her know that we never had any kids, and that she's 2. After I told her that she laughed and said "Damn, she looks like him for some reason," which IMO was extremely rude...esp. because she knew that we had been broken up for a long time and my daughter was still really young. When she left my MIL was making jokes about it saying "I never knew you guys had a secret baby," and then she started to ask me when was the last time I saw him. I answered with "I don't really even remember but it has got to be at least 3 years ago. " I explained to her that I saw him in passing once, and it was an awkward moment because it was in Walmart and she kind of laughed it off. FF to Wednesday and me and my bf are having lunch and he asks me if I would ever take a DNA test for him...I answered "No, I wouldn't see the point -" but that if he wanted me to I certainly would, and I would also feel offended - the same way he would if I asked to check his phone records going back 5 years. He told me I was being irrational, and when I asked why he even randomly asked me that he said that his mom had ordered a DNA test and wanted him to have me conduct it on the baby because people have been telling her she doesn't look anything like her. A little background.. my daughter looks like both of us, I am black and he is white with hazel eyes - she is caramel, brown eyes and has curly hair that has blonde highlights while my MIL is blonde haired and blue eyed. He and his mother look nothing alike and him asking for a DNA test would insinuate that I cheated on him 2 years ago, which also offends me. For now, I am refusing the DNA test almost as a way to protest him offending me in such a way but then I also feel like it makes me look guilty. I told my best friend about it and she said I should just take the test and then take a break from the relationship because that means he didn't trust me. I tried to explain to him how it almost feels like my ex is still abusing me by having me be questioned, and having our kid be questioned and it seemed like it registered to him. We curbed the discussion after I explained that to him but now his mom is texting me about it saying she spent so much money on the test and she needs to know for her own sanity, which is making me upset again. Am I the asshole here for refusing the DNA test?
UPDATE: My bf and his mother got into it pretty bad last night. He told her she was a bitch for always trying to make his gfs feel like shit so they will leave him and that her shady past has blurred her vision on how relationships work. She told him I was probably sleeping around to get over my ex...even though it was at least 5-6 years since we had already broken up, and that she DEMANDED a test before she kept treating her like a grandbaby. He told her we will not be talking to her ever again and that she needs to ask his dad for a test because she sounds like shes projecting.
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2020.07.06 10:20 amhamp1014 Out of The Mouth of Babes

Hi all, this is an entitled brat story. This happened 18 years ago and always makes us laugh when we talk about it. I have 3 nephews that I've always been very close with and when they were kids they would sometimes spend the weekend with me.
This time I had my youngest nephew with me for the day and this happened after we had had lunch and were now in Walmart.
There's me = auntie,
my nephew = nephew
EB = entitled brat
and WM = wimpy mom.
Before I get into it, there’s somethings about me you should know. I am a dotting auntie. I loved to have my fellas as often as I could and I unashamedly spoiled them. However, all three of my nephews knew though I loved to spoil them, I had NO patience for spoiled, bratty kids and consequences for that sort of thing came quick and decisive. (this is important to know for later). Each one at some point (they’re normal kids after all) had tried a tantrum with me and quickly learned I followed through with what I said in my one and only warning to alter their attitude or else. (“I don’t think so. Homey don’t play that.”) (Yes, that’s my favorite “In Living Color” reference). Now, on to my tale.
The store was pretty crowded and most of the registers had long lines. Our line had a lady being rang up, then the EB and EM, another lady behind them and then us. Nephew was 4 at the time and I was buying him a new Lego set and he was sitting contently in the cart looking at the box and from time to time, he would look up at me, put his hands on my cheeks so I would bend down and give him a kiss and then do something to make him giggle. This was his favorite “sitting in the shopping cart” game.
We're all standing there waiting our turns and EB is grabbing at whatever his grubby little hands can reach and whining and/or screaming when his mom said no.
EB - "gimmy that! I want it!"
WM - "No EB, that's not ours".
EB - "Yes it is, yes it is! I want it NOW! (insert ear piercing scream)
WM - "Okay EB, here you go".
She would then hand him whatever it was and he would be content for about 1.5 seconds and then want something else and the whole act would start again. As you might guess, most of us in lines are by now looking at each other and shaking our heads knowing we are in for a long and loud wait. Each time we were treated to his ear piercing screams, nephew would turn around and look at EB for a few seconds and then look back down at the Lego box on his lap, sometimes pointing things, on the box, out to me and other times sitting quietly and entertaining himself. This happened about 4 times within a very long 3 minutes. I kept feeling myself closing my eyes and grimacing each time he screamed. The pitch rose with each consecutive scream and I was waiting of the it to get so high that only dogs could hear it.
After a particularly long scream, nephew looks at EB and then looks up at me. I expected him to reach up for a kiss but instead, at a rare moment of silence from EB, he says to me (in his outdoor, not indoor voice)
"Auntie, that kid is BAD isn't he?"
Out of the corner of my eyes I could see all these adults around us ducking down and/or turning their heads trying desperately not to laugh out loud; most failed. It took everything I had to keep from laughing myself and I looked his sweet little face and said,
"Yes sweetie he is".
Nephew - "You would never let me do that would you auntie?"
Me - "No baby I wouldn't."
Nephew - "I would be in biiiiiiig trouble, huh auntie?
Me - "Yes sweetie you would."
Then he reached up for a kiss. I gave him fish lip kisses and he giggled then went back to looking at the box in his lap. Meanwhile, WM had become very quiet. The cashier was ringing her up now and she was ignoring EB and appeared to suddenly be in a hurry. She didn't look anyone in the eye and quickly left as soon as she could with EB whining and screaming all the way out.
The minute she was out of sight everyone around us started laughing out loud, including me. The woman in front of us turned around and complimented me on my well behaved and very sweet nephew. I thanked her and said I would pass her complimented on to my sister and we went on to enjoy the rest of our day.
Not a long story, but one with a lesson for all of the wimpy parents with entitled brats out there; adults may not throw you under the bus, but kids will. Thanks for your time.
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2020.06.23 19:51 connection_lost Denied purchasing alcohol because one of my group member cannot show ID. Federal, state or store policy?

This has happened in NY, WI, FL and WA. In multiple stores, and they have different outcomes. Basically I (25) sometimes get groceries with underage friends (18~20). Sometimes they ask me only for ID, but sometimes they require ID for everyone I am with.
A while back I (22) took my friend (25 forgot ID) to Walmart. I bought a beer but denied at the register because my friend forgot his ID. Curious enough I spoke to the manager to clarify, and he said policy requires everyone in the group has to be 21. I then asked what if a dad brings a baby to the store and buys beer and diapers? The manager stopped for a while, and then he said, no, he cannot buy beer because of the baby.
I mean this really sounds like a wtf story but I am curious about what is the actual policy that denies me from the purchase. Does that mean the whole "diapers and beer" sales are actually illegal or against store policy afterall?
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2020.06.19 21:48 TrollanKojima Moonshine, Whole Fries, and Piss-hair.

Gather 'round, gather 'round. It's time for more "Ridiculous Stories with Trollan"
A while back, I regaled the community with a story about my introduction and initial exposure to BDSM culture, and how it was a massive turning point in my development as a teenager.
Today, I share a story - not about my personal growth and development - but, a trip down the bizarre world of my early 20's, and how absolutely batshit stupid my life got for a fair few years. It's a long one, so strap on in.
I was 20. For almost 6 months, I was going through a grieving/mourning process. What can only be described as "The one that got away" had, for lack of a better phrase, gotten away. I was depressed, detached from the world, and spent most of my days sleeping under my desk with my subwoofer slapping me to sleep, or whatever semblance of it I found.
Boy, that sounds utterly depressing. It's okay! This story is in fact another dark comedy.
In the depths of my sorrow, there was a burning light in the darkness - My brother. Not my actual brother, mind you. My adoptive brother: We'll call him Kolton. You see, when I was in my late teens, I had a bit of a falling out with my family due to my constant hatred for following rules, my overall devil-may-care attitude, and a penchant for using "fuck" more than necessary in standard conversation. I was quite the charmer.
In this time, I decided to spend more of it outside of the house. The person I spent time with was my cousin's boyfriend. We had bonded over a mutual love for zombie fiction, and being absolute fucking nerds about video gaming and PC construction. We found a mutual sounding board for eachother's eternal virgin-esque penchant to accidentally go on tirades about shit no one cared about, and then wonder aimlessly as to why everyone was staring at us like we'd just fucked a porcupine in their presence.
At a certain point, my cousin cheated on him. I was devastated - Not only for him, but for what this might mean for our friendship and how it would affect our social circle. I, admittedly, was a bit selfish in that regard. But hey, this is par for the course with me at that age. I was not the most caring human being, and that's underselling it by a few kilometers. Being the tech junkies we were, we found out she was cheating because he's a fucking viciously capable guru when it comes to cybernetic subterfuge, and he hid a keylogger on her laptop when he noticed that all-too-noticeable empathic nagging that something was amiss.
Morally questionable?: Without a doubt.Invasion of privacy?: Not even questionable.Impressive?: Nay.
Absolutely diabolical.
I wanted to high five him through my PDA, I was so hyped over the revelation.
Fuck, that sounds bad. Let me make something clear: I was not thrilled about the fact he was being cheated on, but the fact that he dug so deep and brought all his skills to the table in order to unearth the deception. It was a combination of mastery of his craft, drive, and a primal need for his emotional self-preservation. I admired that. I commended him.
Now, you would think... "This is a comedy?"... I'M GETTING THERE, HAVE SOME PATIENCE.
At this point, I'm spending every day at his house with his parents. My parents and I barely speak for a couple months, regardless of the fact we live in the same household. His mother hears about my home life and the situation I'm in from the Kolton, and she's sympathetic to my situation. She offers me a place to stay anytime I need it, and I take her up on that offer almost immediately. I, for all intents and purposes, am living with them most days of the week, only going home to use my PC and wash clothes/eat the groceries I scrounged up cash for.
So here we are, a couple weeks after the break-up/mourning period. His pain and my pain have intertwined. We are both two young men with a hate focused solely on the world, chips on our shoulder the size of Jeremy Piven's ego, and an unquenchable thirst to watch everything around us burn up in vicious entropy. We pass our time by wandering around town and shitting on anything that sits still long enough, or shows enough happiness to be subject to our eventual interjection and ruination. We were miserable fucks, and we wanted the world to be miserable with us. This hardened us. Or so we thought. Realistically, we were just a couple of pissed off kids taking our own shortcomings out on people undeserving of it.
But there were a few times we were heroes. And the people subject to the displeasure of being in our immediate sphere of influence were deserving of it.
One night, Kolton decides we're going out to see a shitty horror movie with his friend Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle is a great dude - Fantastic comedic timing, dry-wit glistening from every pore, beautiful long blonde hair that would make any woman scream his name in their slumber. He was the cute one in our group, and we needed that. We weren't exactly lookers. We decide to head off to the mall to see "Quarantine", a shitty americanized remake of a better spanish horror film called "REC". We sit in the front row, heckling the film to a half-full auditorium with no complaints from the other patrons, who in turn were heckling the film as well.
We all leave in good spirits - and this, my friends? Is where the fun begins.
We hop in the car after Bullwinkle almost gets run over by a drunk redneck exiting the theater. It's 10PM, the parking lot is almost barren at this point. Kolton, with inordinate love for his car, decides it's time to peel out around the back end of the parking lot. We shoot around like wild in his Civic, which he affectionately named the "Delta Flyer". Boy had an unhealthy love for Star Trek. Voyager, of all things. Lot to unpack there, but this isn't about his poor choice of science fiction series. (TNG all the way, baby.)
He slows down a bit, and I see his eyes pivot as he squints and swings the car towards a derelict object in the parking lot. We pull up to it, I have no idea what we're doing, and he says... "Get out and grab that. I want it." Well, me being the inquisitive type? I jump right the fuck out and run over to it. It's a fucking stroller wheel. One of those big honking ones, not a tiny folding stroller one. I wonder to myself... "What is the story behind this object? How did it get here? Does the parent know it's missing? How do you NOT know your stroller is missing a wheel, what th-"... Suddenly, in my periphery, I hear the engine rev and laughter. Kolton has hit the gas, and is trying to make me run after the car. Fuck that, I run when I want. So, I do what any rational young man with an ounce of logic would do in that situation: I reel my arm back and launch the stroller wheel at his car.
Multiple things occur to me. "I could break the rear windshield, I could dent the car he treasures more than life itself, I could cause him to panic and swerve into a light pole, etc"... None of these things happen. None of what went through my head even came close to happening, because what DID happen would end up being a conversation piece for the remainder of our lives, and cement my initial emergence as the luckiest motherfucker in our group. Lets dive in.
1). Stroller wheel leaves hand. Enters flight. Regret commences immediately.
2). Car is now 15ft away. Stroller wheel continues on it's trajectory.
3). Stroller wheel is off it's intended flight path - Thank christ, no damage d-
4). Stroller wheel impacts with inside of passenger side door, ricochets inward.
5). Car slows to a halt.
6). "Oh fuck" thoughts commence.
I hear Bullwinkle bellowing from the back seat, his cackles echoing through the parking lot. I stroll up to the car in confusion, utterly fucked as to why he stopped the car. I look inside, and Kolton is wincing in pain, clutching his right thigh. What? Bullwinkle proceeds to explain to me the series of events: Apparently, when the wheel hit the door, it bounced into the car and struck Kolton in the thigh hard enough to knock his foot off the pedal.
I sit down in my seat, Kolton is now chuckling about it, we throw the stroller wheel in the back seat, and continue on to drop Bullwinkle off at his truck. Kolton apparently held on to that wheel for a period of time. I'm not sure if he still has it, but regardless - It was the birth of our rule of "Always take a souvenir" when something crazy happened.
Continuing on from dropping Bullwinkle off, Kolton got a call from his parents that their friends were coming over with booze, and it'd be waiting for us when we got there. This is the level of cool his parents were: Not only did they let two men a year from drinking age drink so long as they were safe at home, they let us drink with them and their friends while we all played card games or drinking games.
We were from the south, don't fucking judge.
Kolton decides we need to stop at Walmart for supplies. Apparently, supplies is a Han Solo Mighty Muggs figure and a pink frosted cake shaped like a cat. I don't think we even ate the cake, I think he just bought it for the sake of taking it up to the register at 11pm. Whatever, it was a good haul. That figure sat on his dashboard for years, to the point where the head began to melt and cave in. It was the centerpiece in our chariot of jackassery. We make a detour to Steak & Shake for some burgers and fries to give us something to soak up the poison we're about to ingest en masse, and gobble it down faster than Socrates could realize his error.
Kolton makes some calls on the way to the house to invite the few friends he has that can stand being around the two of us for more than 10 minutes over. Bullwinkle turns us down because he and Kolton have a funeral to go to in the morning - Don't worry, I'll preface this by saying he makes it there - and advises Kolton to "take it easy". We both look at each other during this speakerphone broadcasted statement and shake our heads in rebellion - We shall not give in to pleas for rationale. We aim to misbehave.
We arrive to the raucous applause of no one at all - Alright. That's the kind of entry I like to make. No flash photography please, no autographs at this time, I'll field questions after the event, thank you. His father beelines over to us with two glasses filled with a green liquid of unidentifiable origin. Without a moment's hesitation, I down half of it.
"Nice. Sour. What was it?"
"... Engine cleaner."
"Nice. Really opens the diaphragm."
To this day, I still have no idea what the fuck I drank. Just that I did, and that the level of regret was negligible in relation to the desired effect, which it did - in point of fact - provide. The two of us down a few more drinks while chatting with Dad, who is easily one of the coolest southern dads on the planet. Not just because he gives us booze, but because he has life lessons galore. Think of him as the barkeep from "Boondock Saints", but with less Tourettes and more malaphors.
At this point, the gathering starts to come together. We are joined by Mom and Dad's friends Tommy Cranium and his wife, and our friends Layla, Alice, and Connor. I had a massive crush on Layla when I first met her, which eventually turned into a very fulfilling friendship that I carry to this day. Alice and I were bonded on a spiritual level - Our budding alcoholism and absolute "Fuck the consequences" attitude made me feel like I had found the older sister I never wanted, but got saddled with regardless. Connor was quite possibly the biggest douche I had the displeasure of knowing outside of my immediate social circle, and dressed like he was ready to date-rape at a moment's notice. We were not on the friendliest of terms. Which is why I take great pleasure in the events that unfolded on this fantastic evening.
You see, Tommy Cranium was a "good ol' boy". The kind of guy you'd go "muddin'" with. The kind of guy who has a .22 for squirrels, because he doesn't want to use the .30-06 unless there's a home invasion. The kind of guy you'd bootleg with during prohibition. All three of these things are factual, not conjecture. Tommy Cranium made his own fucking moonshine. And distributed it via mason jar to all those he deemed fit, and I will say with great honor - This 20-something goth boy with a penchant for self-deprecating humor and misadventure? Was worthy in his eyes. I would bow at his altar, but he asks nothing from his subjects and provides the sweet nectar of intoxication for the low, low price of arm wrestling.
So here I am - 20 years old, jar of moonshine in my hand, and no advance knowledge of the implications of overindulgence. It's like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun, and saying... "Well, it worked for Kurt Cobain". I take a swig. Holy shit, this is literal paint thinner. I'm pretty sure Washington used this to clean his dentures. Jesus christ, I can smell math.
This shit hits with the force of an angry god. I have drank Everclear. I have drank imported Absinthe. I have eaten Tamarind Paste. This is some next level shit that I couldn't have seen coming had you given me a ticket to the race and a pair of binoculars. I am caught so unawares, I swallow it without taking the time to consider the gravity of the situation. I feel like I've just shoved an angry wolverine into my esophagus. Tommy looks me dead in the eye, face as stern as a nun asking you to repent for smuggling copies of National Geographic: "Good shit, huh?"
Tommy, you fucking devil, you. You have just roused a beast from it's centuries old slumber. Durin's Bane has come, and the dark fire of this unholiest of brews will avail him. I take another swig - This is it. This is how I ascend to the astral plane. I have found the secrets of reality itself, and I have come to claim what is rightfully mine. I proceed to take 2 more swigs before switching back to standard drinks, because I'm starting to realize the absolute mistake I've just made.
Thankfully, I was smarter than Connor. He was of the belief that this was just some shitty tasting vodka. He delved to greedily, too deep. And in his hubris, the beginning of a legend still told to this day became cemented.
You see, Connor was not my friend. He was Kolton's friend. And Kolton trusted him. Kolton trusted him not to betray his trust, or to do anything horribly distasteful within the bounds of their friendship. I stand next to this man, staring at him with a disgust born from years of being subject to countless "dudebro"-types who'd made my life a living hell. And it's within this malice and contempt-filled train of thought that the most glorious words ever get muttered in my ear...
"He had sex with her. Couple weeks ago. Just found out this morning."
"Her" was his ex. The one he lived with. The one who sent him on this downward spiral of bitterness and hatred. I felt that something was up with him from the moment I showed up at his house that afternoon, but I just figured it was the usual angst and Trent Reznor-fueled vigor. No. This was my best friend, a man whom had grown to be family to me, hurting immensely at the fact that someone he knew for years and trusted committed the most cardinal of sins a man in his young adulthood can commit: (At the time. Keep in mind, we were stupid kids in the 00's.)
"No sex with a friend's ex."
I pat his shoulder and tell him to go sit down. I have machinations that require thoughtful planning and pinpoint execution. There shall be justice. The Unrighteous shall meet the Sword of the Virtuous One. I have this under control, and this grievance shall not go unanswered...
Actually, I just said: "You ain't got no problem, K-dog. I'm on the motherfucker."
The night proceeds as if this knowledge has not been brought to my attention. I do the usual drunken rituals: Flirt mercilessly with Layla to no avail, get suckered into doing more shots than necessary with Alice, stand in front of the big screen TV playing Dead Rising while testing my intoxicated status by keeping balance on one leg whilst the room stares at me like I've lost my fucking mind.
Ahhh, the halcyon days of yore.
After a few more drinks, I have now reached peak drunk - Not just drunk. We're talking 2 shots from "Tucker Max" drunk, 4-5 from embracing the linoleum at a high velocity - and am now indulging in my usual pleasure of the evening: Eggs. That's right. It's almost 2AM, and here I am - Combat boots, torn up jacket, and a grizzled older man standing next to me making toast. This is what we did. Kolton's dad and I would get piss drunk and make breakfast. This was the kind of life I lived, and I lived it happily.
About this time, wrestling commences. Yes, you read that right. For some insane reason, this was a regular thing that happened in this household when the alcohol took hold. Kolton and Alice started giggling and wrestling around the living room, then Kolton and his dad, laughs had all around. Finally, Kolton and Connor. Immediately, the alarms went off in my head. "This is not good", I tell Layla. She acknowledges my concern. We continue to snack on pretzels while watching from the couch. And it wasn't. They both went in on eachother. There was no brevity, no laughter. It was a dick swinging contest of the highest magnitude, and we were all witness. Kolton, being the Greco-Roman demigod he was, had Connor locked down faster than you can say "toxic masculinity".
His dad realizes the animosity between the two, splits them up, and everyone goes about living their Alcoholics Anonymous introduction story.
I realize that I need to find my opening to conduct my nefarious plans before this turns into a street brawl at sunrise. Luckily, fate weaves it's sordid web - All the jostling around has taken the wind out of Kolton's sails: The Steak & Shake has made it's return to center stage.
Oh shit, Linda Blair is about to make an appearance at this soirée. I jump to my feet before anyone else notices the telltale signs of impending disaster, and tell him "Yo', come check out this Youtube video I found." - I get him to his room, shut the door, throw him face down on his bed, dump the trash by his desk on the floor, and make it back to him just in time to catch the torrent of noxious putrescence that ejects from him. This vomit doesn't leave him - He leaves the vomit. It has propelled him via muscle shock backwards, his spine bending in reverse as if he were being exorcised of a demon borne of malice and misadventure.
After nearly 5 minutes of this scene playing out, Layla and Alice come in to check on him, along with his mother. His mother sits on the bed laughing, patting his back as he drifts off into a childlike slumber. So innocent, so pure. So abso-... What the fuck? What is that in the can?... IS THAT A WHOLE, UNEATEN FRY?! HOW. IN WHAT WORLD DOES THIS HAPPEN? HOW DOES ONE INGEST AN UNCHEWED FRY?! THIS IS UNHEARD OF. AM I AWAKE? HAVE I SLEPT? AM I SLEEPING? HOW THE FUCK.
I am now bent over laughing, red in the face, tears in my eyes. The women are confused as to why I'm losing my mind. I manage the words... "Can. Puke. Whole fry." - These were the words I would remember for years. They still make me chuckle when I think about it, because holy shit - How does one get a whole fry down, let alone back up? What sorcery is necessary to make such devilry possible? The women have varying reactions:
Layla: "Wow. Okay, that's pretty fucking weird."
Alice: *"Holy shit, what a pro."
Mom: "... HAHAHAHA!"
I compose myself; We have plenty of time to laugh at this in the coming years, lets soak in the rest of the evening's pleasures. It is at that moment, the most angelic, inviting noise ever hits my ears - From the adjoining bathroom, I hear the unmistakable groaning of a young man, spread out between bouts of liquid expulsion. Connor is not having a great time in there. This is the moment. Time for vengeance.
Me: "How's it going, bud? You cool? Need help?"
Connor: *"Ughhhhh... No. Water. Need some water."
Me: "Got you. Hey Sharron?"
Sharron is Kolton's mom. This beautiful, fun-loving queen of a woman who was always there when I needed her. Regardless of all of the strays she kept at her house on a night-to-night basis, we were all her children. Whether we wanted to be, or not. She enters the bathroom, chuckles at Connor's misfortune, and asks what I need.
Me: "Can you get Connor a glass of water with about a teaspoon of listerine to get the taste out of his mouth?"
Sharron: "Absolutely, sweetie. You need anything?"
Me: "Nope. Right as rain. Sharron?"
Sharron: "Hmmm?"
Me: "Make it cold. Really cold."
Here comes the plot of the century. You see, I have seen how Connor gets drunk. I know how he operates. I've seen his strategy - He heads to the nearest available bathroom, and camps with his head in the toilet. I know this well, because the last two times he's done it, I've flushed the toilet and turned the water off to make sure he doesn't drown. This is the life I had to learn to lead, with people like him around: The thought of living with the guilt of letting someone you don't like drown in a puddle of vomit and piss.
Mom returns promptly with glass of water. I ask Connor to sit up and drink it. He takes a swig and hands it back to me, asking why it tastes like mint. I explain there's a bit of mouthwash in it to help handle the throat burn and get the taste out. He says... "Thanks man.", and moves the hand the glass back to me.
I do not reach out to take it.
It falls. The ice cold water spills all over his lower torso. In January. In 37 degree weather. The bathroom is poorly insulated. He freaks out and rips his pants off in a rush to escape the ice cold hell that has been delivered unto him. This is not the plot. This is just the start of the events I have played out in my minds eye - I know his strategy, after all.
At this point, I pat the pantless lad on the head, tell him to go back to his business, and let him dry heave a bit into the toilet. I go back to check on Kolton, and wait a bit for Connor to eventually pass out in the bathroom. During the interim, Layla - who barely drank - takes her leave. I sit with Alice on the bed and talk about life, somehow get wrapped into drunkenly spilling the beans about why I am the way I am - sans details - in recent months. She's very kind to me, albeit a bit rough with the delivery of why I should stop being a little bitch and let it go. I agree. I find myself losing sight of the goal while pitying myself, and decide to tell Alice goodnight as she goes to crash in the guest bedroom. I get up to check on Connor, and there he is: Passed out in the toilet, most of his shaggy hair trailing in the biological purge that occurred merely half an hour before. I do not flush - The water is not high enough to cause him any harm. Nor would I, because this is all part of the grift.
You see, this bathroom was primarily used by myself and Kolton. And being young men of a discerning nature, we weren't yet civilized enough to flush the toilet lest we'd done something truly fiendish. From the announcement of his misdeeds earlier in the evening, I'd made a point to only use this restroom to relieve myself in between large quantities of liquor. I knew Sharron wouldn't want us going to hurl in her bathroom, so this was a calculated choice. I knew eventually, Connor would make his way in here if drunk enough, and the purge would begin. What he was too drunk to realize at the time was that he'd not flushed the toilet, either. So here he is - Unconscious, hair seeping up every bit of abominable human excreta imaginable.
Confident that my mission has been accomplished, I collect his pants from the floor and put them in the cabinet under the sink for the sake of comedic value. I return to the bedroom to find Kolton curled up like an infant, clutching his pillow - Such a sweet boy. I proceed to hijack his computer and peruse the web until 9AM. The drunkenness is fading, I'm now buzzed and feeling a bit less like I'm going to faceplant into a wall at any moment. In the span of those 4-5 hours, I have almost forgotten about the events of the night - At some point, I tipped a bit past "peak drunk" and hit that haze where I had forgotten bits of the night. I'm sure there are events that unfolded that I didn't chronicle here, simply because I have no memory of that place.
Kolton's alarm goes off. I wake him up and get us some coffee. Bullwinkle arrives, dressed up for the funeral that the two of them are about to head off to. Kolton gets up and makes to his closet to retrieve something suitable to wear. I am admiring the hint of hazelnut in my coffee when suddenly, and without warning, the bedroom door bursts open with an intensity the likes of which I've never seen. There's Connor, half naked, hair matted back in a "Flock of Seagulls"-esque flair, looking all the worse for wear.
We are inconsolable. There are tears. Faces are red with the blush of life. We are, in this moment, the happiest we have been in months. Bullwinkle shouts through tears of laughter... "What the fuck happened after I went home?!"
So much, Bullwinkle. So much. And it was glorious.
I take my leave, and return home. That night, we reconvene to discuss what the unholy fuck happened the night before. We're sitting around the kitchen talking, I explain my end of it, and Kolton pats me on the back and gives me a "Thank You". No thanks needed, my friend. I look out for my own. You don't fuck a wounded bear. I find myself sitting at the counter, looking at this motley crew of misfits and melancholy-filled rejects we've collected, and I think to myself that this might be the best group of people I've ever known. We all value each other, we all look out for each other, we all respect each other. And the realization I have of how willing and ready I am to be a devious little shit to keep them all safe sets in.
Years later, we all had basically made new lives for ourselves and drifted apart. The time I spent with them fostered some of the greatest memories I have, to this day. Kolton got married, had kids, and made a career out of his penchant for technological fuckery. Layla became a mother to the most bad-ass child I've ever had the pleasure of watching grow up from afar. Bullwinkle got married, divorced, yet still has never hesitated to be there for Kolton when I was incapable after moving away. Sadly, Alice wasn't as lucky as the rest of us - I don't know the specifics, but she didn't end up on the other side with the rest of us. She passed away a couple years back, and it left a pretty big mark on Kolton and I. She was wild, but she had more heart than all of us combined.
I haven't really kept in touch with Kolton's parents, mostly because I feel like I made it pretty well known to them how much I loved and appreciated them for taking me into their home and treating me like family when I felt pretty lost.
No idea what happened to Connor, honestly. Never really cared to check. He was a prick.
So there you have it. No real point to the story. Just felt like writing about throwing a stroller wheel, someone puking a whole fry, and piss hair. There was no underlying message, or life lesson here.
But if you want one, I guess the main takeaway is this: Don't get drunk around a malicious bastard after sleeping with his best friend's ex-fiance.
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2020.06.08 15:11 jdogtor 6/8 Genius Brands International Responds to Misleading Short Seller Criticisms
Above all else, we are focused on long-term value. After working with Warren Buffett for 25 years and producing the children’s animated series with Warren to teach financial literacy (Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club), I've learned to focus on the importance of the basics: asset creation and value-building for our shareholders.
On a personal note, I have not sold a single share, and in fact, have materially increased my holdings in the Company in the last two years. We take the views of all our investors seriously, and we and our board are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency.
The Company is not suggesting that any particular trading price for the Company’s securities is appropriate, whether in the short- or long-term. However, we would like to seek to clarify certain facts as it relates to the short seller information that has been put into the marketplace.
Finally, the Company reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against Hindenburg Research and Citron Research, as we will always do what we can to protect our shareholders’ interests.
About Genius Brands International
Genius Brands International, Inc. (Nasdaq: GNUS) is a leading global kids media company developing, producing, marketing and licensing branded children’s entertainment properties and consumer products for media and retail distribution. The Company’s award-winning ‘content with a purpose’ portfolio includes Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger; Rainbow Rangers for Nick Jr.; Llama Llama, starring Jennifer Garner, for Netflix; award-winning toddler brand Baby Genius; adventure comedy STEM series Thomas Edison's Secret Lab; entrepreneurship series Warren Buffett's Secret Millionaires Club; and Stan Lee's Cosmic Crusaders, created with Stan Lee's Pow! Entertainment. Through licensing agreements with leading partners, characters from Genius Brands’ IP also appear on a wide range of consumer products for the worldwide retail marketplace. The Company’s Genius Brands Network of channels, including Kid Genius Cartoon Channel, Baby Genius TV, and Kid Genius Cartoons Plus!, are available in over 100 million U.S. television households via a multitude of distribution platforms, including Comcast, Cox, DISH, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and more. For additional information, please visit
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2020.06.08 07:09 amhamp1014 Out of the mouth of babes

Hi all. This happened 18 years ago and always makes us laugh when we talk about it. I have 3 nephews that I've always been very close with and when they were kids they would sometimes spend the weekend with me.
This time I had my youngest nephew with me for the day and this happened after we had had lunch and were now in Walmart. There's me - auntie, my nephew - nephew, EB - entitled brat and WM - wimpy mom.
The store was crowded and most of the registers had long lines. Our line had a lady being rang up, then the EB and EM, another lady and then us. Nephew was 4 at the time and all three of my nephews know I love to spoil them but have no patience for spoiled kids and consequences come quick for bad behavior. (this is important for later). I was buying him a new Lego set and he was sitting in the cart looking at the box and from time to time, would look up at me, put his hands on my cheeks so I would bend down to give him a kiss then do something to make him giggle.
We're all standing there waiting our turn and EB is grabbing at whatever his grubby little hands can reach and whining and/or screaming when his mom said no.
EB - "gimmy that! I want it!"
WM - "No EB, that's not ours".
EB - "Yes it is, yes it is! I want it NOW! (insert ear piercing scream)
WM - "Okay EB, here you go".
She would hand him whatever it was and he would be content for about 1.5 seconds and then want something else and the whole act would start again. As you might guess, most of us in line are looking at each other and shaking our heads. Nephew would turn around and look each time the kid would scream and then look back down at the Lego box on his lap.
After a particularly long scream, Nephew looks at EB and then looks up at me. I expecting him to reach up for a kiss but instead, at a rare moments of silence he says (in his out door, not indoor voice)
"Auntie, that little boy is BAD isn't he?"
I could see out of the corner of my eyes, all these adults turning their heads trying desperately not to laugh out loud. It took everything I had to keep from laughing myself and I looked at him and said,
"Yes sweetie he is".
Nephew - "You would never let me do that would you auntie?"
Me - "No baby I wouldn't."
Nephew - "I would be in biiiiig trouble, huh auntie?
Me - "Yes sweetie you would."
Then he reached up for a kiss. I gave him fish lip kisses and he giggled and went back to looking at the box in his lap. Meanwhile, WM had become very quiet. The cashier was ringing her up now and she was ignoring EB and appeared to suddenly be in a hurry. She didn't look anyone in the eye and quickly left as soon as she could with EB whining and screaming all the way out.
The minute she was out of sight everyone around us started laughing out loud, including me. The woman in front of us complimented me on my well behaved nephew. I thanked her and said I would pass here complimented on to my sister and we went on to enjoy our day.
The lesson for wimpy parents; adults may not throw you under the bus, but kids will. Thanks for your time.
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