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2019.11.05 02:11 OldmanRevived i saw three movies (Arctic Dogs, Harriet, Motherless Brooklyn)

sorry for the delay.
first up was Arctic Dogs
“Arctic Dogs” is clearly a movie that was made-by-committee. it’s a novelty act that promotes greed as some type of synergy, and waters down the concept of global warming to make the message thoroughly sanitized for tender sensibilities. these duties are fulfilled on the most mundane level possible, making the whole experience strangely flat and unmoving for all audiences. i’m only guessing here, but the appeal might be limited to only the most patient among younger children. if it weren’t for the A-listers that were hired to do voice work, this would have been a throwaway project.
it wants to belong even more desperately than its main character, who yearns for being a sled dog almost as much as Pinocchio wanted to be human. problem is: he’s a fox, not a dog. Swifty (Jeremy Renner) works in the mailroom of Arctic Blast Delivery Service, which kinda tells you all you need to know about these animals. not only do rabbits live in the Arctic, but they get their supply of carrots delivered in crates. hypercarnivores don’t have any role in this polar region, and maybe that’s for the better, seeing how these husky couriers only bring back rations. at least, that’s what i can assume.
to prove that he’s up to the test, Swifty commandeers one of the sleds and delivers a mysterious package to a discreet location. he stumbles on a hidden fortress overseen by the nefarious Otto Von Walrus (John Cleese). the blubbery evil genius commands an army of puffins, and uses them to help complete a villainous plan to drill beneath the snow-packed surface and unleash masses of ancient gas, melting the Arctic. to stop this sinister scheme, Swifty enlists the help of his friends: PB (Alec Baldwin), a neurotic polar bear, Lemmy (James Franco), a scatterbrained albatross, Jade Fox (Heidi Klum), a brainy engineer, and Magda (Anjelica Huston), his curmudgeonly boss. there are also two conspiracy theorist otters (again, living in the Arctic for some reason), complete with tinfoil hats and a not-so-secret hideout. The design of these two alone is stripped right out of Disney’s “The Rescuers,” which only tells me that they don’t have any copyright claim.
Jeremy Renner slums through his part, but such is the case when it could really be played by anyone, top-notch or otherwise. the side cast is completely uninterested, and you can tell, because most of the time, their lines are off-sync with the animation. would it have killed anyone for a little bit of extra pay to actually look at the footage and record at the same time? i suppose it brings back a certain axiom of the movie industry; time is money. i don't normally look into or discuss the specifics of how much a film cost to make, but the budget for "Arctic Dogs" was approximately $50 million. man, they must have had some great lunches.
these small tangents are only taking up space because there's nothing much to talk about with the actual movie. it brings the main flaw right back home to base: "Arctic Dogs" as a whole never approaches the wit, cleverness, and storytelling brio of some higher ranked animated films. it never gets going, and is just too slow and plodding for kids, maybe even too obvious. the backgrounds and characters, though ambitiously executed, aren't particularly compatible. add that to the unmemorable protagonists, annoying sidekicks, and awkwardly episodic plot. all together, it makes for a worthy skip, even if you just happen to be scanning the movies available on streaming.

next up was Harriet
Harriet Tubman didn't always go by that name. she was formally known as Minty (Cynthia Erivo), a slave on a Southern plantation. since a head injury from a beating by her slave-owners, she has had visions, flashes of the future, which she believes are messages from God. her husband, John Tubman (Zackary Momoh), a free man, arrives to tell her good news: they have secured a letter from a lawyer proving that Harriet's mother was supposed to be freed, and that therefore her children are free as well. when they approach Mr. Brodess (Michael Marunde), the owner of the plantation, he tears the letter up and cruelly denies the request. his son, Gideon (Joe Alwyn) decides he's going to sell Minty downriver, where she will never see her family or husband again.
she decides to flee to the north, and John insists on going with her. knowing if he is caught aiding her he will lose his freedom, Harriet leaves without him, managing only a silent goodbye to her mother, Rit (Vanessa Bell Calloway), from a distance. she then goes to her father, Ben (Clarke Peters) who directs her to the beginning of the Underground Railroad, a network of antislavery activists and safe houses. Tubman escaped, and subsequently made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, including family and friends slowly, one group at a time, she brought relatives with her out of the state, and eventually guided dozens of other slaves to freedom. Traveling by night and in extreme secrecy, Tubman (or "Moses," as she was later nicknamed) never lost a passenger.
once she arrives, she meets with William Still (Leslie Odom Jr.), of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery society, who helps organize the Underground Railroad. he helps Minty get settled in her life as a free woman, and has her pick out a new name: Harriet, her mother's middle name, and Tubman, her husband's last name. he then introduces her to Marie Buchanon (Janelle Monae), who owns and runs an living space for the freed. with all good faith by her side, Tubman made an escape from slavery and transformation into one of America's greatest heroes. her courage, ingenuity, and tenacity reminded us all that we, as humans, are capable of the most extraordinary and wonderful achievements.
director Kasi Lemmons' approach in "Harriet" is a very immediate and intimate one. despite some characteristic simplifications, she's generally scrupulous about both her source and the historical record. she restages these events with an existential vividness, evincing the artistic rigor and unsentimental intelligence into an act of remembrance. by sticking resolutely to the facts, the movie builds tremendous expense and confident spirit. Cynthia Erivo possesses a massively majestic heroine, and helps add to the spiritually enriching testament to the human capacity for change. it treats Harriet not as a rallying point, but as a fully rounded individual whose life defied reduction to symbolic status.
"Harriet" is the kind of movie that can easily be considered great, which is a well deserved gesture considering some of the stronger points to its message. but it comes up short in some departments. there is some repetitiveness to the scenes of Harriet discussing her motive behind transferring the slaves to freedom. it almost happens to a fault, as if they didn't have enough to build from a history book that was undoubtedly available during production. i also found it curious how Walter, a young man who helps Harriet with transportation, has somehow looked into the future and been able to quote "Jaws." once they rescue some of her family members and find some others that want to tag along, he coyly says, "we're gonna need a bigger cart."
i'm afraid it's also one of those historical movies that decides to end once the adventure comes to a close. it does little to expand on Tubman's later conquests, such as her involvement in the women's suffrage movement. oh, but don't worry, the filmmakers choose to stay respectful. we get told about it in a brief piece of text before the credits roll.
these imperfections do very little to stop "Harriet" from succeeding as a hard-hitting historical drama. Erivo brings a magnetizing force in the title role, and helps keep the pace up and running. Lemmons also brings a good eye for directing this material; ferocious brutality is presented without commentary or judgement, yet with unmistakable moral understanding. polished, elegant, and completely cinematic, it is also a bit distant. a film that doesn't wear its feelings on its own sleeve. but, in Harriet's vision, that's probably how it ought to be.

and the last one was Motherless Brooklyn
Edward Norton's directorial debut, "Motherless Brooklyn," is not only a fine example of a gumshoe movie, but a fine example of a vanity project. it's not a perfect film: it plods along aimlessly and is laden with clichés so hoary that they seem to have been excavated from a museum. but it never gets boring, and you can tell Norton is always putting contradictions on both sides of the camera. he makes a bold move in his performance that, in any other movie, would turn it from being something serious into a downright farcical comedy. yet, with enough fire and range, he locks it into a narrow fixture, and hardly makes it feel ironic.
the story is set in 1950s Brooklyn, and follows detective Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton). Lionel is kind and smart, but also plagued by Tourette's syndrome, which marks him with involuntary tics, makes him seem strange and as such causes him to lead a fairly isolated life. but alongside his condition, he also has perfect recall and memory, which make him good at detective work. Essrog works for Frank Minna (Bruce Willis), a small-time neighborhood owner of a seedy and makeshift detective agency, who is shot to death. together, Essrog and three other characters; Tony (Bobby Cannavale), Danny (Dallas Roberts), and Gilbert (Ethan Suplee), call themselves the Minna Men, and work their way around every corner to solve the mystery of Minna's demise.
Frank's widow, Julia (Leslie Mann), leaves Tony in charge of the office. Lionel, determined to find out what Frank was working on and who killed him, starts investigating. he finds a matchbox in Frank's coat pocket and goes to check out an African-American bar. piecing together a few of the words he heard on the phone call, he realizes that whatever Frank found, it involved Laura Rose (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a young woman working for Gabby Horwitz (Cherry Jones). Gabby and Laura are fighting gentrification in the city, as poor and minority neighborhoods are being bought out and demolished, with their inhabitants forced out of town. later on, Lionel enters a council meeting and sees Moses Randolph (Alec Baldwin), who the city folk blame for this problem. he's the one in charge of development, and is responsible for over half the parks in New York City.
Lionel continues researching under the guise of reporting on the gentrification story, and discovers that Paul is Moses's brother, and also that Lieberman is getting kickbacks on so many of the housing deals. He also realizes that the housing relocation programs are scams. meanwhile, Paul (Willem Dafoe), an engineer who is desperately trying to help the city and has been nearly cut off by his unethical brother, presents Moses with a huge renovation plan that will help the city greatly. on and on and on, the film shatters its narrative into little pieces about as far into incoherence as it can go, yet it is also full of odd, hypnotic menace. if nothing else, Norton is giving the audience a savvy puzzle that is actually worth the time and effort to solve.
"Motherless Brooklyn" is on all fronts a lurid homage to the seductiveness of pulp, with a rather intriguing transference. it's simultaneously enervating and empty, supplanted by information from a tumult of spin-controlled, unreliable characters. like any film-noir, it's full of cigarette smokers, whose exhales express as much as their moods or personalities ever will. in the leading performance, Norton provides a semblance of cohesiveness, and employs the well kept, old-fashioned spareness that is normally found in hard-boiled movie detectives. behind the camera, he also pulls enough strings to make the movie stylistically visceral. with a lesser crew, this would have been a game of dress-up on a studio lot.
the connection between Lionel and Laura contains genuine chemistry, which adds an intriguing layer to the proceedings that follow. the romance is drawn silently by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who is undeniably captivating as a screen presence. she revels in and transcends her social underpinnings in ways that are alternately perplexing and endearing. insinuating himself further into her personal life, Lionel wracks his brain to make sure all of these lines connect. as usual, he comes by unexpected, unnamed men who only work in the business of standing in dark shadows and jumping out before pinning someone they don't trust. if you go against them, they'll travel even farther to go against you.
yes, there are the kind of clumsily staged and oddly paced scenes that are the hallmarks of most first-time filmmakers, but "Motherless Brooklyn" as a whole is so ambitious that it represents itself as a deliberate evocation of old-time Hollywood glamour, and an ideal demonstration of the eternal glories belonging to film noir. Lionel is no Bogart, but he doesn't try to be. Bogart always led his enduring film persona by playing the wounded, vulnerable, self-mocking loner with a code of honor. Lionel's qualities make him an ideal partner who has been around, knows the ropes and is less likely to fall for schemes than a regular guy.
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2019.04.24 05:44 newsfeedmedia Rose Byrne gazes adoringly at her long-time partner Bobby Cannavale in New York

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2018.09.23 14:36 Anonymous_1-2-3-4-5 MCU Movies Behind the Scenes Facts *Wanted to do this for fun* Day 12: Ant-Man

So i'm going to go on IMDB and look at each MCU movies behind the scenes facts and POST THE MOST INTERESTING ONES here, I will post each movie a day instead of what I did before where I did 10 posts, I will start with the first Iron Man and each day will be the next MCU movie after it, ending with Guardians 3, I will also do the Netflix Shows, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter


1. At first, the film was meant to focus on the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. However, Pym developed several personalities, one of whom abused his girlfriend, and producers decided he was not family friendly. Instead, the focus shifted to Scott Lang, with Pym as a mentor and supporting character.

2. When Paul Rudd told his nine-year-old son he was going to be Ant-Man, his son said, "Wow, I can't wait to see how stupid that'll be."

3. The Falcon's role in the plot came about after Adam McKay and Paul Rudd went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and fell in love with the character. They casually suggested working him into the plot, and Kevin Feige informed them that it would actually make perfect sense since Falcon was now living at the New Avengers compound as of Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

4. For the 1980s flashback scenes, de-aging VFX were used on the 70-year-old Michael Douglas and the 57-year-old Martin Donovan to make them appear younger, and aging VFX were combined with the wig and make-up 33-year old Hayley Atwell wore to make her appear older.

5. Michael Douglas celebrated his 70th birthday on set. As an homage to his on-screen character and to celebrate the milestone, the crew presented him with a birthday cake decorated in icing with ants crawling over a film reel.

6. Michael Douglas joked about his being made younger through CGI, saying he felt like doing a prequel to one of his younger films: "Seeing myself CGI-ed at the beginning of the movie thirty years younger was incredible! I had these little dots all over my face, and I'm looking at it and half way through the scene the picture it just appeared and there I was thirty years ago. Romancing the Stone (1984). I'm thinking I'm all for a prequel!"

7. According to Michael Douglas, the costume for Paul Rudd had to be altered because of his muscles. Rudd had gone on an extensive training and workout regimen in order to build the proper muscle size for a superhero, but Rudd had become so muscular, they had to soften his costume up.

8. While Edgar Wright was working on the film, he requested that Marvel refrain from using Ant-Man or Wasp until he had finished the movie, which is why they were absent from The Avengers (2012).

9. In addition to getting in shape with the help of a trainer and weights, Paul Rudd worked with a gymnast. Rudd said of using a gymnast, "I knew I was going to have to do rolls and flips and things like that. I just wanted to be as convincing as possible."

10. Posters for "Pingo Doce," the Brazilian soda company Bruce Banner worked for in The Incredible Hulk (2008), can be seen in the San Francisco scenes.

11. The laser sounds fired from Yellowjacket's suit are the same sound as the main gun on an AT-AT being fired in the Star Wars movies.

12. Michael Douglas explained why he took the role of Hank Pym, saying, "And most importantly, I did it for my children. They're so excited. I've finally got a picture that they are so excited about. Dad is cool. You have to understand, for most of my career, I've done so many R-rated pictures. They can never see any of my movies." *At the time of release of this film his children were 14 and 12\*

13. (at around 46 mins) Scott Lang suggests calling the Avengers to assist. In the comics, Ant-Man was an original Avenger.

14. Scott's brief work at Baskin-Robbins was originally going to be at Chipotle, but the company did not like their negative portrayal. The filmmakers considered Jamba Juice, then settled on Baskin-Robbins after realizing that the bright colors would be a funny contrast to the dark prison opening.

15. Director Edgar Wright, a big fan of Ant-Man, proposed the film to Marvel in 2003, describing it as "an action-adventure comedy; a cross-genre action and special effects bonanza." He had been developing the movie since then, shooting a test reel and hiring the cast, and was close to begin shooting the movie. However, in 2014, he dropped out due to "creative differences" with Disney, which had bought out Marvel Studios five years prior.

16. (at around 11 mins) Darren Cross jokes that the concept of a shrinking human sounds like a "tale to astonish." Ant-Man made his debut in the comic "Tales to Astonish" #27 (Jan. 1962). Darren Cross shrinks a chair as part of a demonstration; this was taken from the same comic, where the first thing Hank Pym shrank was a chair.

17. (at around 32 mins) Garrett Morris, who portrays a cab driver in the film, appeared as Ant-Man in the Saturday Night Live: Margot KiddeThe Chieftains (1979) sketch, which was the first live-action appearance of the hero.

18. Paul Rudd and stuntmen wore actual Ant-Man suits while Corey Stoll wore a motion-capture suit as Yellowjacket. This decision was made early on when creating and filming with a real Yellowjacket costume was found to be impractical.

19. At the beginning of the film, set in 1989, the Triskelion is being constructed. The building was S.H.I.E.L.D's main quarters in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

20. The shrunken-down scenes feature a great deal of dust mites, which was a deliberate move by the VFX artists to emphasize an insect's point of view (they see the world in greater detail than a human does).

21. Whilst filming a scene with Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd attempted to reenact the famous interrogation scene with Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct (1992). Rudd ultimately failed with the attempt, resulting in Michael Douglas saying "What are you? A f****** pervert?"

22. The size-shifting VFX (the outlines left by the body on shrinking/growing) were taken from the original "Ant-Man" comics, and was influenced by stop-motion and multiple exposure shots.

23. The VFX artists decided to incorporate techniques that would make this film different from other "shrinking" films and give an "experimental" look to the film. These techniques include macro photography (digital mattes of enlarged environments) and motion-capture. Trick photography was also employed: close-ups, aerial shots and long shots with wide lenses were the main techniques employed to get a good ambiance for Ant-Man in a giant environment.

24. Edgar Wright wanted the film to be completely stand-alone, with no references to the other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This plan did not match the studio plan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This, among other factors, led to Wright leaving.

25. Although Edgar Wright dropped out of the movie, a large portion of the script he wrote is still in the story.

26. According to Evangeline Lilly, Hope's role was much smaller in Edgar Wright's drafts. It was beefed up significantly during rewrites, with Lilly providing some ideas and input.

27. Paul Rudd worked on rewrites with Adam McKay. Michael Peña and Evangeline Lilly have said in interviews that many of the actors were consulted on their characters during the rewrite, which resulted in expanded roles.

28. (at around 46 mins) When Scott Lang tells Pym that their first move should be calling the Avengers, Pym responds by saying that they're probably busy making a city fall from the sky. This is a direct reference to the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

29. On the day that they filmed the sequence of Cross shrinking a lamb, when they broke for lunch, the caterer just so happened to serve lamb chops. The cast and crew claimed it was an awkward meal.

30. The Yellowjacket armor is based on the G.I. Ant-Man armor from the "Irredeemable Ant-Man" comic. The suit's helmet also incorporates the facial features of Hank Pym's villainous robot Ultron.

31. When the role of Wasp (Hank Pym's lover and wife) was in the script, Rashida Jones and Emma Stone were considered for the part.

32. Paul Rudd and Adam McKay convinced Bobby Cannavale to do the film. Cannavale said, "They both called me and said, 'You've got to do this.' They called me before Marvel called." Cannavale felt that the big budget film's atmosphere felt more like an independent film, as he was able to improvise a lot with his fellow cast members.

33. The preview for the first teaser was ant-sized... Which is to say that it's almost completely impossible to tell what's going on in it. A human-sized trailer went up the next day.

34. According to the filmmakers, the main theme in this film is "passing the torch."

35. Corey Stoll describes his character of Darren Cross as a shadowy version of Hank Pym: "Cross is a guy who is not that dissimilar from Michael Douglas' character Hank Pym. A brilliant scientist, who is not ethically pure. The great thing about the whole movie is that everybody is in those shades of grey."

36. A sequence was filmed where Pym and Lang discuss the Ant-Man name. Lines from this exchange include "Lame, I know," "Iron Man was taken," and "Is it too late to change the name?" (Interestingly, Pym did adopt other monikers in the comics, including Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket and Wasp.) These lines were featured in trailers and TV spots, but not the finished film.

37. The idea of a potential Ant-Man movie had been kicked around before Marvel had its own movie studio. Once the Marvel Cinematic Universe was founded, there were plans to include him in the Phase One films and be a member of the Avengers. Those plans fell through and he was supposed to have a film in Phase Two instead. The movie was then pushed back to becoming the first part of Phase Three, until it was decided that this movie would actually be the finale of Phase Two, after Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and that Captain America: Civil War (2016) would lead Phase Three. In short, its release date didn't change so much as its classification.

38. Peyton Reed is a huge Marvel fan and seized the opportunity to direct a film in the MCU even if it meant stepping in at the last minute to take over a project previously helmed by Edgar Wright.

39. In the comics, Hank Pym's daughter Hope Pym (here she takes her mother's maiden name of Van Dyne) was a villainous character who acted out of resentment against her father. While that angle is present in this film, she is much more heroic and reasonable here.

40. Simon Pegg described Edgar Wright's script as 'daring, fun, funny and hugely exciting.'

41. In the comics, Hank Pym created Ultron. This movie is the next Marvel movie released after Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

42. Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan and Gary Oldman were considered for the role of Hank Pym.

43. (at around 1h 45 mins) In the last scene of the film when Luis is telling Scott about a tip, the girl talking to the Sam Wilson/Falcon says, ''We got a guy who jumps, we got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up the wall''. This is in direct reference to Spider-Man who made his debut in the MCU in Captain America: Civil War (2016).

44. Scott lives at the Milgrom Hotel. This was named after comic-book artist Al Milgrom.

45. During an interview with the film's star Paul Rudd on The Howard Stern Show (1990), Stern told Rudd he had tried - 15 years prior to the release of Ant-Man - to buy the rights from Marvel in hopes to translate it to the big screen.

46. Luis, played by Michael Peña, was based on a real friend of Peña, Pablo, who is a minor criminal and talks just as rapidly as Luis does.

47. Jessica Chastain turned down the lead female role of Hope van Dyne due to scheduling conflicts. She had previously bowed out of the role of Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3 (2013) for the same reason.

48. The first production to film in the sound stages at the new Pinewood Atlanta Studios. With the exception of Doctor Strange (2016), all of Marvel Studios' subsequent productions have been filmed entirely or in part at Pinewood.

49. While promoting Baby Driver (2017), Edgar Wright said he never watched the finished film, saying "It would kind of be like asking me, 'Do you want to watch your ex-girlfriend have sex?'"

50. Edgar Wright was responsible for casting Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, David Dasmalchian and Michael Pena.

51. (at around 1h 14 mins) When Luis is posing as a guard, he whistles "It's a Small World". Not only is Ant-Man small, which makes the song appropriate, but the song is originally from a ride (Small World) at Disneyland, which, like Marvel Studios, is owned by The Walt Disney Company.

52. Paul Rudd is the second Parks and Recreation (2009) cast member to be cast as a main lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

53. Patrick Wilson was cast as Paxton. But after the movie was delayed, scheduling conflicts forced Wilson to drop out and Bobby Cannavale took the role. Wilson subsequently went onto appear on the DC Extended Universe's superhero films by voicing a role the following year as the President of the United States in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and co-starring in Aquaman.

54. (at around 1h 40 mins) If you watch closely as Scott shrinks towards the Microverse, you'll see a tardigrade on the right lower portion of the screen.

55. Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ewan McGregor were all in the running for the role of Scott Lang.

56. Most of Ant-Man's action scenes were shot normally with VFX around him. The exception was the fight with Falcon: Anthony Mackie had to mime the actions of getting beaten by Ant-Man.

57. Michael Peña was actually stumbling over his words during the "telephone game" sequence.

58. Edgar Wright himself selected Paul Rudd for the role of Scott Lang based on his natural charisma, which would make Scott likable despite being a criminal in-story.

59. Peyton Reed revealed that Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari were also writers of the movie and but had to remain uncredited due to the Writers Guild. Dave Callaham also did a rewrite before filming.

60. Edgar Wright's drafts did not include the Wasp, save for a mention from Pym.

61. Marvel executive producer Victoria Alonso exclaimed one morning during filming, "You'll never believe it! I found an ant in my bathtub, and I saved it! I was talking to it!"

62. The building that was used for the Pym Technologies exterior set stored records for the city of Atlanta and was also used as the news studio in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), which also starred Paul Rudd.

63. Atoms consist of mostly empty space, as proven by Ernest Rutherford in his gold foil experiment. Therefore it is theoretically possible to shrink or expand material, although the means to do so are far beyond present day technology.

64. The director of this film, Peyton Reed, was considered to direct Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), another Marvel Studios film, which was later directed by James Gunn. Reed was also attached at one point, to direct Fantastic Four (2005), a film adaptation based on another Marvel property, that was released by 20th Century Fox.

65. After this film was released, Hope Pym was introduced into the Marvel Comics as Nadia Pym ("nadia" is Russian for "hope"), daughter of Hank Pym and a Hungarian scientist.

66. Jordan Peele was originally cast when Edgar Wright was still director.

67. Editor Dan Lebental said that despite Edgar Wright's departure and Peyton Reed joining the project, the studio still held onto the original release date. This meant that the film's post-production team lost 10 weeks of time in the process to complete the film. Lebental said that it certainly accelerated the workload on the editing, sound, visual effects and 3D rendering teams with their team doing the final mixing sound before some of the hundreds of visual effects shots even arrived for them. Lebental said that this is a norm in the business but this was an extreme situation, given Wright's departure and Reed joining.

68. Mary Elizabeth Winstead wanted to play The Wasp.

69. In Edgar Wright's drafts, Darren Cross's alter ego would have been Nano Warrior, instead of Yellowjacket. The drafts also featured a car chase sequence.

70. Peyton Reed originally wanted Rick Moranis who's known for portraying Wayne Szalinski in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids films in the film for a cameo.

71. Edgar Wright has said, that despite working on "Ant-Man" for a decade, and leaving the project on his own terms, he cannot bring himself to watch the finished product.

72. Adam McKay, Ruben Fleischer, Rawson Marshall Thurber, Nicholas Stoller, Michael Dowseand David Wain were considered to direct the film.

73. (at around 3 mins) Writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari appear briefly in the film, as two prisoners during Scott Lang's escape from the jailhouse. Barrer's father also appears in the film (at around 18 mins), standing at the bar during the Hope/Cross dinner scene.

74. Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Clint Barton are the only superheroes in the MCU to have offspring (as well as Frank Castle in The Punisher). Hank and Scott are also the only heros to lose their wives (Janet Van Dyne apparently died at the Quantum Realm and Maggie divorced Scott). Coincidentally, Hank Pym, Scott Lang, and Clint Barton have all used Pym particles in the comics.

75. David Wain was considered to direct after Edgar Wright left the project.

76. Ant-Man is implied to have the ability to manipulate his weight and mass to be light and heavy whenever he wishes. This came from the DC Comics hero the Atom, who serves as Ant-Man's counterpart: both are heroes with shrinking abilities, and both started out as scientists who passed their titles down to others.

77. Patrick Wilson was cast as William Crossnote, but he left the project after Edgar Wright's departure, citing a scheduling conflict.

78. Michael Douglas was later considered for the role of Doc in Baby Driver (2017), Edgar Wright's next film after dropping out of this project. Kevin Spacey was ultimately cast.

79. This is the second super hero movie for actor David Dastmalchian. He previously appeared in The Dark Knight (2008) in a minor role as one of Joker's henchmen.

80. John Slattery and Anthony Mackie have appeared in other Marvel movies but have never shared any screen time. In another film The Adjustment Bureau (2011) they both appear onscreen at the same time.

81. This is the second time that a film from the MCU was released in theaters in July since Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).

82. The plot has similarities to both The Mask of Zorro (1998) and Batman Beyond (1999) - an older hero trains a thief to be his replacement and settle an old score.

83. David Dasmalchian said getting cast in this film couldn't have come at a better time, given that his wife was pregnant with their first child and they only had $400 in the bank. Dasmalchian initially feared that his casting was in jeopardy when Edgar Wright departed the project as Wright had personally emailed the actor. But the fear came to pass as new director Peyton Reed was a fan of the actor after his work in The Dark Knight and Passengers.

84. Edgar Wright's draft had the X-Con security team with approximately 6 or 7 members as opposed to the three in the finished film. Janet Van Dyne was also absent from the story.

85. CAMEO: Stan Lee: (at around 1h 45 mins) the bartender who says a woman looks "crazy stupid fine."

86. According to Peyton Reed when it came to using Thomas the Tank Engine during the battle sequence on Cassie's train set, there were certain stipulations when it came to showing the character. Reed and the team met with the rights holders of Thomas and had to make a presentation. The owners stipulated that Thomas couldn't be depicted as doing anything evil, had to remain neutral and no character could be tied to a train track that Thomas was going to be on, as the owners were very protective. Reed was happy with using Thomas as it helped add to the personality of the film, and that the owners found the use of Thomas funny in the film.

87. Hank Pym wants Scott to use the Ant-Man technology to pull off a heist. In the comics, Lang stole the Ant-Man suit from Pym in hopes of pulling off enough heists to save his sick daughter; when Pym found out, he allowed him to keep the suit as long as he used it for heroic purposes.

88. Cassie Lang is delighted at her father's superhero career, even adopting an ant as a pet. In the comics Scott's daughter Cassie eventually dons the Ant-Man costume herself to become the heroine Giant-Girl (later Stature).

89. Yellowjacket in this film is a combination of Ant-Man villains Yellowjacket (a mentally unstable alter ego of Pym), Darren Cross (a villainous businessman and enemy of Scott Lang) and Eric O'Grady (an amoral and selfish person with Pym tech who also was the fourth Ant-Man).

90. Janet van Dyne (Wasp) ends up shrinking herself into a microscopic dimension and was presumed dead. This was her fate in the Marvel comic "Secret Invasion".

91. (at around 5 mins) Scott's Baskin-Robbins name tag says "Jack" which is understandable considering he was hiding the fact he was just released from prison. He then asks his co-worker "Darby" to take over at the register while he speaks to the manager. Jack and Darby are The names of Paul Rudd's children in real life.

92. The ending was supposed to have a showdown between Ant-Man and Carson, with Ant-Man defeating him and reclaiming the stolen sample of Pym Particles. The ending was changed to Carson escaping and presumably delivering the sample to HYDRA in order to set up Captain America: Civil War (2016).

93. (at around 13 mins) When Cross brings the Hydra agents into the room where the Yellowjacket suit is stored, one of them has part of a tattoo showing above his collar. It is the symbol of the "Ten Rings" terrorist group that kidnapped Tony Stark in the first Iron Man (2008) film.

94. (at around 18 mins) When Cross shrinks a board member and implodes him into a tiny blob, strawberry jam was used for the blob.

95. Another ending was filmed that is closure-related. In it Scott Lang tracks down and confronts Mitchell, who knew that Carson took the Pym Particles sample during the confrontation at the lab. It was filmed as a measure of ambiguity in the event it was needed. The producers eventually decided to leave it out as a future plot point in either of another tie-in or in the sequel.

96. When Scott is shrinking to microscopic size he appears to shrink into a forest. This could allude to the Microverse. In Marvel comics its a whole world on subatomic level.

97. Scott is able to enlarge some items in size during the film, including himself. This is a homage to Giant-Man, in the comics Hank Pym's superhero title due to him relying more on growing to gigantic size rather than shrinking.

98. The original opening that Edgar Wright wrote was to have a mini-adventure (in homage of Goldfinger (1964)) that the young Hank Pym would infiltrate Panama to retrieve a microfilm and confronted a Panamanian general by the name of Castillo. Jordi Mollà had filmed his scenes as Castillo but was cut. Peyton Reed admitted that while the standalone adventure was really cool, although filmed, it was disconnected after it was edited together. Reed eventually settled for the existing prologue which bookmarks the confrontation with Mitchell and Hank later on.

99. All the movie (closing film of Phase Two in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) shares many similarities with Iron Man (2008) (first film of Phase One in the Marvel Cinematic Universe):
-A revolutionary and technologically advanced crime-fighting suit is replicated (and modified to be more lethal), by a former friend/partner of the suit's inventor, who has ambitions to sell the technology to people with nefarious purposes, expressly against the wishes of the inventor.
-In an effort to protect this from happening, and protect someone he loves, the hero must use the suit beyond its expected capabilities to defeat the villain, resulting in the villain's death as his own suit is destroyed.
-The hero is endangered by the technology he uses (Obadiah extracts from Tony Stark's breast the mechanism that prevents the shrapnel inside his blood from arriving at his heart to kill him, and Scott Lang uses the special system of the suit to defeat Cross, reducing his size to enter in the Quantum Realm).
-The hero trains to use the suit with comic results (Tony Stark crashes sometimes while he constructs the first armor, and Scott Lang increases his size before the right time, crashing against the ground).
-A woman turns into the assistant of the hero (Pepper Potts for Tony Stark, and Hope Pym for Scott Lang).
-Love interest between the hero and his assistant (Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, Scott Lang and Hope Pym).
-Both movies also end with the implication that the heroes' actions have earned them consideration for joining the Avengers.
-The main villain of the movie is bald (Obadiah Stane in Iron Man, Darren Cross in Ant-Man).
-The villain dies by the suit he creates (Stark collapses Stane's armor, who falls to crash against the Arc Reactor of the laboratory, and Lang collapses Cross's armor, who vanishes in the Quantum Realm).
-Presentation of a hero for a sequel (War Machine in Iron Man, The Wasp in Ant-Man).

100. The climax, when Scott shrinks to sub-atomic levels and enters the quantum realm, is a tribute to the Disneyland attraction, Adventure Thru Inner Space. Open from 1967 through 1985, the attraction shrunk guests as they got smaller till they became the size of an atom. Hank warns Scott by saying, "It means that you would enter a reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant as you shrink for all eternity." This same quote is repeated when Scott is in the quantum realm, though it echoes, similar to the Paul Frees quote from the attraction, "They will be our only source of contact once you have passed beyond the limits of normal Mag-ni-fi-ca-tion"
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2018.08.30 05:02 honkimon Finally Watched the show and came to a revelation

In 2015 the wife and I had part of our honeymoon in Wappingers Falls, NY at artist Alex Grey’s COSM compound. It was a winter solstice celebration complete with hundreds of people and a cornucopia of psychedelic activities. I had taken a low dose of LSD and had been hanging out in a room with a very large sand mandala with a dozen or so others when a very beautiful women sits next to me to pour sand on the mandala. I thought for sure I had seen her before and was convinced she was an actress or model. She was there with a very unassuming Italian looking gentleman perched in the doorway. I remember thinking it must have been her body guard or driver.
A few years later the wife and I were watching The movie Neighbors 2 when it hit me. That was Rose Byrne sitting next to me on that night a few years before.
Fast forward to this week when I made it to season 3 of BE and was introduced to the Gyp Rosetti. It wasn’t until I was checking out Bobby Cannavale’s Wikipedia page on the toilet when it hit me after seeing his partner is Rose Byrne that it was him perched in that doorway so many years back.
I know, not the greatest story in the world but was cool for me either way. Also, I think his character in Mr. Robot is one of the best on the show. Also, I just finished the BE finale and am gunna miss such a great show
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2017.11.27 14:23 The_Social_Introvert [Discussion] - Bobby Cannavale is playing "Crazy" Joe Gallo in Scorsese's The Irishman. Who was Crazy Joe?

In anticipation of Scorsese's The Irishman, I'm doing a little bio on each of the main characters. The last one was on Tony Pro which you can find here:
Here is the link to the new video on "Crazy" Joe Gallo:
I also wrote this up, if you prefer reading:
If you’ve seen Goodfellas you may remember a scene during Jimmy Conway’s introduction where Henry Hill in his narration mentions about how it was a great time for the mobsters. He also mentions that it was before Crazy Joe started a war. That Joe is the same Joe Gallow we’re talking about here.
Joe Gallo was a gangster for the Colombo crime family famous for initiating one of the bloodiest mob wars in American history.
He was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1929. His father was a bootlegger and didn’t do much to discourage his three sons from taking part in crime. Joe’s brothers Larry and Albert Gallo were partners in crime with each other with him. Gallo married 3 times in his life, twice to the same woman and the last marriage lasted only three weeks before Gallo’s death. During an arrest in his early years, he was placed in Kings County Hospital in his hometown, where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Joe Gallo began his criminal career as an enforcer for the Colombo crime family, which was known as the Profaci crime family back then and headed by Joe Profaci. Gallo worked as a hitman and ran numerous operations like extortion rackets, card games, and nightclubs, the headquatres of which was an apartment on President Street which had been dubbed “The Dormitory”. It was rumoured that Gallo kept a pet lion in there.
In 1957, the underboss of the Anastasia crime family, Carlo Gambino, wanted to replace the head of the family Albert Anastasia. Gambino sought from Profaci, who in turn is thought to have told Gallo to perform the hit. Anastasia was murdered whilst on a barber’s chair by two men who entered and shot him numerous times, and Gallo is thought to have been the one to do it.
Gallo was most famous for initiating the first Colombo war. In 1961, he and his crew came up with the idea to kidnap the entire leadership of the Profaci crime family. The boss himself escaped, but 6 members were kidnapped and held for ransom, including Joe Profaci’s brother in law. Gallo’s trigger finger was itchy, and he wanted to take out a hostage after engaging in negotiations, but his brother Larry saw sense and overruled this decision. After several weeks, Joe Profaci made a financial deal with the Gallo crew, but soon planned his revenge.
In the same year, the Profaci crew killed Joseph Gioelli, one of Gallo’s top men, and in a literal iteration of the line “sleeping with the fishes”, stuffed his clothing with dead fish and threw it in front of a diner frequently visited by the Gallo crew. Gallo’s brother Larry, was also the subject of an attempted execution, when he was lured into a lounge and strangled by Profaci mobsters. A police officer who happened to be passing saved Larry Gallo’s life, but with the was in full swing, the Gallo brothers retreated to the Dormitory and found themselves unable to attend to their usual businesses, and money began running out fast. Joe Gallo attempted to extort money from a café owner, but the man went to the police and had Gallo arrested, and on December 21st 1916 he was sentenced to 7 to 14 years in prison.
While in prison, Gallo brefended an African American drug dealer Leroy Barnes. Gallo believed power in the drug world of Harlem was moving towards black gangs, and as a result taught Barnes on how to properly run his criminal empire. He began to recruit black soliders into the Gallo crew, which soured his relationship with members of the Italian mafia in the prison. Former allies and even guards turned on him and Galo even sued the department of corrections after claiming that he was tortured by prison guards for his involvement with black inmates.
Gallo enjoyed reading in the can, worked as an elevator operator and even saved a wounded officer from inmates during a riot. A fellow inmate, Donald Frankos, later stated that Gallo’s way of thinking in life was to be the best you can be, whether it was a taxi driver or a mobster, and never settle for second best. He also said: Joe was articulate and had excellent verbal skills being able to describe gouging a man's guts out with the same eloquent ease that he used when discussing classical literature.
In 1968, Joe’s brother Larry died from cancer, and 3 years later Gallo was released from prison. Upon his release, his wife described him as:
extremely frail and pale. He looked like an old man. He was a bag of bones. You could see the remnants of what had been a strikingly handsome man in his youth. He had beautiful features--beautiful nose, beautiful mouth and piercing blue eyes.
Gallo very quickly became part of the new York high society, after actor Jerry Orbach played a gangster based on Gallo in the 1971 film The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight. The actor and Gallo became good friends, and he often dined with them, meeting new people and raising his status in the upper class world of New York.
When he was in prison though, there were major movements happening in the Profaci family. Joe Profaci died of cancer in 1962, and the Gallo brothers sought peace with the Profaci family. Joseph Colombo became the boss and the family was now known as the Colombo crime family. However, Colombo caused a rift between himself and Carlo Gambino, head of what was now the Gambino crime family, because Colombo established a civil rights leage for Italian americans, which drew media attention to mafia figures. It is rumoured that Gambino may have encouraged Gallo to try and challenge Colombo for the leadership of the family.
When Gallo was released from jail, Joseph Colombo offered him $1000 as a gift, but Gallo said he was not under any obligation that occurred as a result of the peace that was made between the Profaci family and the Gallo crew in 1962, because he was not part of it, and instead demanded $100,000 to end his side of the fued. When this news reached Colombo, he decided to have Gallo killed.
However, before Colombo got his chance, he himself was shot by Jerome A Johnson, an African American gunman, who was in turn killed by Colombo’s guards. Colombo went into a coma after the shooting, and never recovered. Despite police investigations concluding that Johnson was acting alone and had no affiliation with any criminal organisation, because of Gallo’s known dealing with black criminals, he was thought to be behind the hit, and the desire to have Gallo killed was strengthened.
Later that year, Gallo, along with his wife, sister, daughter and bodyguard, entered Umberto’s Clam House to celebrate his 43rd birthday. Earlier that day Gallo and his family had seen a performance by the comedian Don Rickles, who would later go on to star in Martin Scorsese’s Casino interestingly, and Rickles was invited by Gallo to dinner, an offer with Rickles turned down, perhaps saving his life, because Gallo was spotted by a Colombo associate who left and came back with four men and the gunmen burst into the diner through the back door, opening fire on Gallo. Gallo was shot several times and drew his own gun, firing back. He overturned a table and staggered to the front door, apparently to draw fire away from his family, who were unhurt after the ordeal. Gallo collapsed in the street and died in hospital.
Though no one was actually charged with the murder and no conclusive evidence being found for these events taking place, this account of Gallo’s murder is considered the closest to the truth we will know. However, Frank Sheeran, the main character in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, said that he was the one who murdered Joe Gallo in the diner, by himself, and for different reasons. Images from the set of The Irishman show this murder scene taking place, so it looks likes the movie is going by this account.
Either way, Joe Gallo with be played by Bobby Cannavale in The Irishman. It is not yet known just how much of a role he will have, but it is not thought to be a major part by any means.
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2017.11.27 08:37 Negan-Cliffhanger The opening credits of S03E07 were brilliant and nobody posted about it.

Mr. Robot: "Why do we have to keep going through a middleman? Why can't he just speak to me himself?"
[Rami Malek's name is shown onscreen (Elliot)]
Krista (therapist): "I'm not sure he wants to but I want to help you figure out why."
[Carly Chaikin's name appears (Darlene)]
Krista: "Elliot told me he may have done something harmful. Do you know what he may have been referencing?"
[Portia Doubleday (Angela)]
Mr. Robot: "Everything that happened today happened because he ignored our responsibilities."
[Michael Cristofer (Phillip Price)]
Krista: "What happened exactly?"
[Martin Wallstrom (Tyrell)]
Mr. Robot: "The point is it's not me he has to worry about."
[Grace Gummers (Dom)]
Mr. Robot: "It's the others. The real string pullers."
Krista: "And who would that be?"
[BD Wong (White Rose)]
Mr. Robot: "You want to know what's really going on? Look around sweetheart. I'm not the only one under their thumb."
[Bobby Cannavale (Irving)]
Mr Robot: "They're manipulating everything. Always. Just to line their own pockets, to have total control. But that's the conspiracy, man."
[Christian Slater (Mr Robot)]
Krista: "So you and Elliot, you want to challenge these manipulators?"
[Omar Metwally (Santiago)]
Mr Robot: "Me and Elliot wanted to take the control away, give it back to the ones getting shit on."
[Azhar Khan (Mobley)]
Mr Robot: "I wasn't the supporter, I was the architect!"
[Sunita Mani (Trenton)]
Krista: "So the attacks were part of the revolution that you created, is that what you're saying?"
[Rizwan Manji (Norm, Dom's partner)]
Mr Robot: "They were only supposed to take out one building once the papers were centralized, that was it."
[Joey Bada$$ (Leon)]
Krista: "You know I have to be honest with you, Mr Robot. This sounds like delusions of grandeur."
[Grant Chang (Grant, White Rose's assistant)]
Mr Robot: "You still don't believe me."
[Karl Kenzler]
Mr Robot: "You're indulging me right now like I'm one of your nutso patients."
[Ben Livingston (Chad, Krista's coworker)]
[Gloria Reuben (Krista)]
Mr Robot: "Do the math."
[Casting by Beth Bowling & Kim Miscia]
FSociety: "People of Earth, there is more up our sleeve."
[Music by Mac Quayle]
FSociety: "71 buildings is a parlor trick."
[Editor: John Petaja]
FSociety: "Our true act of sorcery will astound within the next 24 hours."
[Production Designer: Anastasia White]
.... more talking and credits ....
Dom: "Wellick got passed over for CTO, got fired, two days later disappears, and now hours before the largest terrorist attack ever on US soil, Wellick resurfaces claiming he was kidnapped?"
[Director: Sam Esmail]
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2017.10.12 14:57 owner-of-the-boner Weekly Movie and TV Discussion Thread 10-12-2017

Welcome to the Weekly Movie And TV Discussion Thread! Going to go a little lighter on the commentary this week, switch up the format and see what works best.
Movie Releases:
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)
This Netflix release is directed by Noah Baumbach, the occasional screenwriting partner of Wes Anderson and director of such films as De Palma and Greenberg. Adam Sandler received a standing ovation for his performance at the Cannes Film Festival, which is a sentence that you never thought you would read.
The Foreigner
If you’re not excited about Jackie Chan hunting terrorists to avenge the death of his daughter, I want you to post your address in the comments so I can get on a plane and come to your place and take you out for ice cream, because you need help finding joy in life. P.S. Jackie Chan is worth an estimated 350 MILLION dollars. That’s more than Brad Pitt, Leo Dicaprio, Mark Wahlberg, and Tom Hanks.
A cool story about a cool dude in a not very cool time in American History. Every year around this time, it seems that a movie dealing with the plight of African Americans in our country’s history gets released. They’re usually pretty damn good (12 Years a Slave, Moonlight, Selma). Chadwick Boseman may find himself in Oscar discussions later this year.
Happy Death Day
This one is produced by Blumhouse, who staked their claim in Hollywood by producing insanely low budget horror movies and thrillers, hoping to strike gold in the box office. Other Blumhouse Projects are Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and Sinister. If you’re a fan of those franchises you will have a great time, as long as you know what you’re in for.
Also opening: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, Goodbye Christopher Robin, Breathe, Gnome Alone.
TV Releases:
One of my favorite directors (David Fincher) produces a Netflix series about one of my favorite subjects (serial killers)? Sign me the fuck up. Too bad the girl is out of town and I have to wait to watch this one until she gets back. Watching a show that you have already sneaky watched and having to act surprised and not get caught is the absolute worst way to enjoy a show.
Mr. Robot
I LOVED season one of Mr Robot. Then season two rolled around and I just kind of stopped watching. I don’t really know why, but I am curious if anyone else had this same thing happen to them. Bobby Cannavale joins season 3, I am going to go out on a limb here and say he plays a sleazy Italian guy.
This one is based on a popular podcast that I happen to enjoy, and is an anthology series about old urban legends and unbelievable stories from history. Luckily I have Amazon prime TV, which just so happens to be one thing I will leech off my mother no matter what age I am.
Also premiering: Supernatural Season 13, Arrow Season 6, White Famous.
Well that does it for the Weekly Movie and TV Discussion Thread. If you have anything else you’re excited to see that I missed, or you caught up on something old recently, drop it in the comments below.
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2017.07.12 21:08 autotldr Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, Bobby Cannavale Join Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)
The hitman claimed to tell the real story of the disappearance of former union boss Jimmy Hoffa.
Still, the FBI actually thought enough of Sheeran's confession to pull up several floor board planks from a house where he said he shot and killed Hoffa to look for DNA evidence.
Over the years, many stories about what happened to Hoffa has sprung forth, all to be debunked one by one by one.
There are a couple of men still alive today whose knowledge of the event would carry weight with the FBI and who the bureau considers really do know what happened on July 30 after Hoffa got into Chuckie O'Brien's car outside the Machus Red Fox restaurant and then disappeared, but these guys still aren't talking.
The Hoffa kids, one still in union politics in Detroit and the other a former judge in St. Louis, are still waiting for resolution to bring their father's remains back to bury next to their mother.
Pesci is represented by longtime manager Melissa Prophet and Jai Stefan, his longtime producing partner.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Hoffa#1 Still#2 longtime#3 disappearance#4 boss#5
Post found in /movies and /worldnewshub.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2016.09.08 03:02 LutherStrode95 Why I believe Paul Blart is a classic.

  1. Great performances from the cast including a layered performance from Kevin James as Paul Blart. Bobby Cannavale/Keir O'Connell plays the villain role to perfection and really bring their A-game every scene.
  2. Fantastic character development is given to all the characters and you care for each one as they put in danger.
  3. Laugh-o-meter at the rate of Airplane. The laughs just keep on coming. Whether it be slapstick, dark humour or smart witty banter. Paul Blart has some of the funniest moments of the last decade.
  4. The plot seems simple at first but when further analysed it shows that Paul Blart isn't just an idiot but a lonely, complex individual with a hero complex who is looking for self-worth after years of rejection from peers and previous partner.
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2015.06.05 00:44 mi-16evil Official Discussion - Spy [SPOILERS]

Synopsis: Susan Cooper is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency's most dangerous missions. But when her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global disaster.
Director: Paul Feig
Writer: Paul Feig
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 94%
Metacritic Score: 76/100
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2014.12.02 19:53 holycow33 HBO Orders "Untitled Rock 'N' Roll Project" to series. Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter to produce/write. Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Wilde to star.

Hour-long drama series will shoot in New York.
Logline: Set in 1970s New York, the series will explore the drug- and sex-fueled music business as punk and disco were breaking out, all through the eyes of a record executive trying to resurrect his label and find the next new sound.
Credits: Martin Scorsese – Executive ProducePilot Director Mick Jagger – Executive Producer Terence Winter – ShowrunneWriteExecutive Producer Rick Yorn – Executive Producer Victoria Pearman – Executive Producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff – Executive Producer George Mastras – WriteExecutive Producer
Cast: Bobby Cannavale as Richie Finestra, the founder and president of a top-tier record label (American Century Records) with a great ear for discovering talent, who undergoes a crisis of character when confronted with a life-altering decision.
Olivia Wilde as Devon Finestra, Richie’s wife, a former actress/model who lived a Bohemian life in 1960s New York. Richie’s crisis causes strain on their family and propels her to re-immerse in her former lifestyle.
Ray Romano as Zak Yankovich, one of Richie’s partners, the tough and savvy Head of Promotions of American Century with decades of experience dating back to the dark, mob-infested days of the recording business.
Juno Temple as Jamie Vine, an ambitious assistant in the A&R Department of American Century. She uses her keen abilities to manipulate people and blend into the various subcultures of the New York music underground in order to break through the glass ceiling and get ahead at the record label.
Andrew “Dice” Clay as Frank “Buck” Rogers, the cocaine-fueled owner of a chain of radio stations.
Ato Essandoh as Lester Grimes, a former singer and ex-colleague of Richie Finestra.
Max Casella as Julius “Julie” Silver, nurturing yet with an explosive temper, and the Head of A&R of American Century, who struggles to stay hip and relevant in the young man’s game of the rock ‘n’ roll business.
James Jagger as Kip Stevens, lead singer of Nasty Bits, an early punk-rock band.
Jack Quaid as Clark Morelle, a young A&R executive at American Century who struggles for a foothold in the competitive environment of the A&R team.
Birgitte Sorenson as Ingrid, a Danish actress favored by Andy Warhol and close friend of Richie Finestra’s wife, Devon.
P.J. Byrne as Scott Levitt, Head of Legal for American Century Records.
J.C. MacKenzie as Skip Fontaine, Richie’s partner and Head of Sales for American Century Records.
Bo Dietl as Joe Corso, a thuggish “independent promotion man” who may or may not have ties to organized crime.
Armen Garo as Corrado Galasso, a New York mob boss.
Robert Funaro as Tony Del Greco, chief enforcer for a New York mob boss.
Joe Caniano as Leo, Richie’s longtime chauffeur and confidante.
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2014.01.11 01:12 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Nick Kroll. I am here to answer the questions that are nice to me. Ask me anything.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-01-10
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Are Ruxin's vinegar strokes a good representation of your real life vinegar strokes? Yes everytime i have had a vinegar stroke on the League it has been real.
What's your favorite scene that you've done on The League? Oh i love/hate doing scenes with jason who plays raffi because i can't keep a straight face with him.
Also, love you on Parks & Rec. Douche nation. That's right! DOUCHE NATION indeed.
How did you get so good at speaking spanish? Paul scheer smells great. he is a very clean,very nice, very well liked young man. he is nothing like Andre except for his unbelievable knowledge of bad pop culture.
Also, what does Paul Scheer smell like? I got good at speaking spanish because i was a nazi war criminal who had to move to Argentina to escape the nuremberg trials.
Mark Duplass, Steve Rannazzizi, Paul Scheer. Fuck, Marry, Kill? I would marry all of them. and then fuck them to death.
Are we going to see Jon Hamm this season as El Chupacabra's brother? I hope that one day El chupacabro will be able to do the show. Juan Jamon is one of the great spanish improvisers.
What was your favorite moment of the Franco Roast? Do you enjoy doing those? I enjoyed being a part of the roast because i think it was really good television. it was however kind of stressful to do. my favorite moment was making Seth Rogen laugh when i made fun of how unattractive his writing partner Evan Goldberg be to make Seth the face of the operation and then talking to Evan afterwards who really seemed to enjoy the joke.
What was the most difficult scene of The League to shoot because it was just too funny to get through? There's a scene of me and Jason where i'm trying to tell him that whitney houston died and he didn't know it, and then he asks me what michael Jackson thinks about it and there's a gif of us breaking. someone made it from the dvd extras but i literally couldn't do the scene.
How much tuna is too much? It depends on the tuna. if you are eating deli tuna, any tuna is too much tuna. deli tuna gives me immediate diarrhea. if it's premium line caught high end sushi tuna, then some tuna is enough tuna, but if it's tuna that's been soaked in japanese earthquake radiation, then nuclear tuna is too much tuna.
Who are some of the coolest, or funniest, or most interesting athletes you've met through The League? Anybody surprise you, or let you down? I met rg3 before his rookie season and was really impressed by him, thought he was really smart and funny. jj watt was on the show this season and i thought he was really impressive. ryan fitzpatrick is known for being smart and was. chad ochocinco had 4 different cell phones when he did the show.
1 for phone, 1 for twitter, 1 for email and 1 for terrell owens.
Will we see the return Wheels Ontario this season?? Yes more wheels ontario!! a lot more. there is sex. also we will meet the actors who play the characters in Wheels ontario in episode 2.
PS: You are the greatest!! Thanks for doing this AMA! Thank you, my existence is based on your approval and excitement.
How much Liz and Liz can we expect to see in the new season of Kroll Show? I seriously couldn't get enough in season 1. Your drag reminds me of the genius of the Kids in the Hall guys. I love kids in the hall! bruce mcculloch actually came in and did an extension of wheels ontario this year with a talent show called Show us your songs Toronto. So it was pretty amazing to have a canadian comedy god be in one of our sketches about comedy.
Do you think Mel Gibson has nightmares about you? I think Mel Gibson has nightmares about his own upbringing because i bet it was actually quite sad. and i think he probably has dreams about bottles of vodka chasing him in a hot tub.
Hey Nick, are you and the guys from the league in an actual fantasy football league outside the show? And who has the Shiva right now if you do? We are in a league. and I lost in the finals this year to Mark duplass, who cheated by beating me.
The trophy in our league is called the Aselton cup because Katie Aselton (who plays Jenny on the show) won the first year.
How's the ghost bouncing industry going? You know like the ghost busters, it's possible that bobby and peter bounced all the ghosts. so now they have to become gigolos.
Who is someone you would love to get on Kroll Show that you haven't gotten yet? We got Laura Dern this year to play C-zar's mom. I would really like alan Alda to be in an oh hello sketch.
How do you like your steak cooked? Myself and C-zar like our steaks cooked medium rurr.
Has Raffi ever carried on any of his on-stage antics to cast members off-stage? Because that would make my life. Jason is a real sweetheart, one of my dear dear friends, and i hate to disappoint you to let you know that he is anything but a psychopath. except when it comes to shitting while he comes. THAT is true.
Is there ever a way to clean yourself out of being forever unclean, or is it truly forever? Forever Unclean is a state of mind. but i always think it is helpful to find a chinatown urinal and really soak your skin in there.
What's your home wireless network called? Curiositykilledthecat.
What would you say your most rewarding job was throughout your years struggling to make a living as an actor? I taught at an after school program standup to kids. and it helped me distill what was funny but also realize that i just wanted to act and make comedy and that kids could go fuck themselves.
Okay so you already have said your favorite character is the one you're doing at the time, but when you go back and watch, which do you think it's the funniest? Love you!!! I love you too, whoever you are, wherever you are you are the love of my life. which goes for my characters as well. they are all the love of my life, and i feel like i am having an affair with all of them whenever i am doing another one of them, but that's love!!
Even though it was an act, how scary was it having JJ Watt pretend to be angry at you? And how is it getting to work with the NFL players who come on The League? One of the most fun things on the show is being able to talk shit to absolutely huge men who can't do anything about it except perhaps talk shit back.
My wife (who works in a kitchen) came home with a very minor burn blister on her finger. My reaction? I turned to the imaginary camera and said 'her skin bubbled' a la Bobby B. I crack myself up. Thanks for the ameezing comedy, Kroll. This is an amazingly gratifying story to hear. truly. i hope your wife is fine and that she continues to have minor burns for many years to come.
Hey Nick, what's your favorite memory of your time at Georgetown? Doing improv with amazing people who i'm still friends with was really helpful. Like Mike Birbiglia, John Mulaney, allson becker, ed herro, Brian donovan, Conrad Mulcahy, and every other irish catholic person i met.
Is Gary impressed yet? I don't know i'm going to text him right now to make sure he's on reddit. i will let you guys know when i know more. i will be giving you gary updates throughout this ama.
Was the James Franco Roast nerve racking? Were you afraid that people would be offended by some of your material? Yes and yes. im very glad to have been a part of it though.
What do you think will be the viewing audience's favorite sketch in season 2? I think people will be really psyched to see more Wheels Ontario, which is a parody of all those canadian degrassi shows. But i also think people will also like gigolo house with bobby bottleservice and hopefully all the other sketches too.
Will Gil & George ever bring their NYC walking tour to the TV show? I would love that. they're no longer allowed to walk the streets because of various criminal charges of indecent exposure and stalking and various restraining orders that have been filed against them. so being on the streets and in public is very difficult for them.
I still paraphrase the quote to this day (referring to an Ed Hardy t-shirt) “a dragon f***ing a tiger riding a skateboard.” Am I correct in remembering that was a Bobby Bottleservice quote? It was and someone actually got a tattoo of that!
Would you rather tongue-kiss Jon Daly or have a green card marriage with Scott Aukerman? (both result in a love-child) Last i checked Scott aukerman is from America and so he would not require a green card marriage. And Jon daly's tongue is made of delicious swedish fish so it's a win win either way. plus i have already had sex with both of them.
What is the strangest dream that you've ever had? asking for a friend... I barely ever remember my dreams. but the strangest dream i ever had was where i was Martin Luther King speaking at the lincoln memorial.
Thanks for being here. big fan of your work on Kroll Show and The League. Question about my favorite Kroll Show sketch: how did the drone pilot sketch come about? We were just sort of talking about the drone stuff that was starting to come out in the news and we were interested in that world and then thought it would be funny to do almost a top Gun excitement parody of something that is just a weird office desk job.
As someone who hasn't seen the Kroll Show yet, what's the best reason you can think of for me to start watching it? If you know me from The League, then just picture that Ruxin is one of many characters that i do that are awful and funny at the same time. i improvise a lot of the stuff on the League that i say, and i have a similar process for Kroll show, and i think my friends are hilarious and they're all over it like Jenny Slate, John Mulaney, Chelsea Peretti and many many more.
Did anyone ever respond to that craigslist ad you mentioned in the "I AM COMIC" doc? I don't remember. but people never respond to my Craigslist ads because they are usually asking if anyone wants me to cum on their food.
My husband is in a fantasy football league deigned around the league in the show. Any advice on where they should go for their next draft? To their wives' book club. and then they should all switch and the men should talk about the bridges of Madison county and the women should fight about who gets Peyton Manning.
How close are you and Jeff goldblum? I got to perform Me and My Shadow with Jeff Goldblum as jeff Goldblum. It was awesome. He does a slightly better Jeff goldblum than i do, but mine is close.
Who are/were your biggest comedic influences? Mel Brooks, SNL obviously, i watched Eddie Murphy's delirious a million times as a kid, i watched the movie Wayne's world 2 million times and the jon stewart and the daily show came out when i was in college and i thought it was so funny and smart.
If Bobby Bottleservice had his own cologne what would it smell like? We had an idea that Bobby bottleservice have a cologne/energy drink called Sweat. so you would drink the energy drink and that would start to leave your pores and start to create a cologne effect. i think it would smell like someone blended up bull's balls and pennies. with a just a hint of zokka.
Ok, this might seem weird, is Fabrice Fabrice male or female? and what is the inspiration for that character? I almost pissed myself when I saw the character on John Oliver's New York Standup Show, been a massive fan ever since, would love some back-story, Fabrice Fabrice is a male. the inspiration is kids i used to see in New York on Christopher street and then all the awful things and judgements that i have in my head that i can't say as myself.
What's your favorite scene or episode in The League? Let's see. the finale for season 2 when Ruxin wins the shiva and there is a solar eclipse, we had like many scenes the structure but basically improvised all the jokes and it felt really organic and fun to do and was the best version of when our show is clicking.
How many writers do you have on the show? Jon Daly as a writer and producer, he plays wendy in Rich Dicks and peter paparazzo and many other characters. John Levenstein is our showrunner and executive producer. Johnathan Kraisel is our director and they are all producers and writers. and there are 4 or 5 other writers like Gabe Liedeman and Joe wengert and Seth morris and Chrstine Nangle and Ron Funches and some other writers who have written for the show over the last couple of years.
What is the best position from which to view the Kroll Show? The Lotus position. or the pole position.
If you did drag in real life, not just on Kroll Show, what would your drag name be? It would be French Fry.
Can we expect more interactions between you and Jeff Goldblum in the future? I sure hope so! i hope that Jeff goldblum will interact with me in the future as long as he does not become an insect again. LOL!!!
Nicky Kroll, huge fan. Your intertwining plots to the sketches on your show are so brilliant. I am reading a book about podcasts and i like podcasts about books.
What are your favorite books and or podcasts? Honestly, I do love listening to Radiolab and this American life and i'm reading a swedish book about a 100 year old man right now but really i just sit on the toilet and scroll through twitter most of the day.
What are Consuelo's rates? A lot higher now that she is the made on DADS.
Who was the man of mystery behind Jennifer Business? I've been trying to figure it out for months, it haunts me. It's my friend Seth Morris who was Rennick in ponytales last year and is in hippie fights this year. he is also a character Bob Ducca which you should google and listen to because it's one of the funniest characters anyone has ever done.
I love it when my boyfriend does Baby. Mm-hm! SO FUCKING CUTE AND FUNNY. How did the Baby come into your brain? For those who don't know, the Baby is one of the characters that el Chupacabra does. and i think that the baby is largely the voice of reason as most babies are.
When you're on shows (other than the league) how much input do you have in designing your character? I hear you're good at improv and I've always thought you were great at different characters since the funnyordie skits. Depends on teh show, the amount of time they have and other factors. for the most part, though, people hire me because of how i do comedy adn that usually involves some of my ideas about how a character could be. that said, i always try and be respectful of the ppl making their show or movie since they know a lot more about it and what works than i do.
Do you feel that Adult Swim would be a better fit for your style than Comedy Central? Or, rather, do you have any skits you wish you could do that you don't think would float that well with CC? Comedy Central has literally let us do whatever we have wanted. they have been the absolute ideal folks for us to collaborate with to make the show we want to make.
Did Ken Marino really get arrested on the set for punching you? He did not. that was a bit and we had no idea ppl were going to actually believe it. also, ken was arrested for exposing himself to a group of co-eds at a mini mall.
How are you today? I'm pretty good. i'm doing a screening of Kroll show tonight, a premiere at Lacma with Elvis Mitchell which i am excited and nervous about (i'm excited because a bunch of my friends and fans will be able to see the show for the first time. we've been done with the show for many months and it's great to be able to finally show it to people.) I can't wait to see what happens to all these characters.
I hope the characters are not angry with me about how we edited them.
Hey Nick! I heard rumors of you and a couple buddies wrestling a bluefin tuna up on a mud flat or something like that? Any truth to this? Please tell me this is true that way I can envy you more than I already do? Also, pretty pumped for the return of Mikey and Toons!!! Thanks! We did wrestle the tuna but the tuna won because unfortunately there was just too much tuna.
Any plans on going back on How Did This Get Made podcast? I started listening because of you on the first episode. I still listen because it is amazing, but I keep hoping you will come back. Also, love the tunatini bit with John Mulaney on Thank You Very Cool. You're my favorite. Thank you! i love that podcast. 3 of the funniest smartest ppl i know - scheer mantzoukas and june. always fun to do.
When do you plan on doing a stand up tour again? And can you come to Baltimore when you do? Please do more Publizity (it's based off our names) Okay! i will hopefully keep touring when i can, right now i am about to go make a movie in New York with Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale directed by Ross katz. once i'm done with that i will come back to LA to begin writing the next season of Kroll show and then back to the League.
Can inuit andy please be the one who knocked up tunes??? please? Inuit andy definitely comes back this season. it will be made clear in episode 2 who got tunes pregnant.
Do you want to get into the movie scene or is TV and stand up very much good for you? Everyone wants to be in movies. they just dont make many of them. im about to make a movie ive been working on for a long time. mark duplass is producing it. im very excited to get it going!
What kind if vacuum do you have? I have a Regina steamer carpet cleaner. which is not true but the only one i can remember.
Any chance of a caveman sketch on Kroll Show? There's no chance of me ever putting that much makeup on my face ever again.
Are you still here? Barely.
Any new guest appearances in the next season of Kroll Show? So many its bananas. theres a montage on line where you can see some of them.
Did you win your real fantasy football league this year? No. i lost to mark duplass in the finals who cheated by beating me.
Nick, I am a huge fan of your work, especially Kroll Show. What is the most challenging part of portraying so many different characters? Kroll Show is unlike any other program on tv. Was it easy to sell the idea? I had made various examples of things like: bobby b, rich dicks, chupa, fabrice so Comedy Central kind of knew what i was goimg to do. that made it a lot easier than pitching a whole new group of characters and worlds.
How long did it take you to get what you consider to be your big break? And what was your big break (pre-kroll show) I love your stand up, characters, and of course the show!! stay awesome! -future comic. Been a long steady process. cant point to one job or event. just persistenly keeping at it.
Hey what's up were you excited when asked to go on jimmy kimmel live? I was indeed. jimmy has been very good to comedians over the years. and to be that close to guillermo was thrilling.
What was the OH, HELLO YOGA w/ George St. Geegland & Gil Faizon Short (Link to made for and where did you get the inspirations for George and Gil? Crossover Comedy Bang Bang Tv Show and Kroll Show - Can it happen? It was made for no money and Julie Klausner plays Mona Mimosa. it was made for 0 dollars in a friend's friend's apartment.
How do you relax? Doing AMA reddits. i like flipping through the channels from sportscenter to the cW to QVC to an HBO movie to workaholics to a south Korean soap opera.
Hi Nick Kroll. I like Dr. Armand? You do.
I watch the clip of your Fabrice Fabrice poem from the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show at least once a week. No question. Just want to say I'm a huge fan. Thank you. fabrice says 'get bent.' he doesnt take compliments well.
It was and someone actually got a tattoo of that! Proof; Link to
Okay, So you've won an all expense trip to go to the moon and do research, and you have to pick your co-captain; Daniel Day Lewis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, or Billiam H. Macy. Shoot. Is this P.T. Anderson asking this question? if so I love your films!! i don't believe in the moon!
I have a Regina steamer carpet cleaner. which is not true but the only one i can remember. Wait whatever vacuum cleaner the vacuum cleaner repairman recommends!
DOUUUCHE, you're funny as fuck on parks and rec. Thank you. Douche nation.
Not really a question but I think about you all the time. I think I love you. Oh, okay. very cool. VERY - aka Bobby Bottleservice.
The show premieres on my 23rd birthday! I love you man. You're seriously hilarious. If you replied to this just saying Happy Birthday, I would be happy. Thanks! Happy birthday yamohasclap!
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