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This subreddit is dedicated to genuine Nudism and Naturism. We enforce all rules set by major world wide organizations (INF, AANR, FCN, etc.) to keep this a clean, safe space to discuss with others about Nudism/Naturism. Any sexual posts will result in a ban.

2020.11.26 09:57 GloriousEmpress Glorious FAQ

Please note that this FAQ will be continuously updated - if you see anything major missing, let us know in the megathread!


The delivery estimate doesn’t include the time it takes to process your order and ship it out.
The delivery estimate is from the day your order is shipped. This estimate DOES NOT include the time it takes for your package to get processed and shipped (this can take up to 1-3 business days).
Also, please note that the delivery estimate only counts business days. Business Days include only Monday - Friday, excluding U.S. Federal Holidays.
We have plans for more expansion of our logistics operations to further reduce order processing times, increase customer awareness, and improve overall customer experience, especially during periods of high volume.
It’s been more than 5 business days, but my order hasn’t shipped yet (is still unfulfilled).
Please get in touch with our support (support AT pcgamingrace.com). There’s a chance your order is backordered or something else is stopping it from being shipped out and we would be more than happy to check this for you and fix it ASAP.
My order says “fulfilled”, but I don’t have a tracking link.
Please get in touch with our support so we can check for the tracking link ASAP.
My friend received the package earlier than me, even though we both ordered on the same day!
Please be patient. Even though you ordered on the same day, you might be getting your package a bit later (depending on the time it was shipped and the way it’s handled by the carrier). Give it some more time and you should be enjoying your brand new Glorious gear soon!


According to the tracking link, my order is arriving late.
If your package is showing late or delayed, then your package is being handled by the carrier. Once the package is handed off to our carrier, we do not have any control of it.
We suggest you contact the carrier directly to get an update on the package.
According to the tracking link, my order is delivered, but I don’t see it anywhere.
If this happens, please contact your local postal/delivery center directly. Usually, the package is still with them and will arrive in a day or so.
We also recommend checking with neighbors in case the package was delivered to the wrong address.
Ultimately, you need to contact the carrier to start a trace to track the package if you believe it has been lost.


According to the tracking link, my order has been in Compton for days / weeks.
Why is my tracking link stuck at the same place for so long?
Compton is actually DHL's last exit port before your package leaves the USA. Even once your package has left port and is on the way, DHL will generally not update the tracking info until your package actually arrives in the destination country. We know this can be frustrating, but unfortunately the shipper's tracking system is out of our hands.
Just like the “Compton” issue, there can be long delays or gaps in tracking updates while your order is still on its way. We frequently see tracking for international orders as "stuck" at the same place for a long period of time, even though it is actually in motion. This is common, and does not indicate any problem. In some cases, packages are delivered before the tracking info is updated at all.
We understand this can be frustrating, but unfortunately we do not have any control over our carrier's tracking systems. However, rest assured, lost packages are rare, and your order is likely on its way without any issues. If you still don’t have your order after an excessive amount of time (more than 25 business days from the day it was shipped), please email our support so we can assist you ASAP.
My order reached the destination country, but I haven’t received it yet!
Once your order reaches its "destination country", DHL will likely pass your order off to a local shipping/postal carrier. You may not always be given a local tracking ID for the package. Please don't panic! Your order should still be fine and on its way - depending on the efficiency of your local carrier, it can take 1-3 additional weeks to arrive.
Some (not all) orders may be given a local tracking ID, which can be found on the DHL tracking page. This means you can go to the website of your country's national post service and enter the local tracking ID there for additional status updates.


However, if you think it has been an excessive amount of time, the first suggested step is to contact your local postal office to inquire if they have attempted delivery, if there was an error, or if they're holding your package there.
Ultimately, no matter the circumstances, if you haven’t received your international order 25 business days from the date of shipment, please get in touch with us so we can assist you ASAP.
I already paid for shipping. Why does my post service ask me to pay extra money to receive the package (i.e. cash on delivery)?
Due to the inherently complicated nature of international laws and taxes, which can vary greatly by individual country & local carrier, we cannot predict which orders will incur additional import fees. You are responsible for paying any local customs and duties on your order. We do not include them in your initial order, and we cannot tell you if you will have to pay these fees ahead of time.


I sent an email to support, but haven’t received a response yet.
Whenever you send us a message, you “start” a new ticket that appears in our CS platform. Depending on the issue you're having, we might get back to you within a few hours, however it may also take us up to 1-4 business days to respond. Please remain patient. If you're using GMAIL, our response may end up in your Spam, Promotions, Updates, or Social folder, so make sure you check all folders.
I was offered a resolution to my problem by one of your CS agents, however I am not happy with it.
Please note that we evaluate every issue on a case by case basis and respond with what we believe are the best options for each and every single customer.
What happened to your live chat?
We actually enabled it, so you can also get in touch with our agents via live chat. :) If Live Chat is disabled, please submit a support ticket and we will repond to it as quickly as possible
Do not send seperate emails, start chats after sending emails, or vice versa
This opens new tickets for every individual action, and does not speed up the process. Instead our agents will need to collect your information from every ticket/chat, merge it, and then send a response, resulting in a slower response.
Always reply directly to the message/email you receive from us.
If you still have questions regarding our shipping or CS service, check out our freshdesk. If that still doesn't answer your question, please submit a support ticket or refer to live chat support if available (Open from 9 AM to 9 PM Central Time on weekdays, click on the "Need Help?" prompt on the bottom right of the website). You can find our Customer Support Megathread here
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2020.11.26 09:09 moal09 Bart's career path in the early seasons

Bart was something of a detective (along with Lisa) in many episodes during the first 5 seasons or so. He showed a keen aptitude for recognizing clues and putting the pieces together to solve various mysteries, including Krusty's framing, Selma's attempted murder, Krusty faking his death, and more. He's also proven himself a natural leader who would often rise up to take command in a variety of situations (like during the Camp Krusty episode).
There was also this episode, in which his career aptitude test pointed him towards law enforcement, as well as the episode where Bart grows up to a judge.
Unlike in later seasons where he's portrayed purely as a moron, the writers pre-season 8 often hinted that Bart has a huge amount of untapped intellect and simply doesn't thrive in an academic environment.
This can also been seen during the boy scouts episode where Bart seems to have an easy time memorizing and digesting the reading material when it has a practical application and he's genuinely interested. Also during the "Bart gets an F" episode where he fails to memorize the dates/facts the test requires of him, but does show that he internalizes different aspects of the reading on a much deeper level than just simple memorization. His understanding of the material was qualitative rather than quantitative.
Oh, now I know how George Washington felt when he surrendered Fort Necessity to the French in 1754.
I feel like the evidence is pretty strong that a significant portion of the writing team genuinely believed he would have a career dealing with the law in some form or another -- and that he would either end up as a detective or a judge/lawyer of some sort once he found his way to something that he was actually interested in.
Probably in part because it would be ironic due to his childhood as a rebel, but also because I think they genuinely envisioned him as a bright kid with a lot of potential.
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2020.11.26 08:53 GlobalEventsWorld Impact Evaluation of Public Policies, Programs and Projects Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

Dates: 14 -19 December 2020 Hosted by: Risalat Consultants International LLC
Details: https://globalevents.biz/.../impact-evaluation-public.../
#Impactevaluation #publicpolicies #programs #projects #globalevents #internationalevents #training #workshop #risalatconsultants #eventsinbangkok
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2020.11.26 08:48 SuperHotUKDeals Tour of Kia Oval Cricket Ground for One Adult and One Child £7.50 using code (Valid for 20 months) @ Red Letter Days

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of it's contributors.
£7.50 - Red Letter Days
Important: Whenever you buy a gift voucher for use in the future, there is always a risk of businesses not being around for you to redeem it. We will try to include T&Cs related to this where we can. NB This is no reflection on the retailers included in this post
What are my rights with gift vouchers and cards?
Vouchers valid for 20 months ie till 2022.
We know that times are uncertain, so we're offering free voucher extensions for the foreseeable future.
Extend here
If you'd prefer to change your voucher for something different, we also offer free exchanges.
Exchange here
*Please note, some experiences and all products from our Gifts & Hampers collection are non-exchangeable and cannot be extended.
The Kia Oval is an iconic cricket ground that has housed Surrey County Cricket Club since 1845. This venue is well established in the world of cricket and has fascinating historic links to other sports. The venue housed the first final of the FA Cup and has been home to England’s test matches since 1880. Take a 90 minute tour and delve into the past and present day functioning of this renowned sports venue. After a tea or coffee, an adult and child will be guided behind the scenes for an inside view of the grounds. Take a look at the changing rooms, commentary box and the Committee Room. Walk the same footsteps as legendary cricket players and delight in a sports enthusiast’s idea of heaven.
In a Nutshell
  • Explore behind the scenes of the iconic Oval Cricket Ground
  • Start the tour off with a tea and coffee in the Committee Room
  • Explore the best seats in the house, the pitch, changing rooms and more
  • Discover the fascinating history at Members Pavilion and Club Museum
  • Availability Description
Available on Fridays and Saturdays at 11am October-February and Thursdays and Sundays at 11am March-September, excluding the dates of International fixtures, T20 matches and other events. - Participant Guidelines
Adult tickets are valid for age 16 and over. Separate tickets are available for children aged 5-15. Under 18s must be accompanied by a paying adult. - Weather
The tour route may be subject to change due to poor weather conditions. - Duration
Expect to be on site for around an hour and a half. Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/367MgwE
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2020.11.26 04:47 randominternetbob USPS 2020 Holiday Shipping Dates for International Mail

USPS 2020 Holiday Shipping Dates for International Mail. https://www.usps.com/holiday/holiday-shipping-dates.htm
Military APO and FPO recommended send by dates at the bottom of the page.
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2020.11.26 03:53 EliruleZ [blue] Omega Speedmaster Mk40 3520.53 100 spots @ $27 ea w no spot limit

Item Name: Omega Speedmaster Mk40 3520.53
Price: 2700
# of Spots: 100
Price Justification: reraffle 10/9 $2800 https://www.reddit.com/WatchURaffle/comments/j8u3m8/blue_omega_speedmaster_352053_mk40_100_spots_28/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Price Justification: 7/20 $2895 https://www.reddit.com/Watchexchange/comments/hl62jj/wts_omega_speedmaster_mk40_schumacher_triple_date/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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Call spots? Y sure
Spot limit per person? 0
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? N
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/dlYIxzp https://imgur.com/a/oZQRKi5
Escrow: for cucali2247
Description: Omega Speedmaster triple date MK40 3520.53. 39mm case size, fits very well on the wrist. Crystal is in excellent condition, no scratches or chips. Bracelet in great condition, fits up to approximately 7.5 inch wrist. Has some hairline scratches on clasp and bracelet. Runs great and keeping time. Chronograph function works as it should, along with all the other functions. Comes with wooden display box and free leather strap.

The Raffle Tool has randomly selected this raffle for a price audit to be conducted by the mods.
PayPal Info: https://www.paypal.me/paulmf

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
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95 Dmb3341 PAID

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2020.11.26 02:28 ViewComprehensive334 DD for December

Small DD!
About Village Farms International, Inc.

Amongst the best value marijuana stock on the Nasdaq with some really good recent annoncement n a promising future.(https://www.investopedia.com/investing/top-marijuana-stocks-nasdaq/)
Newly the sole owner of Pure sunfarm, a cannabis compagny selling in Ontario n some other provinces.
Village Farms International, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, produces, markets, and distributes greenhouse-grown tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers in North America. It operates through three segments: Produce Business, Energy Business, and Cannabis and Hemp Business. The company also owns and operates a 7.0 megawatt power plant that generates and sells electricity to British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority; and produces and supplies cannabis products. It markets and distributes its products under the Village Farms brand name to retail supermarkets and fresh food distribution companies, as well as products produced under exclusive arrangements with other greenhouse producers. The company was formerly known as Village Farms Canada Inc. and changed its name to Village Farms International, Inc. in December 2009. Village Farms International, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Delta, Canada
Village Farms is one of the largest and longest-operating greenhouse growers in North America, and is leveraging its decades of experience in large-scale, low-cost intensive agriculture and as a vertically integrated produce supplier to pursue high-value, high-growth plant-based Consumer Packaged Goods opportunities in cannabis and CBD in North America and selected markets internationally.

In Canada, British-Columbia-based Pure Sunfarms is one of the single largest cannabis operations in the world, the lowest-cost greenhouse producer, one of the best-selling brands, and has generated profitability for seven consecutive quarters.

In the U.S., subject to compliance with all applicable U.S. federal and state laws, Village Farms is pursuing a strategy to become a leading developer and supplier of branded and white-labeled CBD products targeting “big box” and other major retailers and consumer packaged goods companies, and with one the largest greenhouse operations in country, is well positioned for the potential federal legalization of high-THC cannabis.

Internationally, Village Farms is strategically targeting selected, nascent, legal cannabis and CBD opportunities with significant long-term potential, with an initial focus on the Asia-Pacific region through its investment in Australia-based Altum International.
Village Farms International, Inc. (“Village Farms” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: VFF) (TSX: VFF) today announced two positive developments with respect to its wholly owned Canadian cannabis subsidiary, Pure Sunfarms.

Pure Sunfarms Receives Cannabis Research License for On-Site Sensory Evaluation from Health Canada

Pure Sunfarms has received from Health Canada its Cannabis Research License to conduct human administration trials for sensory evaluation of cannabis, enabling it to engage in on-site assessments of the taste, sight, smell or touch of its products at its Delta 3 cannabis facility in Delta, British Columbia.

“This license provides us with significant new opportunities in the formulation and refinement of our products, and underscores our commitment to innovation and the advancement of the Canadian cannabis consumer experience,” said Mandesh Dosanjh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pure Sunfarms. “We look forward to leveraging this new capability to continue to extend Pure Sunfarms’ product leadership and further strengthen what is already one of Canada’s best-selling cannabis brands.”

Pure Sunfarms Brand Debuts Internationally in Hong Kong

Pure Sunfarms will be featured as part of a limited-edition Lane Crawford x Found CBD-infused gift set to be sold in the luxury department store’s holiday pop-up shops in Hong Kong this holiday season. The luxury gift sets will feature Pure Sunfarms branded CBD gummies created specifically for the Hong Kong consumer, among other CBD-inspired items such as chocolates, bath salts, and tea bags. The co-branded Lane Crawford and Found holiday pop-up shops aim to educate consumers and elevate their awareness of CBD.

The inclusion of Pure Sunfarms-branded CBD products was facilitated through a partnership between Altum International Limited’s (“Altum”) Found, Asia-Pacific’s first CBD retail platform and cafe, and Lane Crawford, an iconic luxury department store in Greater China. In August 2020, Village Farms acquired 6.6% of Australia-based Altum, one of the Asia-Pacific’s leading cannabinoid platforms.

“We’re so pleased for the Pure Sunfarms’ brand to make its debut internationally, alongside such prestigious and progressive partners as Altum and Lane Crawford,” said Mr. Dosanjh. “This is just the beginning of what’s to come for Pure Sunfarms as we look to share our love of plants and B.C.-grown cannabis products with the global cannabis market.”

“We are particularly excited to be able to present in Asia-Pacific for the first time, Pure Sunfarms, Canada’s market-leading cannabis brand,” Fiachra Mullen, Chief Marketing Officer for Altum International. “We believe that the leading cannabis brands in the Canadian market will hold a special place in the Hong Kong consumer’s heart. We are incredibly proud to have their trust in helping them access the Asia-Pacific markets for the first time through the most progressive cannabinoid jurisdiction in the region - Hong Kong.”

About Altum International

Altum International is a cannabinoid company born from its founders’ desire to bring the life-changing benefits of cannabis back to the Asia-Pacific. Through its Hong Kong headquarters, Altum is disrupting the status quo of decades past by importing, distributing and marketing a curated range of high-quality cannabinoid products across the region in a compliant and cost-effective manner.

In early 2020, Altum launched a line of consumer-friendly CBD products (Felix & Co), as well as plug-and-play CBD inputs for business operators (LIFE CBD) in the Hong Kong market. Following this, Altum launched Found, Asia-Pacific’s first CBD retail platform and cafe - designed to educate consumers and elevate category awareness. The August 2020 completion of a strategic investment from Village Farms has further fueled Altum’s growth aspirations for 2021 and beyond.

As per the supply agreement, Pure Sunfarms, a wholly owned Canadian cannabis subsidiary of Village Farms International (NASDAQ:VFF) to supply a range of its branded, high quality, B.C.-grown cannabis products to the customers of Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Inc., a subsidiary of Shoppers Drug Mart (over 1300 locations!
Pure Sunfarms expects selected dried flower products to be available for sale on the Medical Cannabis by Shoppers ecommerce portal nationally as early as next month and selected pre-roll, bottled oil and vape products to be available in early 2021.
Pure Sunfarms' 28-gram (1-ounce) package offering will be the first large-format cannabis offering listed by Medical Cannabis by Shoppers.
(Source is the website that Reddit doesn't seems to like(copy the link n remove the space) : see kingalpha.com/news/3639363-village-farms-subsidiary-inks-supply-agreement-medical-cannabis-shoppers)
The analyst said on a revenue basis, VFF’s recent run-up has corrected the stock’s discount “somewhat” but not enough to entirely eliminate the asymmetry, where he sees VFF to be currently trading at 5.9x 2021 and 3.4x 2022 EV/Revenue, which would represent 20 and 34 per cent discount to its peer group.

With the new update, Sarugaser has reiterated his “Strong Buy 1” rating with a target price of US$20.00, which at press time represented a projected 12-month return of 113 per cent.

“Should the stock show any weakness from profit-taking [on Tuesday] (although pre-market trading implies a strong open), we would continue to see this as a very good entry point into what is, in our view, Canada’s premier cannabis operator (and U.S. dark horse),” Sarugaser wrote.

Vancouver-based Village Farms has more than nine million sq ft of greenhouse in North America and is comprised of three businesses: production and distribution of produce in the US, Canada and through partner growers in Mexico, production and distribution of cannabis products in Canada via Pure Sunfarms and production and distribution of hemp and hemp-derived CBD in the US.

Pure Sunfarms began as a joint venture with Emerald Health at a 50/50 split. Village Farms has progressively bought out Emerald Health since then, completing the move with an announcement on November 2 that it had acquired the remaining shares.

“The acquisition of the entirety of Pure Sunfarms is a defining moment for Village Farms, furthering our transformation to a vertically integrated, plant-based consumer packaged goods company,” said Village Farms CEO Michael DeGiglio in a press release. “It allows us to fully leverage the invaluable cannabis expertise Village Farms has gained in combination with the organizational strength underlying the Village Farms produce business to pursue high-growth opportunities in emerging legal cannabis and CBD markets in the United States and targeted markets internationally.”

On Monday, Village Farms announced a Health Canada research license for PSF to conduct on-site human administration trials for sensory evaluation of cannabis, which gives the company “significant new opportunities in the formulation and refinement of our products and underscores our commitment to innovation and the advancement of the Canadian cannabis consumer experience,” said Mandesh Dosanjh, President and CEO of Pure Sunfarms in a press release.

In the same release, VFF announced that PSF-branded CBD products will make their international debut in Hong Kong over the holiday season through a partnership with Altum International, an Asia-Pacific CBD retail platform and café and Chinese luxury department store Lane Crawford.

Earning call transcript
"And I will note that only a small percentage, less than 5%, of Q3 revenue was generated by the launch of our 2.0 products, which was very late in the quarter. That drove a sequential quarterly increase in net income of 200% to $3.2 million. The third takeaway from the quarter is that the value of managing our business with prudence and discipline. From day one we have built and guarded Pure Sunfarms' profitability and return on invested capital. [...] We are encouraged by this activity, as it could mean better supply demand dynamics going forward. We believe this cost quality advantage, combined with our long-term capacity, will be a significant competitive advantage for the foreseeable future. And we will continue to believe that we could supply as much as 30% to 35% of the total Canadian cannabis flower market would B.C.-grown product, in addition to being a leading brand in excess of 20% of the retail channel. I do want to remind everyone that with the acquisition of the entirety of Pure Sunfarms, our Village Farms is now free to use our 2.6 million-square-foot Delta 1 facility for cannabis, production anytime we deem that it makes sense to proceed.[...]y. Internationally, we have invested in strategic partnerships like in Asia Pacific, company Altum, which is making steady progress on the execution of its strategy, initially focused on the Hong Kong market. So, turning now to our produce business for a moment. As I noted in the onset, Village Farms has had another good quarter.

The continuing strong price performance with tomatoes drove higher sales, and our continued progress in transition and growing capacity displayed through cannabis to our partner growers, as well as our continued focus on cost management contributed to a $4.2 million EBITDA turnaround into a positive $2.2 million. While these numbers are important in and of themselves, as you have heard me say many times, what is also critical, important is the breadth and depth of the strength of the organization to the lives of produce business. It is the engine that is powering our outsize growth opportunities in cannabis and related opportunities, both domestically and internationally. I'd like to turn the call over to Steve, who'll talk through our financial results. [...]Our produce business. Produce sales of $43 million for the quarter increased over 12% versus Q3, 2019 on the back of our average selling price of tomatoes increasing 30% year on year on lower tomato volumes, as we had no production from our Delta 2 facility in 2020, as is now being converted to cannabis production, as Mike mentioned.

The increase in produce selling prices essentially rolls directly into our gross margin, as there is no impact on our cost of sales. As such, we saw a year-on-year improvement in our Q3 gross margin of $6.2 million to $5.6 million from a loss in the prior third quarter of 2019, of $600,000. Our produce business had a 13% gross margin for the quarter. The incremental increase in our gross margin was driven by the higher selling price and lower tomato volumes, again due to the diversion of the Delta 2 facility.

Produce EBITDA increased by $4.2 million year on year to $2.2 million on the back of the improvement in our produce gross margin, which was offset by a lower year-on-year add-back depreciation since the Delta 2 facility was not in production, and a higher year-on-year SG&A in Q3, 2020 versus Q3, 2019 of $1.2 million, which is primarily related to substantive expenses involved with the acquisition of the financing of the remaining Pure Sunfarms shares. I should note that these incremental SG&A expenses are not truly related to the produce business, but are more corporate in nature. Supply shortages due to the increase in grocery store traffic certainly helped to produce pricing in the late spring and throughout the summer of 2020. I'd like to extend our sincere thanks to all the Village Farms employees who have continued to work all out on growing, distributing, and supporting our Village Farms produce brands, by getting our fresh produce on the shelves, our strategic retail partners in both the U.S.

and Canada. [...] The late-quarter launch of Pure Sunfarms 2.0 products contributed 4.5% of sales this quarter, and wholesale sales made up the balance of 47% of our sales. With the retail channel totaling 53% of sales Pure Sunfarms quarter-on-quarter growth and retail sales of 30% was driven by 166% increase in its small format SKUs, and a 30% increase in pre-rolls, which were offset by a 43% decrease in Pure Sunfarms retail large-format sales. The large-format sales in this quarter were as expected ongoing replenishment sales as compared to the second quarter, which were driven by higher launch-related sales. Our quarter-on-quarter average selling price did result in a 13.3% increase, which was driven by the increase in the ratio of our small format sales versus our large format sales, which enhances our margins, as well as an increase in the blended net wholesale pricing for the third quarter versus the second quarter, the wholesale pricing were driven by spot market dynamics.

We mentioned sequential sales growth looking ahead to Q4. While we continue to experiencing continuing month-and-month, year-on-year growth in our retail and wholesale businesses, I want to remind investors that Q4, 2019 was marked by the pullback of retail buying by prevention buyers who are managing the conversion to Cannabis 2.0 and their year-over-year inventory. To date, we have not seen any indication of this reoccurring, while Pure Sunfarms and our competitors still operate in a relatively new distribution system. And there remain many external economic factors, not to mention the pandemic that could slow our strong momentum.[...]Gross margin for the quarter was 34.6% versus 33.4% in Q2, versus 68.6% in Q3 of 2019, which had a totally different demand dynamic. This quarter's cost of sales includes an inventory writedown of CAD1.4 million, $1 million for the distillate inventory purchased earlier for which the market value has dropped since our purchase. Without the write down, Pure Sunfarms adjusted gross margin was 40.7%, which is a true reflection of the actual gross margins achieved against this quarter. The remaining distillate inventory has been assessed versus the market value, and there's no need for any further distillates write down.

The distillate will be used in Cannabis 2.0 products in Q4 and early 2021. We received finally of the Pure Sunfarms extraction license from Health Canada in September, and will enhance our gross margin in Cannabis 2.0 products. The vapes in the market today were manufactured by third party extractor, as such the margin on these SKUs was lower than on our flower products in the third quarter. We expect our Cannabis 2.0 products to have a higher volume as we manufacture our own vape pens and other Cannabis 2.0 products in the coming quarters.

It was important for Pure Sunfarms to launch these vapes and oil in advance to obtain extraction license due to the ongoing success of its flower plant.[...]SG&A expenses for the quarter for Pure Sunfarms decreased approximately 13% year over year,[...]As you can see from our Q3 gross margin percentage of 40.7% without the distillate inventory writedown, as compared to our Q2 gross margin of 33.4%, we continue our strong financial performance, consistent with the virtuous circle that Mike spoke of earlier. It is simply not in our commercial interests to be telling our customers our cost of production on margins. We have demonstrated a low-cost production and brand quality.[...]The Village Farms and Pure Sunfarms balance sheets continue to be on solid ground to support our ongoing businesses in the term gross objectives. Both entities have borrowing capacity on their existing bank loans. As we decided on September 30, 2020, for the first time my tenure at Village Farms, we had a net cash position of $22 million.

Of course, we just paid CAD60 million or $40 million to complete the acquisition of Pure Sunfarms on November 2, as well as issued a CAD19.9 million note or balance of $15 million due on May 2, 2021 to complete the acquisition. So, we're back into our normal net debt position as of today, but we are on firm financial ground with our ongoing positive cash flow from operations in both produce and cannabis. Speaking of, as I mentioned earlier, our pro forma, as we mentioned our closing press release earlier this month, Pure Sunfarms have been fully consolidated in Village Farms results beginning on November 2.[...]This momentum combined with an unmatched North American assets totaling over 10.5 million square feet, more than half of which is in the United States, and which no other cannabis company in the United States or Canada has, is why we continue to be so confident in our prospects for low and high THC cannabis markets in the U.S. and internationally. We have the considerable benefit of being able to pursue these opportunities funded by our produce business, which again is performing quite well.f you remember last year,[...]-we didn't have our sales license, so basically almost into the fourth quarter of last year. So, it's been one year. So, we can't really look at how we performed last year.

[S]aid in his comments, it was a different market last year, and we were selling solely 100% wholesale from the first, second, third quarter. So, for us, getting some historical data going forward is what we need. The second quarter of this year and to an extent the third was really impacted by COVID, especially the second quarter [...]Well, there is progress. I mean, we're still, you know, eyeballing Quebec. The team's doing a lot there. It's not an easy penetration, but we feel confident that slowly we'll make an entree into that, and that's clearly at the top of the pinnacle right now is Quebec.

But, you know, I think what's more interesting for us is finally the traction that Ontario and British Columbia showing in opening stores. I mean, Ontario's talking about, you know, in the realm of 40-50, 30 to 50, 30 to 60, stores promoting on the month, looking at 500 stores by April, doubling that to a thousand by next September, that is very, very exciting for us. We've had conversations on greater capacity. And I think British Columbia is moving in that -- not as aggressively.
maybe if you can just sort of elaborate more generally, given the -- you know, the recent changes in the U.S. at the federal level. How you see things playing out? And how those farms would be able to compete generally, relative to the MSOs which, you know, are quite in favor at the moment?

We believe that interstate commerce will happen.

And I think that's one area that that's where we shine the best. You just can't have five, seven, eight production facilities in a given state, indoor five, six, seven growers or one grower going around if you're going to really try to have incredible strains and consistency. So, one example with MSOs is, as successful as they are, and they will be more successful, especially the national ones, big-market cap see pockets no doubt, but they're going to have to find how they can be cost effective. Because in the end, like we've proven in Canada, things will get competitive.

And even if, in the end, there is a migration with technology, less in flower to other deliverables, I think we could play our part. From a Texas perspective, if Texas -- yeah, there's a lot of bills out there. We don't know, unfortunately, Texas meets every two years. So, we have this one window between January and May, whether it's a medicinal play there, I think first rather than RAC or nothing happens, and it's two years out.

Once we launch in Texas, we will be sort of first in when assets ready to go. We already have our conversion plans. We're ready to go in Texas. And that's the size same population nearly as Canada and the way Texas is going to probably be very close the next few years.

So that in itself is like the Republic of Texas or a country, but that doesn't mean we won't work nationally. And we're prepared to look at, if we have to do acquisitions or strategic partnerships and other locations where we can bring our strengths to the table. I think there's a lot of opportunity there. We're pretty well-known.

As you know, Village Farms is, in principle, a U.S. company. That's where we are. So, it's like coming home, and we're excited about on the array of possibilities for us." (https://www.fool.com/earnings/call-transcripts/2020/11/14/village-farms-international-inc-vff-q3-2020-earnin/)
Institutional Ownership18.53%
Income statement + blance sheet https://www.barrons.com/quote/stock/us/xnas/vff/financials
Price target Low 10.00, median 13.15, High 26.59 (from Barron n MarketWatch)

Disclaimer I've entered in it with an average buying price of 6.19US n I will be buying more.
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2020.11.26 01:23 nmt111 I'm amazed by how the relationship between JYP and Stray Kids grow over the years. From Stray Kids getting approval to JYP "getting approval"

This is an appreciation post. Recently I watched an interview with JYP and Stray Kids on their All-In collaboration and it strikes me how much their relationship has changed over the years and it's really interesting.
Years back, during the JYP internship program, I still remember JYP asked the staff and interns what would they recommend JYPE do with SKZ's music. (For those who didn't watch the program, basically the staffs said let's not touch it)
Then Miroh era, 3Racha was nervous about letting JYP hear their new songs and yes still now, they still need to get approval from JYP to let release the songs.
Then God's Menu era arrives, they made God's Menu and Back Door around 1 month before the comeback date, at that time a title track is already set, but they like GM alot that they decided to ask for title track change anyway. It's crazy if you think abt it in terms of planning and what is already in place. But JYP likes it so so much that he supported them all the way. He even wrote on his Instagram that upon hearing it, he has to release both of them. Yes, even JYP cant wait :).
Then he said in the interview, he was inspired by God's Menu and Back Door and wanted to add on a new color to it, so he ended up quietly wrote a song for Stray Kids (ALL IN). But he was afraid that SKZ would not like it, he changed it over and over and eventually, let them hear it. He was even trying to read their expression and when skz said they liked it, JYP said it was a big relief. He then timidly asked "should I send it?" and immediately sent it to them in 10 minutes, in case SKZ change their mind. (3Racha eventually finished the song off)
I just found it so cute how their trust is building up over the years and how JYP goes from a bit of doubt(?) to even get nervous to get Stray Kids' approval XD.
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2020.11.26 00:44 pijinglish The Finders: Additional Info

An earlier post today by u/marienbad titled The Finders of Lost Children discussed the long held conspiracy theories and mysteries surrounding a group of people known as The Finders. That post gives a much more detailed overview of the common points that are typically brought up whenever someone mentions The Finders.
TL;DR (but you really should R): In 1987, a van with a bunch of dirty kids being driven by two men in business suits was spotted in a park in Tallahassee, FL. The men were arrested and the children were taken into custody. When it turned out the men belonged to a strange group of people from Washington, DC who were called The Finders, it set off an investigation and media storm that claimed everything from devil worship to child sex trafficking.
I'm going to do my best to give some additional information, but it will likely be unsatisfactory to some as I'm not trying to doxx these people who were children when this happened to them. So take it as you will.
Some quick background info on The Finders that is often left out or overlooked when it's much easier to make broad claims about satanic child abuse: The group had been around since the late 1960's to early 1970's, though it's leader, Marion Pettie ("The Gamecaller"), had been holding salons of one sort or another in DC for decades before that. When the van story broke in 1987, The Finders' public spokesman was Robert Terrell, who was later interviewed for a Washington City Paper article:
"In 1971, Terrell had a pretty hefty chunk of the American dream: Married with children, the 35-year-old venture capitalist and CPA had a house in Chevy Chase; he was making nearly $200,000 a year. He owned a farm in West Virginia and half of an oil company, among other holdings. Less than a year later, Terrell had left his family and joined the Finders. “I was looking for a more meaningful life,” he recalls. “I had already made a pretty big pile of money and I couldn’t go on just making more, there wasn’t really much point in that. Pettie offered a more personalized life, more community-oriented, re-establishing the kind of extended family that the human species evolved under. — In the early days, the group resembled an extended family, but the real attraction for Terrell was self-realization. “Pettie used the term ‘pressure cooker,’” he says. “The idea was to explore your own person and discover your own true nature. You can’t do that just sitting at a desk or on a couch in a routine way. You have to have some experiences, so Pettie was good at structuring experiences from which you could learn. He called himself the ‘game caller,’ and what that meant was that he’d call a game for you to do something where you’d gain experience.” For Terrell, game playing ranged from working a temp accounting job in a downtown D.C. law firm to catching a flight to Japan on two hours’ notice to gather information on Japanese companies and report back to Pettie. It was a subculture built on whimsy and intrigue, undergirded by a sense of tribal affiliation. “Early on, we were focused on trying to build a community that was based on old-fashioned principles of loyalty,” he says. When my questions drift into the sexual dynamics of the Finders, Terrell gets angry: “If you want to write a scholarly piece about the group in the historical context of the Shakers and the Oneida communities, fine, but for a newspaper article, I don’t want to get into that—that’s sensationalism.”
Around 1973, Terrell purchased two properties on W Street in DC which became The Finders' group house. Regarding "sexual dynamics", women slept in one house and men slept in another. While couples did develop, there was a bit of a free love vibe, but women were in control of partnering. When a woman decided she wanted to sleep with someone she'd let them know and the man would join her for a night or however long things lasted. (From what I can tell about these relationships, the women were typically a few years older than the men, though that's a generalization.)
By and large, The Finders were well educated and generally well off. Many were involved with computers long before that was a common occurrence. For instance, Stuart Silverstone, who was found by police living at the W Street residence in 1987, was in 1968 a faculty member at MIT who taught "Computers in Architecture", "a course in computer applications in architecture and game teaching." Other members, like John Cox (who was briefly married to Finders matriarch Barbara Sylvester), founded companies like General Scientific, which handled classified defense contracts.
There were more than a few Finders who were involved in either government or military work at points in their lives. Whether this connects to anything necessarily nefarious or is simply the result of smart people living in the DC area during the Cold War is a longer discussion for a different time, but it should be noted. The Finders were somewhat obsessed with compiling information, either as part of their "games" or perhaps having something to do with Marion Pettie's own military and/or (alleged) CIA ties. When the Finders' warehouse was raided in 1987, police found all sorts of computer equipment and books that raised eyebrows. This was what the Finders referred to as their Information Bank.
In a 1994 article by Daniel Brandt titled Marion Pettie and his Washington DC "Finders": Kooks or Spooks?, Brandt writes:
In August 1984, two twenty-something young men wearing ties knocked on my door and gave their names: Steve Usdin and Jeff Ubois. A tiny newsletter had mentioned the database I was developing, and they were interested. They began pumping me on my activities and associates, and took notes. Their questions reflected a familiarity with obscure leftist personalities and publications that is found only among seasoned activists, and even more curiously, they expressed no politics of their own. Usdin and Ubois had to be "sent men."
But they wanted to be helpful. My own attempts to interest progressives in my project had been met with quizzical looks, because at the time most leftists were still using typewriters. These two fellows at least knew all about microcomputing. So I rewarded them with the first edition of what today is called NameBase. At the same time I mentioned that I needed the IBM BASIC compiler to get the program transferred from CP/M, and a few weeks later they came by with just what I needed, complete with a photocopied manual in a binder. I probably should have asked them for new computers and an office.
They said their group went by the name of "Information Bank," and they wanted to approach certain organizations in the Washington DC area and volunteer their technical skills. The following June I visited their warehouse headquarters and met Randolph A. Winn and Robert M. Meyer. I asked questions about who or what was behind it all, but their answers were evasive. From their perspective, I was a potential recruit.
In July 1985 I got a call from Kris Jacobs, a DC activist who did research on the right-wing. She said that Ubois was caught looking in her office files, and when she confronted him, he claimed to be from the National Journalism Center. Since NJC is a right-wing group that was then doing research on the left, his answer didn't pacify her. Ubois had been dropping my name to talk his way into certain places, so Ms. Jacobs wasn't happy with my excuses either. I alerted two other organizations who were getting assistance from the Information Bank. The next time Ubois came over in early 1986, I casually brought up the name "National Journalism Center" in a different context, and asked him if he had ever heard of it. "Nope." That's when I opened my own file on the Information Bank.
Louis Wolf helped me check crisscross directories and we visited the recorder of deeds. Several group names were listed under each address, and the two properties we knew about were both in the name of Robert G. Terrell, Jr. While returning from the recorder of deeds office, cross my heart, we spotted Usdin walking with an older man. He didn't see us so we followed them on foot for about two miles like Keystone Kops (they kept stopping at store windows), but eventually lost them. Sometime later Ubois dropped in on Wolf (they never call ahead) and whipped out a business card that read "Hong Kong Business Today." He wanted to know how to get a visa for Vietnam. It was clear by then that most group members were world-class travelers, which included travel to numerous Eastern Bloc countries. It was all a game to them. This was a small group -- perhaps 40 adults -- but they had no visible income to support their far-flung activities.
In February 1987, two young men from the group were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida because the van they were driving contained six children with dirty faces. The term "child abuse" was trumpeted in all of the media, all over the country, for several days. Customs, the FBI, and DC police raided three group properties and made off with their files and computers. The group (it was a "cult" to the media) was called the "Finders" (years earlier they had been known as the "Seekers"), and it was run by Marion David Pettie, then 67 years old. At least now I knew who the older man was and I had another name for the group. No charges were filed and the children were soon returned to their mothers in the group. After realizing that they had been feeding on a nonstory, the media suddenly dropped everything with no apologies. I called the Washington Post city desk at the height of the hysteria and explained that there was another angle, but when their reporter called back he was only being polite.
Three years later I obtained a three-page nongovernment memo of undetermined origin that summarizes Pettie's intelligence links. Most of it seems to check out. According to this memo, Pettie began his career with assorted OSS contacts, served as a chauffeur to General Ira Eaker, became a protege of Charles Marsh (an intimate of FDR and LBJ who ran his own private intelligence network), and was trained in counterintelligence in Baltimore and Frankfurt, Germany. His wife worked for the CIA, and Pettie himself was run by Col. Leonard N. Weigner (whose September 1990 Washington Post obituary confirms that his career was spent in air force intelligence and the CIA). Pettie's case officer was Major George Varga, who relayed Weigner's instructions until Varga died in the 1970s. The memo says that on Weigner's advice Pettie resigned from the military and surrounded himself with "kooks" so that he could infiltrate the "beat," human potential, and now the New Age movements.
Okay, so file this memo under "P" for "Paranoia." Except that in December 1993, first the Washington Times (which was picked up by AP), and then U.S. News and World Report, both carried essentially the same story. It seems that the Finders investigation was stopped cold shortly after it started in 1987, and now the Justice Department has formed a task force to figure out what's going on. Why was it stopped? This is from an internal "Memo to File" written by a Customs agent who participated in the raids, dated 13 April 1987:
CIA made one contact and admitted to owning the Finders organization ...but that it had "gone bad." ... [I was advised] the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD [DC police] report has been classified Secret and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counterintelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired. No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.
If Pettie and The Finders were some front for the CIA, it remains unclear to me what the actual purpose was. Were the members who played Pettie's games somehow witting or unwitting spies?
"Games" played a central role inside the Finders, and it was often difficult to know when the members were playing out some fantasy and when they were not, ex-associates said. The Finders' tendency to abandon jobs and homes at a moment's notice could complicate law enforcement efforts to find the group's members, who were gone from their Washington bases when police arrived Thursday, sources said. Sometimes they approached businesses -- from a major Washington law firm to a leftist think tank -- and offered their expertise in computer programming and other services, sources said. Other times the group went through the motions of setting up a business, sometimes printing up phony business cards. Some members used up to 20 aliases, ex-associates said.
Terrell called Finders' leader Marion Pettie "my entertainer. He provides me with a model of somebody who is never satisfied with the status quo and he inspires me upward and he keeps me laughing as I go.” Pettie, an Air Force master sergeant who retired in 1956 and bought extensive woodland property in rural Madison County, Va., started the Finders in the late 1960s as a communal experiment characteristic of the period. He sought intelligent, well-educated people who could discuss the latest thought in philosophy, psychology and human development. The Finders eschewed counterculture music and drugs, former associates said. While they maintained an open-door policy at their Washington house and Virginia farms, many of the drifters and hippies who came for free food quickly left because of the emphasis on serious conversation and work.
"It used to be an organization of dropout professionals who didn't know what to do with their lives," said one former associate. "But it took a bad turn.” In the early 1980s, Pettie's close friend and second-in-command, known by the group as Barbara Sylvester, who was in her forties, died at the Finders' W Street house after she did not receive medical help for appendicitis. The death apparently placed Pettie into a gloomy mood and led to a shift in the group's tone. The Finders became increasingly secretive, hostile and arrogant toward nonmembers, former associates said. Members engaged in long self-criticism sessions, exposing painful emotional inadequacies to the group. Members stopped seeing relatives and friends who were not in the group; former associates found themselves shunned or treated brusquely. It was amid this blend of surliness and somber planning for the future that the community began to raise its new generation, children who were shared by numerous parents yet nurtured by no one in particular, ex-associates said."
...Former members of the Finders said that the six children found in Tallahassee are sons and daughters of group members, the result of a deliberate binge of child-bearing among group women in the past few years, after about 10 years of freewheeling relationships in which they deliberately avoided having children, former associates said. A number of the older members of the Finders, people in their forties or fifties, had careers or families before but left them behind to take part in the group. Looking back, most of them regarded their old lives as uninteresting and their children and former spouses as too conventional, according to former group associates and relatives of current members. Pettie and his followers agreed about 1980 that they should start a new generation of children and raise them in an experimental way, the sources said. The biological parents would not raise them; the group would. But in reality the children were largely ignored by the members, with responsibility for their care considered drudgery, former members said. "It was an undesirable job in the group," said a person who quit several years ago. "They were trying to keep the kids out of their hair . . . . The theory was the children should have a lot of abundance . . . . But they were terrible at putting it into practice.” In a telephone interview last night, a man who identified himself as Robert Gardner Terrell, 50, the owner of two Washington buildings used by the Finders, said the group included 20 adults and six children, and tried to provide children with "the richest life they could have."
"Children always come first in our organization," he said. "We're trying to create a model that could be followed by other persons who want to raise free children . . . . “ The commune children were so dirty and full of sores on their bodies that they were not allowed to play with other children on the playground at Stoddert School near the W Street residence, former associates said. Group members had taken the children there to encourage them to play with nongroup youngsters, but the two groups did not mix because the Finders' children could hardly communicate with the others, one ex-associate said. All the commune's former participants who were interviewed agreed that they knew nothing about child abuse in the organization, though members may sometimes have ignored the children or even mistreated them.
According to Terrell, The Finders created a sort of Garden of Eden for the children on land they owned in rural Virginia. By making walls of brush and branches, they built a play pen several acres long and wide, with fields, forest, and streams for the nude children to do whatever they wanted in, left to their own devices. Finders watched the children from afar with binoculars, but otherwise didn't interfere. When the children were indoors, adults walked around on their knees so as to not intimidate the kids. And Pettie insisted that the adults speak to the children nonsensically, so the kids could figure things out for themselves. Additionally, Pettie and the adults created "games" for the kids to play which were often life parables in which prizes like apples were given to the winners. We're told the goal, misguided though the methods may have been, was to rear creative and independent children unlike those raised on cartoons and frozen dinners.
It was the group who raised the children, not individual parents, and Pettie wanted the kids weaned off of their mothers. In December of 1986, the women of the group left for a game that Pettie called in California. With the mothers' consent, the six children left for warmer weather with three men in the group, Michael Holwell, Douglas Ammerman, Stan Berns (an architect), and Kenny Rogers (a landscape designer). Holwell was the father of one of the children, though due to The Finders' views on fatherhood, his specific role as "father" may have been unclear. According to Terrell, the men and children drove from Washington, DC to Berea, KY where they hoped to help in the construction of a religious community called New Hope, run by Rev. Jim Wyker. [A photo of the undeveloped property can be seen here.] The Orlando Sentinel reported:

While asserting in a telephone interview Saturday night that he had no connection with the Finders, Wyker described them favorably and confirmed that group members had been in Berea last month. The children, he added, "were healthy, very well fed, and loved like they were in a family.” The memo named a man and woman from Spring Grove, Pa., who it said helped with child care on the trip to Berea. The woman, who identified herself as True Marks, said after being reached at a telephone number supplied by Terrell that members of the group "took very good care" of the children and "never hit them or abused them in any way.” According to Terrell's memo, "it was thought" that the children would be enrolled in a Montessori school in Berea for the duration of the project. He said the children's mothers "are now in San Francisco working in business offices, earning money to help pay for 'New Hope.’ "After finding that preparations for Kentucky groundbreaking were incomplete, Terrell said, the men took the children to Florida on a vacation and camping trip "with the full applause and approval of the children's mothers.”
While in Florida, the dirty children were observed with Ammerman and Holwell, and from there the story took off. On February 4, 1987, the men were arrested and the children put in protective custody. The Finders were already an odd lot by mainstream standards, but adding fuel to the fire were a collection of photographs found in their DC warehouse showing a goat being slaughtered in front of the naked children. Terrell explains this was simply to educate the kids about where their food came from. Given the complete lack of other "satanic" evidence, I'm inclined to believe him.
All of the children were eventually returned to their parents and the charges dropped. According to Finders at the time, this incident was the breaking point of an already struggling experiment and The Finders were no more. The properties in DC were sold, Marion Pettie moved to his farm in Virginia, and The Finders scattered to the winds. In 1991, Terrell said, “The vision of the group shifted, and the nature of the group shifted from an idealistic utopian community to more of a military-like organization where following orders became more important than the vision.”
But rumors of a devil worshiping cult of child sex traffickers dominate stories about The Finders to this day. What ever became of The Finders, and the mysterious children in the van?
During reporting at the time, the children were identified as Mary, 7; her brother John Paul, 2; Max, 6; Benjamin Franklin, 4; Honeybee, 3; and Bebe, 2. (According to Terrell, the children were allowed to name themselves.)
Mary and John Paul's parents were Paula and James Michael Holwell (who was one of the two men arrested while driving the van). Paula and James were married in 1982 and listed their address as 3918-20 W Street, Washington DC, which is widely known as The Finder's group house.
Max's mother was Patricia. (I believe I know who the father is, but that remains unconfirmed.)
Benjamin Franklin's parents were Kristin and Steve Usdin.
Honeybee's mother was Judith. (I believe I know who the father is, but that remains unconfirmed.)
Bebe's parents were Carolyn and Jeff Ubois.
While The Finders officially disbanded among a string of lawsuits to redistribute the income they'd shared for decades, upon closer examination many of them more likely just escaped the influence of Marion Pettie. Records show that several of The Finders continued to live together in group houses or small communities from Florida to California well into the early 2000's. (Terrell ran a vegan bakery in central Florida for a number of years.) While they can't show the whole story, yearbooks and newspaper articles show the children attending schools and colleges, and the ones I've tracked down seem to be doing well by outward appearances — at the very least they haven't disappeared into satanic dungeon somewhere.
Mary can be seen at age 10 talking about saving sea turtles. At age 12, she writes about Earth Day. In high school, she performed Shakespearean monologues. And today, she works for a division of NASA.
Max grew up with his mother in California in a Finders group home. His father, I think, stayed in Virginia with Marion Pettie. Today, Max runs a landscaping design business.
Bebe appears to have grown up in the same house as Max. He has since changed his name and is CEO an internet company.
There's no indication the children were trafficked or were ever intended to be. However strange or unorthodox their childhoods were, the children are alive to this day and seem to be doing quite well.
Plenty of mysteries about The Finders remain, but I think we can put the satanic sex cult rumors to rest.
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2020.11.25 22:57 lefrench75 Thoughts on Ivan and Tayshia's conversation?

Ali Barthwell (a black woman) from Vulture said this in her recap:
THE BACHELORETTE HAD AN EXTENDED CONVERSATION ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY THAT WASN’T INTERRUPTED BY A COUNTRY STAR NAMED CHEZ WILKS OR SOMETHING. Two Black adults sat down and talked about the state of race in America during the pandemic on the same television program where men had to make orgasm noises into a hotel phone. Tayshia and Ivan talked about growing up biracial in mostly white towns and schools and Chris Harrison didn’t pop in to put them in a hot air balloon over the desert.
What is HAPPENING? In the middle of the most average, ordinary episode of The Bachelorette, we got an in-depth conversation on police brutality, prisons, racial identity, and George Floyd. Or as in-depth has these two people and the show are capable of. Because I’m putting together the context clues here and… has Tayshia ever dated a Black person before? Has she ever had these conversations with a partner of any race before? She seemed a little stunned that Ivan had been called the n-word walking around school. Like… girl… that shouldn’t be a surprise to you considering everything.
And when I say everything I don’t just mean “the racial climate in America this summer,” I also mean “the history of America as a country up until and continuing past this moment in time.” But just think about how fucking nuts it was in America this summer. I was spending most of my time doing interviews with various reporters about how racist literally every place I’ve ever worked was, and all my white friends were apologizing to me. I know Tayshia and Ivan have been quarantining for a few weeks but things were, to use a euphemism, racially awkward for a while. This really seemed like one of the first times that Tayshia was letting her guard down about being a Black woman in America and connected with someone about that reality. It was one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in the Bachelor franchise in a long time, and when this show even attempts to strip away the artifice and just lets the leads be people with needs and desires and emotions, it’s a better show. Just let the show be a better show! And Tayshia, get a Black girlfriend or something.
Ivan wins and gets to head to Tayshia’s suite where they play the floor is lava, have a pillow fight with open bags of feathers, and order a comically large ice cream sundae. Ivan talks about being Filipino and Black and Tayshia says she hasn’t met anyone who was Filipino and Black before. Ivan is like “You’re from… California? Right?” Is Tayshia from Earth? Has she met other people? Was she brewed in a lab fueled by Sugar Bear Hair gummies and athleisure wear? She says she is really enjoying meeting someone else who is biracial who is her age that she can relate to. Please, Tayshia. I beg of you, follow this feeling. Choosing a partner who you relate to, who validates you, and creates a feeling of safety around you, is like the most important thing and I want that for this beautiful little influencer.
Ivan and Tayshia also bond over being older siblings and Ivan talks about his younger brother’s incarceration and drug use. Ivan doesn’t tell the story with any shame or pity for his brother. Usually a contestant would share this as some sort of failure on their part that taught them to seize every day, but Ivan doesn’t judge his brother or his family in any way. In fact, he uses it to put a human face on the issue of police brutality and connects it to people in prison. Ivan says his brother’s incarceration challenged how he viewed police brutality because of how correctional officers abuse people in prisons for no reason. He says, “My first question would be ‘what did you do’ but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what George Floyd did. [Law enforcement] has a job to do and they need to do it without hurting people… It changed me as a man.” Tayshia isn’t able to articulate her feelings in the same way, but both of their vulnerability and connection really surprises her. Ivan gets the rose. For whatever classification of a date this is.
I think her observations are pretty spot-on, but I'm interested in hearing what members of this sub have to say about it. This is not intended as a criticism of Tayshia, as I think Tayshia's experience as a POC in a predominantly white place and having dated primarily white people is non uncommon among POC, or even POC in this sub. Ali's advice about how "choosing a partner who you relate to, who validates you, and creates a feeling of safety around you, is like the most important thing" is so important here. One reason I love this sub is because it's a community of predominantly WOC who can relate to, validate, and support one another, and I hope Tayshia finds such a community in her life. I really feel for her and can definitely relate (as much as I can as a monoracial non-black WOC); being the only person of your "kind" can be so isolating and has fostered internalized racism / homophobia etc. within many people, and it can make it so difficult to properly communicate your experiences if you have no one to discuss said experiences with.
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2020.11.25 22:26 The_Big_Willy [WTS] Come On Down To Big Willy's Whore House!! Coins, Boobies, and More!

As usual, this post was written last night while drunk, I take no responsibility for any spelling or pricing mistakes, but I do try my best. Read at your own risk!
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If you have any questions feel free to PM me! I'm always willing to try and work out a deal.
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2020.11.25 21:01 snori74 Day 19 - Inodes, symlinks and stat


Today's topic gives a peek “under the covers” at the technical detail of how files are stored.
Linux supports a large number of different “filesystems” - although on a server you’ll typically be dealing with just ext3 or ext4 and perhaps btrfs - but today we’ll not be dealing with any of these; instead with the layer of Linux that sits above all of these - the Linux Virtual Filesystem.
The VFS is a key part of Linux, and an overview of it and some of the surrounding concepts is very useful in confidently administering a system.


Linux has an extra layer between the filename and the file's actual data on the disk - this is the inode. This has a numerical value which you can see most easily in two ways:
The -i switch on the ls command:
 ls -li /etc/hosts 35356766 -rw------- 1 root root 260 Nov 25 04:59 /etc/hosts 
The stat command:
 stat /etc/hosts File: `/etc/hosts' Size: 260 Blocks: 8 IO Block: 4096 regular file Device: 2ch/44d Inode: 35356766 Links: 1 Access: (0600/-rw-------) Uid: ( 0/ root) Gid: ( 0/ root) Access: 2012-11-28 13:09:10.000000000 +0400 Modify: 2012-11-25 04:59:55.000000000 +0400 Change: 2012-11-25 04:59:55.000000000 +0400 
Every file name "points" to an inode, which in turn points to the actual data on the disk. This means that several filenames could point to the same inode - and hence have exactly the same contents. In fact this is a standard technique - called a "hard link". The other important thing to note is that when we view the permissions, ownership and dates of filenames, these attributes are actually kept at the inode level, not the filename. Much of the time this distinction is just theoretical, but it can be very important.


Work through the steps below to get familiar with hard and soft linking:
First move to your home directory with:
Then use the ln ("link") command to create a “hard link”, like this:
ln /etc/passwd link1
and now a "symbolic link" (or “symlink”), like this:
ln -s /etc/passwd link2
Now use ls -li to view the resulting files, and less or cat to view them.
Note that the permissions on a symlink generally show as allowing everthing - but what matters is the permission of the file it points to.
Both hard and symlinks are widely used in Linux, but symlinks are especially common - for example:
ls -ltr /etc/rc2.d/*
This directory holds all the scripts that start when your machine changes to “runlevel 2” (its normal running state) - but you'll see that in fact most of them are symlinks to the real scripts in /etc/init.d
It's also very common to have something like :
 prog prog-v3 prog-v4 
where the program "prog", is a symlink - originally to v3, but now points to v4 (and could be pointed back if required)
Read up in the resources provided, and test on your server to gain a better understanding. In particular, see how permissions and file sizes work with symbolic links versus hard links or simple files

The Differences

Hard links:
Symbolic (soft) links:




Copyright 2012-2020 @snori74 (Steve Brorens). Can be reused under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0).
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Just a reminder to anyone trying to send a parcel to your SO to check your local postal service's Holiday Delivery Deadline. They will approach rapidly and with mail service having increased due to the pandemic, its best to get stuff out early.
I've posted some content below but please do your own research as well. Especially if this is your first time mailing.
Canada Post Holiday Deadline:
USPS Holiday Deadlines:
Royal Mail Holiday Deadlines:
AUSPOST Holiday Deadlines:
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2020.11.25 19:18 dedlazt [S] [USA-MD] Expired 35mm film cartridges — mixed color print C-41, Kodachrome K-14, and mixed chrome E-6 films — all kept in cold storage

I am getting out of photography — both film and digital — and am selling off everything that I own... cameras, film, lenses, strobes, hand meters, camera bags, etc. Everything must go.
Reason for selling: I have had zero income since December of last year. As a result, I need to liquidate the remainder of my personal items to cover our upcoming mortgage payments. I’ve been selling on-and-off previously here on Photomarket and WatchExchange, and have positive feedback.
In this post, I’m selling off my cache of expired 35mm color print C-41, Kodachrome K-14, and chrome E-6 film cartridges; I will have a separate posting of expired B&W cartridges and bulk films later after I get this collection out the door. I’ve bought my film from a number of different sources, and all of it has been kept refrigerated for the past many years.
Please note: With just one exception, none of this film is in a box with the expiration date; as such, some of the film is relatively recent (less than 6-years old), while the bulk of it is 10+ years and older. The color film that I’ve shot over the years is still good; no color shifts and only moderate fading, which can be addressed in post-processing.
My pricing for each individual cartridge is as follows:
Shipping is CONUS only via USPS Priority Mail flat rate box, sized appropriately for the amount of film ordered. Multiple batches can be combined for a savings on shipping. Insurance is extra. Please do not ask me to ship outside of the US; I’ve gotten burned by international buyers in the past and will not do that again. PayPal only — no trades, exchanges, or returns.
Proof photos here: https://imgur.com/gallery/hBEVIls
Mixed B&W print film, C-41 processing batch — $69 + shipping
Kodachrome slide film, K-14 processing batch — $30 + shipping You can get it processed in COLOR here: https://www.shootfilmco.com/blogs/shoot-film-co/kodachrome-processed-in-color-seriously
SOLD Mixed chrome slide film, E-6 processing batch — $55 + shipping
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Kodak 800 color print film, C-41 processing batch — $44 + shipping
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2020.11.25 19:15 yesbutwhytho Possible fix for Coinbase ID validation issues

After fighting to unlock my trading account on Coinbase Pro, I figured out these are the specific steps to follow to force a refresh on information Coinbase holds about you and therefore update the data that Coinbase hands over to Jumio, their ID validation provider, to compare against during the ID validation checks:

I have uploaded screenshots of the above steps here:
I hope this helps anyone stuck trying to fix their ID on Coinbase!
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2020.11.25 18:52 0verjoyed Links to Bastille's Official Merch & Music Webstores! 🎁

Links to Bastille's Official Merch & Music Webstores! 🎁
Hey, the holidays are coming around! That means it's gift-giving season and also treat yo'self season! Since a lot of Bastille's stuff is scattered around the internet on different websites and such, I decided to compile some of the main links here to make it easier. :) Definitely feel free to drop some links in the comments to other official sites. (Preferably not resale sites or big retailers who sell vinyl records and such, but actual companies officially associated with Bastille or their label.) Also, I'm from the United States, so this list is probably not going to include all the international sites. Feel free to leave them in the comments!!
Note: Some of these pages might not be as up-to-date as others, so keep in mind that some items may end up being sold out. (i.e. You might get an order cancellation.) And some items may be available in certain countries but not others. Also, on the top three links, I'm only able to access the US store since that's where I'm located. Before recently, I was able to see the UK and EU sites as well, but now it boots me back to the US store. (Basically, the EU store might not show up for you if you're in the US, for example.) You can get around this with a proxy or VPN!
Let me know if any links are wrong or broken! Happy holidays! :)
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2020.11.25 17:23 mirthrandirthegrey Is the Bible historically accurate?

Is the Bible at all credible as a historical Text?
In this Argument for creation I am going about it differently than most. The main reason some Christians believe in Yahweh creating the universe is it says so in the Bible (Genesis 1). If the Bible is completely inaccurate and had no evidence to validate itself then, the creation account at the beginning would be greatly diminished in its strength as an answer to the beginning of this universe. The reason for testing the veracity of the claim, the Bible being a credible historical text, is to at the very least create some dialogue to if creation by Yahweh is possible. If the Bible throughout its writings has been consistently historically accurate, it is reasonable to assume the creation account has some credibility. I will be going through the Bible to see if there is any evidence to believe what the books in it say is true.
Firstly, at the end of Genesis and then continuing into Exodus, the first two books of the Bible, there are descriptions of the beginning of the Israelite nation forming. From Genesis 17 onwards a man called Abraham is promised to father the nation of Israel. At the end of Genesis two generations after him his great grandchildren are said to have resided in Egypt though this was not their promised land. According to geologies in the Bible, Abraham should have lived around 2000 BC. Then his great grandchildren descendants around 18th century BC resided in Egypt for around 400 years. The area is called Goshen and is meant to be very good land for crops and farming. After that they left because of Moses leading them to the promised land. All this comes from the book of Exodus. Now is there any historical evidence for this, outside of the Bible? In 1990 and onwards the esteemed Manfred Bietak discovered an abandonment phase in todays Tell el-Dab'a (ancient Avaris). The area discovered was a palatial district with a Royal Precinct and an Asiatic (Foreigner) district, (Page 2 of https://journals.uair.arizona.edu/index.php/jaei/article/view/16915/16645) he found in the mid-15th century BC there was a clear abandonment phase during 18th dynasty. This was an important area that had military bases and may have been used to stage naval expeditions to the Mediterranean Sea. Why would you leave this area? The sediment below the abandonment phase is most probably Semitic and seems to be Semitic for over 300 years (https://www.academia.edu/37046281/M_Bietak_The_Many_Ethnicities_of_Avaris_Evidence_from_the_northern_borderland_of_Egypt_in_J_Budka_and_J_Auenm%C3%BCller_eds_From_Microcosm_to_Macrocosm_Individual_Households_and_Cities_in_Ancient_Egypt_and_Nubia_Leiden_2018_Sidestone_Press_73_92( says “Canaanite” which is where the Israelites came from in Bible before going to Eygpt). Now this is not concrete evidence to say the exodus is true, but It does bring some weight of trustworthiness to the book of Exodus. In addition, it brings evidence for the end of Genesis as it talks of Canaanites leaving their land long before going to Egypt and this is what we see in Ancient Avaris. Canaanites resided in Egypt for several centuries.
The God of the Israelites is called Yahweh and unlike many other ancient nations around them they only had one God. For example, the Egyptians had Horus, Seth, Isis and Anubis and so on. The earliest inscription for the name Yahweh is in the Soleb inscriptions. It was found in what would have been Ancient Egypt and dated to around the early 14th Century BC to the end of the 15th Century BC and another one in the 13Th century BC. There is no debate in what they say but some secular scholars hypothesize the ancient Edomites and Midianites worshipped Yahweh before the Israelites. However, there is no historical evidence for those nations worshipping Yahweh. There is some evidence of certain people from those nations but not the whole nation. People worshipping Yahweh from other lands during the Exodus would not be a problem for the Bible. It says in Exodus Moses Father in law, Jethro, was a Midianite who helped Moses figure out the Judicial structure of Israel. Yet there is plenty of evidence to show the Israelites as a nation worshipped Yahweh. For example, the Moabite stone shows the Israelite nation worshipping Yahweh. The Soleb inscription talks about a people saying the “Nomads of Yahweh”. The people are wandering around and do not have a city to identify them, so their God is used to do this. After the Exodus of the Israelites, the Israelites wondered the desert for 40 years before starting to conquer the cities of Canaan. This would count for Nomads as they did not have a land and were wondering around. How else to define them other than by the God they worship and identify with. https://escholarship.org/uc/item/07x6659z
In the book of Joshua, it talks of the conquering of many cities such as Hazor. If this were to happen the cities would likely tell their allies they were being attacked and request help. Well the Amarna Letters are Clay tablets, mostly from kings in Canaan to Egypt that they needed help as they were being attacked. These kings were subjected to Egypt. They date to the mid-14th century BC. This is quite inline with the Bible’s account. They mention the “Habiru” who were invading Canaan at the time and Habiru is very similar in sounding to Hebrew. Many scholars indicate this could be the Hebrew people. The Bible also accurately describes the conditions of the area at this time period having many city states in Canaan (https://digitalcommons.andrews.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1280&context=jats).
Finally, for this period I would like to introduce the Berlin pedestal. This is an artefact dated to mid-14th Century. It is an Egyptian name ring that lists 3 places, Ashkelon, Canaan, Israel. The ring for Israel is only around 2/3rds complete as part has broken away, however in 2001 Manfred Görg published that it should be Israel from what the rest of the symbols could be. This gives an inscription of the nation of Israel very early. This would indicate that it was not likely at all that Israel formed later in time as there is evidence to the contrary. These pieces of evidence are by no means exhaustive of an Early Israel formation date, in line with the Bible. Yet I have other periods to cover so will move on. https://journals.uair.arizona.edu/index.php/jaei/article/view/83/87
Next, I would like to tackle the next few books of the Bible. Those being Joshua, Judges and the Samuel 1-2. I have already touched upon some evidence to suggest the Biblical account is not completely made up with the structure of the Canaanite political structure being made of city states. Now I will be looking at Joshua 11. It talks of Israel’s northern conquest of Canaan against the Jobin king of Hazor. In the chapter Israel prevails over Hazor who led a coalition of kings against Israel and burns the city of Hazor. Now is there any evidence for a City called Hazor in that time and that it was burn around the early 14th Century -late 15th Century BC. Well there are some Egyptian Execration texts, which name enemies of Egypt, that mention Hazor in the 18th century BC (https://www.academia.edu/25340113/Do_the_Execration_Texts_Reflect_an_Accurate_Picture_of_the_Contemporary_Settlement_Map_of_Palestine ) Page 13. Moreover, the Mari archives mention Hazor in the 18th Century BC as an actual place and shipments of trade to “Ibni-Addad king of Hazor”. This is Accadian but in West Semitic form it reads “Yabni-Haddad”. Jabin and Yabni are the same name, just one is shortened. (https://search.proquest.com/openview/688f4758a1fb7f3a55e7c4aaef134a3e/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=46246). In the Amarna Letters which I have already discussed it also talks of Hazor. Unlike many other communications in the Letters the king of Hazor does not grovel to the Pharaoh but mentions himself being a King. This aligns with Joshua as it describes Hazor’s king leading the collation against Israel suggesting he is the most powerful in that part of Canaan. Letters 227 and 228 refer to him as a king. There is also an ancient Babylonian tablet that mention Jabin and was found at Hazor in 18th century BC. So, what from these two conclusions can be surmised? Either Jabin was a title like Pharaoh or it was a name used many times such as Rameses. This all agrees with the Biblical account as it mentions Jabin twice, once in Joshua then in Judges. Judges being over 100 Years after Joshua. Joshua 11: 1 and Judges 5:6-11. The name being used for long periods of time in and outside the Bible is interesting. https://www.baslibrary.org/biblical-archaeology-review/20/5/14. Two destruction have been found at Hazor. On in the late bronze age so 1550-1400 BC and another in 13th century BC. https://www.jstor.org/stable/25609263?seq=1. Amnon Ben-Tor who leads digs even says this again in the Israel exploration journal 51 in 2001 page 238. There is evidence for temples being destroyed which if it were the Israelites makes sense, other religious temples were seen and unholy and would be destroyed. This does point towards this account be possibly historically accurate. Now there is a theory among secular scholars that Israel had a much later exodus date in the 13th century BC. But if that is true, Israel as a nation should only be mentioned after this time. Yet there is evidence of their God Yahweh which is written about over 6000 time in the Bible. And there is not enough time for an exodus and conquering on Canaan if the exodus is a later date. This is shown decisively with the Merneptah Stele. It is an Egyptian inscription mentioning Israel as a nation and dates to 1208 BC which means there is not enough time in those years of less than 100 years to have late exodus and the nation being established after conquering much of Canaan. This is all before 40 years wandering in the desert.
One key part of the books of Samuel is King David. In the 19th century and early 20th century secular scholars scoffed that he was historical but rather a myth like England’s king Arthur. Especially the fact that he had an empire and a dynasty that was considerable for its time. However, in 1993 the Tel Dan Stele was found. It is a victory Stele about most likely King Hazael defeating the king of Israel and his ally who is of the “house of Dave”. This is dated to around 9 century BC. This is historical confirmation that King David was indeed real, and he left a lineage. This is a largely undisputed fact that it is of the House of David. The Bible describes David’s Dynasty in it books Samuel 2 and kings 1-2 and Chronicles 1-2. This also reinforces the fact at the 9th century BC Israel indeed was a nation that its enemies had wars with. Furthermore, the Moabite stone also references David while recording the Events of 2nd Kings Chapter 3. It has been dated to around 840 BC and mentions the phrase the house of David. The Moabite stone has many alignments to the Bible. They both talk of the Moab’s God Chemosh, the tribe of Gad from Israel and the Israelite king Omri. If the Jews wrote the books of the Torah centuries after the events happened how could they know of the Centuries old Moabite god Chemosh? It is not logical to assume. https://brill.com/view/journals/vt/52/4/article-p483_3.xml . https://www.jstor.org/stable/27926300?seq=1 https://www.jstor.org/stable/1357179?seq=1
The matrix of evidence really points to the Bible not being some mythical tale, that has no basis but an account that is corroborated with non-Biblical texts. If the exodus was a late date in the 13th century or after it can not fit with other timelines of artefacts. It would mean in less than 350 years Israel left Egypt and wondered for 40 some years, then started slowly taking over Canaan. After that have judges and prophets protecting Israel. After this they would get the kings of which there were many and until you get to King Ahab. In the early 9th Century BC. There isn’t enough time if you believe in the dates of the Bible.
Now I will be going into the Kings of Israel. A key piece of historical evidence for there really being kings of Israel are the Assyrian inscriptions. The Assyrians named each year after a person calling them the Limmu. They are absolute dates and even have a solar eclipse mentioned in the year 763BC. This allows Biblical scholars to give absolute dates to the Kings of Israel. This helps in dating artefacts such as the Kurkh Monolith of Shalmaneser the 3rd who mentions King Ahab who fought against him in 853 BC. https://www.jstor.org/stable/27925486?seq=1 Then there is the Black Obelisk showing King Jehu giving tribute to Shalmaneser in 841 BC. https://www.jstor.org/stable/42613886?Search=yes&resultItemClick=true&searchText=Black%20obelisk%20king%20jehu&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3FQuery%3DBlack%2Bobelisk%2Bking%2Bjehu&ab_segments=0%2Fbasic_SYC-5187_SYC-5188%2Fcontrol&refreqid=fastly-default%3A9bfe9ec30049e46ae79c452df027d1d8&seq=1 . These show that these books in the Bible are not completely made up and have some historical accuracy at the least. There are many other examples of historical evidence of other kings of the Bible, but I can focus on that in its own separate post.
After the Kings of Israel, the empires of the Persia and Babylon in the Bible are said to have taken over Israel and Judah the two nations of the Jewish people. Then In the reign of Cyrus the Great he sets the Israelites free to rebuild their temple and walls at Jerusalem. This occurs in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. Many older secular scholars did not believe that any king would allows their slaves to go free as it did not make any sense. Why would you let your labour go? Well the Cyrus Cylinder which has been dated to 539BC depicts just that. It is a declaration that the exiles to go back to their settlements and rebuild their sanctuaries. This clearly aligns with what occurred in the Bible. There are also the Babylonian chronicles, which mention the sacking of Jerusalem by king Nebuchadnezzar and dates it to 597 BC. These tablets recount the History of Babylon. This is what is said in the Bible in the book of Daniel. https://www.jstor.org/stable/3268761?Search=yes&resultItemClick=true&searchText=Cyrus+cylinder&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3FQuery%3DCyrus%2Bcylinder%26filter%3D&ab_segments=0%2Fbasic_SYC-5187_SYC-5188%2Fcontrol&refreqid=fastly-default%3A43cce9af3298485f1830bcb23acd07de&seq=1#metadata_info_tab_contents. https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/W_1896-0409-51
Now the book of Daniel has had secular skepticism because it is quite a prophetic book. For a Biblical timeline he would have written early to mid-6th century BC. Some disagree, arguing that he wrote in the 2nd century BC, though there is evidence to suggest he was a real person writing in 6th century BC. Jerimiah 39: 3 mentions Nebo Sarsekim who was the chief eunuch. The Nebo Sarsekim tablet writes that the pottery belonged to a man with the same name. It is dated to 595 BC. Jerimiah was said to have lived in a similar time period as Daniel. Now if these books were written 400 years later then how would Daniel or Jerimiah know someone of the court of King Nebuchadnezzar II who lived in the 6th century BC. There was no internet and information was sparsely passed down, compared to the post printing press era. So, it is nearly impossible that his name was kept in Jewish records unless written at the time. Moreover, this book was written in Hebrew and Aramaic. If you look at the Aramaic used and Aramaic from the 5th century BC it is very similar. Here is a marriage certificate from 449 BC from a Jewish colony in Egypt https://isaw.nyu.edu/exhibitions/wgre/highlights/marriage-document-from-ananiah-to-meshullam-aramaic for an example. Language changes over time. The Aramaic of the 2nd century would be different than the Aramaic from a few hundred years before. Another problem with Daniel in the 2nd century BC is the dead sea scrolls. Part of Daniel’s book which is in some of the earlier dead sea scrolls date to 150 BC. This is a couple of decades at most from when secular skeptics say Daniel was written. This would mean that the book was written, and then became widespread and popular in a mere couple decades. This is a very serious reach which is not logical. https://digitalcommons.andrews.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1541&context=jats. Lastly, in Daniel chapter 5 it talks of the King Belshazzar needing Daniel to interpret writing on a wall. Again, some secular scholars in the early 19th century did not believe that King Belshazzar was a real person, because for some time they could only find record of a man named Nabonidus as the king for this time period. It also is interesting in the chapter that Belshazzar says he will make anyone who is able to interpret the wall 3rd in command of the whole kingdom. Why would he say this if he is real and the king, why not second? Even ancient historians like Herodotus, Megasthenes, Berossus said that the last king of Babylon was Nabonidus. Well discoveries found that this chapter is telling the truth. For example, the Nabonidus Cylinder from Ur which says “Belshazzar, the eldest son—my offspring”, dated to around 550BC. Vindicating Belshazzar as a real person. More evidence is seen in the Nabonidus Chronicle which describes Nabonidus being generally living far away from Babylon and Belshazzar as crown prince. It is not unusual for a crown prince or someone high up governing the kingdom day to day to be called king. For example, King Herod in the new testament was not actually king in the Roman empire but was a leader for a certain region. If this were written centuries after the 6th century BC how would Daniel know Belshazzar was a real person, as even other ancient historians did not write of him? One last point to explore is the use of the name Nebuchadnezzar as father to Belshazzar. In the Bible when the word father is used, it does not always mean literal father but ancestor or someone occupying the same office. The prophet Elisha had Shaphat as a biological father but calls his mentor Elijah as “His father” in 2 Kings 2:12. Jesus was called the son of David even though he was only his descendent. So as Belshazzar succeeded Nebuchadnezzar to the throne it is possible, he was in the Bible called father.
Now there are many more pieces of evidence for the old testament being historically accurate, but I can make more writings on those at a later date. This is all good but how do we know the translations of the Bible over the millennium can be reliable. There are two prominent texts that I would like to explore. The Ketef Hinnom Scrolls and the Dead Sea scrolls. The Ketef Hinnom Scrolls reveal to be a very early piece of scripture. It was found in burial chambers and has the writings of Numbers 6: 24-26 which is the 4th book in the Bible. These date to the 7th century BC which is much earlier than some secular scholars claim the Torah was written. This would suggest that the writings occurred much earlier than the 7th century BC as they were only burial amulets. This also shows the accuracy of these verses being the same in todays Bible with something over 2600 years old. The dead sea scrolls are very important as they have basically every book in the Bible in scroll form and are dated from 3rd century BC onwards. There are 230 manuscripts that are completely biblical texts. For example, the great Isiah Scroll. Before this the earliest copy of the oldest complete Hebrew Torah was the Leningrad codex and dates to 1000 AD approximately. There is very little difference between these two writings showing over 1000 years of time not much has changed and the Biblical writings are reliable.
This last section will be focusing on the latter part of the Bible the New Testament. I have often heard people scoff that the central figure of the Bible, Jesus, was even real. It shows how little people know about him. His is one of the most documented ancient figures of his era, with similar historical evidence as Julius Caesar. There are multiple accounts of him being real from Christian sources, the Bible and its accounts from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. There are Jewish historians such as Josephus and roman Historians such as Tacitus who all talk about Jesus being a real person. Josephus was a Jewish historian who was not a Christian and describes that Pilate condemned Jesus who claimed to be the Messiah to a cross to die. He writes in around the year 93 AD. His book is called antiquities of the Jews. Tacitus a roman senator, also not a Christian, and historian also write of a man called Jesus who was killed on the cross by the orders of Pilate. Written in 116 AD in his book Annals. In addition, Babylonian Talmud writes about Yeshu being hanged for practicing sorcery and apostasy, Yeshu is Jesus. Lucian of Samosata also a Greek wrote of Jesus in the second century. Writing that he was a man worshipped by Christians who was crucified.
There are also many pieces of evidence that corroborate the text in the new testament. In John chapter 9 Jesus heals a blind man in the pool of Siloam. This very pool has been found to be real in Jerusalem. Pottery dated it around the pool is from old testament to new testament times. In the book of Romans 16:23 mentions a man called Erastus who in the Bible is the city’s treasurer or city official for Corinth where Paul wrote Romans. There is the Erastus inscription found in 1929 which said Erastus in return for his aedileship he paved with his own money. It is dated to 1st century BC and likely the same. There is also the Pilate stone which says Pontus Pilate, the man allowing the romans to kill Jesus, was the prefect of Judea from 26 AD to 36 AD. This is the time period when Jesus was killed. Another figure that is prominent in the death of Jesus is high priest Caiaphas. Archaeologists have probably found his Ossuary with his bones inside. Jewish Historian Josephus says high priest Caiaphas full name is Joseph Caiaphas. The box had on it, Joseph son of Caiaphas and had a 60-year-old man’s bones in it. This is another person in the Bible seen to be most likely real. In the book of Acts 18:12 describes Gallio was proconsul of Achaia. In Delphi, Claudius the emperor at the time inscribed Junius Gallio as a friend and proconsul. It is dated to 52 AD which is when the Apostle Paul would have lived. All these show the new testament to not be a fairy-tale but texts with real people in it.
https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/300013.pdf?refreqid=excelsior%3A9c11775a00371e0feab60357dfc9cd2b page 144
The resurrection of Jesus is one of the biggest parts of the Bible. It has some evidence at the very least that people of the time claimed that it was true. Firstly, if we look at the Gospels they describe Jesus being buried in a tomb that was just for him. This was after he was crucified and was not in a mass grave for criminals. There have been a couple concrete discoveries to prove people were indeed crucified along with the many writings. The heel bone of Yehohanan is a heel with a large nail driven in it by romans to crucify. The bone was found in a family tomb like what Jesus was buried in. This shows the possibility of the Bible’s account for Jesus having a dignified burial. Furthermore, the Nazareth Inscription heavily suggests that people at the time thought he had resurrected. This is because it describes a penalty of death for people who caught robbing bodies of family tombs and dated to the first half of the 1st century AD. Its language is directed towards the Jews and not the Gentiles according to Dr. Clyde Billington. Why do people care about taking bodies, normally it was the treasure with the bodies people would steal? This what happened to the Pharaohs. In the Bible it describes that the Jewish leaders made up the story the disciples stole Jesus’ body. It seems likely that there was talk at the time that his body was stolen. It is reasonable to indicate there is a link and possibly a strong one between this inscription and Jesus. Some people may also say that he never was actually killed. If you look at who was killing him it does not make sense. The Romans we thoroughly trained and did not want to lose their job or life. They would have made sure you died on the cross, 1000s of people died during the first century from crucifixion. Even driving a spear to your side to ensure it. After that Jesus’ body was guarded by Roman soldiers who would not have let anyone steal the body. Who can survive 3 days without water, that is the length of time Jesus was dead in the Bible before he arose? In John it talks of water and blood coming from the spear hole in Jesus, which is a medical phenomenon, what would have happened to someone after taking such a beating from the floggings and other torture. Fluid would build up around the heart and lungs and come out from a hole with blood at the same time. How could someone 2000 years ago know this if they did not see it?
The Disciples themselves imply some validity of the resurrection. Not just because in their writings or their eyewitnesses who claim to have seen Jesus but for what they did after. 10 of the original disciples, after definitely knowing if it was a lie or not that Jesus was resurrected as they would know if they made up the story, all were killed brutishly for their belief in the resurrection. Some were beheaded or impaled or crucified upside-down. Why would you live your life persecuted and killed for a lie you made up? There had been many other self-proclaimed Messiahs before and after Jesus but if they got killed every time their following would either diminish or find a new leader. This is not what happened to Jesus. Paul writes that 500 people other than the disciples saw and met a resurrected Jesus.
About New Testament historical reliability to be the same as today I have seen a video that talks about it much better than I could. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ksvhHEoMLM&ab_channel=RaviZachariasInternationalMinistries.
Finally, how does all this relate back to creation vs evolution. Well I have tried to layout a series of evidence for the Bible being historically accurate. You may disagree with a few, but I would be very hard pressed to believe everything I have said is false. With so much pointing towards this text being historically reliable it brings up the possibility that we could start believing it. Especially give some thought to the possibility of its very beginning being true. I am not writing this to tell you, you must believe every word of the Bible. Rather that people should take it more seriously than a complete fiction. I also know that for some of my evidence there are skeptics that deny links I have proposed which is their freedom. I would just ask the question is that 100% because that is what the facts are telling them or is their disbelief in God being real what drives them in a certain direction. To conclude this is not a direct argument saying evolution is incorrect but that the book from where Biblical creation comes from is worth looking at as more non-fiction than fiction. Meaning that creation does not come from a fairytale and should be looked at the very least with some possibility with the rest of the book being historically accurate.
Thanks for reading.
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2020.11.25 16:17 arclightmagus The Elements (Collective - Ch 2)

Book 1 Start] [Last Chapter of Book 1]
[Book 2 Ch 1] [next]
Avorias Territory - Avorias Homeworld - Avorias Intelligence Service
The Director was unhappy, this day as they had been for the last three weeks. All of the senior analysts knew this because the Director’s wrath had been more than usual. Although none of them were entirely certain as to what had actually happened.
The Director looked over the reports of the last four weeks. Work at Avorias 15 had been progressing on schedule, the weapons specialist having taken all of the appropriate measures to bring the remaining Traveler weapons array online and ready to be wielded. The normal economic reports from the colony nearby were entirely normal. And then it had all gone reverse-pinned.
The weapons specialist reported some kind of power-up sequence that was unexpected but would be useful in activating the remaining control networks. And then there had been some unexpected lock-outs and a strange signal coming from the weapons array going somewhere outside of the system. But the weapons specialist hadn’t been focused on the signal as several members were killed by the lock-outs and the power-up sequence was increasing at such a rate as to become dangerous to Avorias territories.
The final signals within that system showed the arrival by warp gate of a human vessel, distinctly non-military compared to what the Director had seen thus far, but more heavily armed than half of a fleet, since it practically destroyed the super-dreadnought that was in position for the array. The energy levels aboard the array had registered at tremendous levels, the effects registering on weather monitoring sensor arrays on the colony nearby. And then…. Nothing.
None of the system’s sensors, vessels, or any other means of communication seemed to work. It was as though the system had vanished.
The Director had ordered the nearest vessels to arrive with best speed and they too had vanished.
It seemed to the Director that somehow this was the fault of the humans. They had done something to the array at a critical moment. They must have. The Director had read the reports of their electronic warfare successes against the Dregwer. If the humans could easily compromise those paranoid built systems and given their defiance of the prime laws, they could likely compromise the Traveler systems.
But, the Director inwardly admitted, not even the best Avorias had managed to determine by what means the Traveler systems were controlled. How could these humans manage to do so in a matter of almost moments?
And perhaps the more important question was what would the humans do now if they had that array? From what the Director knew of the systems, while not being an expert, the array could not be wielded without a substantial support fleet and even then, it worked best when used as one of several arrays. This did not make the array useless on its own, but simply meant that the humans would be incapable of using the full arrays’ capabilities against the Collective. But if the humans had control of even one array, they could use it to devastating results. The Director’s own review of old warfare reports of the Avorias using the arrays in a more common battle highlighted this. Entire star systems could be reduced to little more than an interstellar dust cloud with a single array.
But if the humans had known of the importance of the array, why had only one vessel appeared? And why was it clearly not military? Was this some ruse by the humans to give them some kind of advantage in the diplomatic discussions?
That was the other aspect of the current circumstances that the Director was strongly displeased with. The entire senior staff of the Xenostudies Analytics section had disappeared almost immediately upon receiving the news from Avorias 15. The Director had ordered the internal security group to locate them, but supposedly, the internal security group had no leads. The Director had some sneaking suspicions that something in the Xenostudies section had caused this apparent disloyalty, but they couldn’t be certain. What the Director had done was to swap out 50% of the remaining staff with known loyal agents and see what, if anything, was sky-eyed out.
These humans were more than a nuisance at this point, having managed to establish an alliance with the Borlians and the Capy as major entities and several smaller serving species from the Collective and from Borlian territory. And they were even in discussions with the Dumah.
The Director wasn’t foolish enough to believe that the Collective would hold if the Dumah, the Capy, and the Borlians all left. But the Director could not allow this perversion of the prime laws to continue unabated. The humans may not know any better, but the Capy and the Dumah certainly did and the Borlians should have learned better in their time within the Collective.
The Director had even received the news of the failed attack by the Dregwer upon the Borlian homesystem. It was a failed attempt at best, but had been intended to allow the Dregwer to damage or destroy the humans. But they had arrived after the acceptance of the alliance and so the humans and Borlians had acted as one, and if anything, had made the newly formed alliance even stronger. And it appeared that the human diplomats had remained in orbit of the Borlian homeworld, where they at least weren’t out causing damage among other loyal species.
It still boggled the Director how inappropriate these humans were acting. Despite being at war, they remained at the diplomatic negotiations table, annoyingly consistent in their approaches and offerings to beings on the other side. Didn’t they know that you were either the conqueror or the conquered?
And what was even worse were the terms of their so-called ‘Xeno-Confederacy’. Equal rights for all sentient beings, limited to no punishment for species law violations, equivalent treatment under the law, and, worst yet, full and consenting violation of the prime law of elements. The Director hadn’t believed his beak hadn’t fallen off upon reading those terms.
And the various species of the Collective were eager and willing to accept those terms, even the ones with comparatively strict species laws, which called for execution of deviants. And those species with a number of serving species, like the Borlians, had accepted those terms as well. Although, the Director noted, the Borlians also received a healthy economic offset of elemental and energy production systems from the humans to account for the loss of those serving species.
But that was not the way it should be. Every Avorias should know that. There were those who were equal in status, but not in rank, to the Avorias and it required much service and status to even achieve rank beyond simply serving. But these humans were clumsily flitting about, destroying societies which had endured for cycles upon cycles, simply because they didn’t like the concept of species being required to serve and because they thought themselves somehow exempted from serving because of their full sentient status.
In the room around the Director, the senior analysts, in the absence of the Director actually talking, had begun their own discussions of the latest in events between their different departments. It was clear to all of them that the entirety of the situation looked grim. The efforts to control the media regarding the sudden disconnection of Avorias 15 were slow going and difficult, since they, the intelligence service, didn’t exactly have a good scenario to spin to the media and control the message. There was only so much they could reveal without making the public wary of the intelligence service and the last thing any of the senior analysts wanted was media attention.
The perch for the Xenostudies Analytics remained empty, despite the new senior analyst having been appointed ten days ago. Rumors had flown swifter than any champion flier as to what had happened. Some whispered quietly that the senior staff of that group had been found to be plotting something against their oaths and so had been taken into custody. Others whispered that they had actually attempted some action against the Director and had been summarily executed. And further others, albeit significantly fewer, dared to suggest that the senior staff had laid their feathers on an unlisted transport, such as the service was known to use from time to time, and had fled Avorias space.
The new senior analyst for Xenostudies Analytics came in at last, a known talon polisher to the Director but still adequately qualified for the role, even if the rest of the senior analysts didn’t care for them. This was especially true at the moment as many had received transplants from the Xenostudies section as other leading experts were ripped away to go into Xenostudies. This meant, if nothing else, that their all important works were slowed dramatically, at a time when speed was of the essence.
The Director rapped on their perch and the meeting began.
TO: Empress Carolus
FROM: Imperial Intelligence Service
SUBJECT: A-15 Investigation
As per your directive, we have been examining the details relayed from deep space assets regarding the events of Avorias 15. To date, we do not have an adequate understanding of the full events, but based on inputs from Beethoven and Rodin, we believe we have a part of what occurred.
A TraveleNomad weapons array was still present in the system at that time. However, based on signals present within the system, there is reason to suggest that some other system, likely created by the Travelers/Nomads, may have also been present. What this other system represents is an unknown variable, given the lack of clear information regarding the Travelers/Nomads.
Also noted was the arrival of a human vessel. This was determined by the warp gate signature. However, at the present time, we are unable to determine who that vessel was, their purpose in arriving within close proximity of the weapons array, or if they were able to leave prior to the event.
Deep space assets were then moved into sensing positions around the system but noted that the system appeared to be damaged, both in normal and in warp space, but was damaged in such a way that it is unlikely to appear as such on civilian or Species Collective sensors. Launched probes via warp space were destroyed in the transition between warp space and normal space for reasons that are presently unknown.
Sensor returns of the region of space show the whole system in a 40 AU radius sphere as damaged. As a result, without further details, it is assumed that the system contained within that 40 AU sphere is destroyed or otherwise incapable of being reached without systems such as appear on the IMS Fram.
Based on this destruction and no clear further information on the related TraveleNomad weapons arrays which were determined after the fact to likely already be in transit to human territories, we are conducting further investigations to determine likely locations where the remaining arrays might be located and if capture of such arrays is possible for analysis.
Further details will be provided as they become available.
Sol System - High Jupiter Orbit
Rodin replayed and replayed the events as Beethoven had shown them. The creators’ weapon arrays had been brimming with energy, not yet wrath, but awaiting a clear use. How these ‘Avorias’ beings had managed to awaken the whole of a single weapons array let alone the several that they had intended was beyond what Rodin believed they should have been able to accomplish.
For one thing, their energy, like the energies of the humans, was patently wrong for the proper workings of the creators’ systems. The humans who had awoken Rodin’s kind were still working to understand the energy which Rodin’s kind used, but to Rodin, it was the human energies that were strange. And yet, both worked.
Rodin considered this for a time, while observing the clouds of Jupiter spin by. There was something watching the clouds that appealed to Rodin, much like how Matroshka spoke of watching the comparatively tiny lives of humans unfold. There seemed to be so much to process and to understand, even in the tiniest of aspects, and there were so many variables that Rodin contemplated how humans managed when Rodin themself could scarcely keep track of all the factors.
Rodin could spawn entire analysis trees to follow particles within the whole of Jupiter’s clouds. But there was a certain majesty in not knowing. It bothered Rodin at first, but the Empress had explained to Rodin that while both Rodin and humans are capable of devoting their energies to such efforts, that knowing comes at a cost, whether of time, effort, or resources or all three. And so if Rodin wanted to spend a number of years devoted to such efforts, the Empress would not object. But at the same time, the Empress reminded Rodin that it would simply be knowing the life of one particle on one planet for that period of time, no more, no less. And in exchange for not knowing about those few particles, Rodin was instead able to contemplate the mystery of humans, a kind of science that not even the humans had mastered.
There was a twist in one of the cloud banks that reminded Rodin of something and the energy differentials made sense. The energies that the humans and these ‘Avorias’ used was a sort of ‘light’ energy, whereas the creators used ‘dark’ energy, it being far more abundant in the depths of space and having a significantly different property set. However, an adequate quantity of the light energy contained enough of the same properties as the dark energy and it's just possible that these ‘Avorias’ used that kind of energy quantity to ‘jumpstart’ (as the humans said) the creator weapons array.
Rodin considered this for a time. Below Rodin, the clouds of Jupiter spun and twisted in a ceaseless dance of chaos.
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2020.11.25 16:00 primetimecsu [Main] 1987 Rolex 16803 Black Dial - 100 spots at $85/ea with 5 spot limit for an hour.

Item Name: 1987 Rolex 16803 Black Dial
Price: $8500
# of Spots: 100
Approval: https://mod.reddit.com/mail/all/iiqtb
Previous Raffle (If applicable) n/a
Price Justification: 11/15 ebay - $7100. Terrible pics. Case shape seems off and could be fake but am not 100% sure due to pictures taken with a 1987 potato. No B&P
Price Justification: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rolex-Submariner-Black-Men-039-s-Watch-16803-/254772873701?nma=true&si=tFskKDeOyZpu%252Bu6fMNqrKnIPKCM%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
Price Justification: 10/25 ebay - $8293. No B&P
Price Justification: 9/28 ebay - $7400. Fake Bezel No B&P
Price Justification: 8/27 ebay - $8999. 1986, good shape, B&P
Price Justification: posted 10/24 trf - unsure if sold. $8800 no b&p
Price Justification: posted 9/14 on timezone - same watch as ebay 9/28 fake bezel listing
Price Justification: posted 4/3 on trf - unsure if sold. 7900 with b&p
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? 5 for 1st hour
Location/Country: USA
Will ship international? USA/CA/INTL. CA/INTL responsible for costs per rules
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/m6I6oSH
Escrow: N
Description: Up for raffle is my 1987 16803. The warranty papers are dated 8/28/1987. The watch head is in good shape and has been polished probably more than once in its lifetime based on shape and softer bezel features. The xtal has some marks around the edge between 10-15 minutes. The bezel has a mark at the 35 minute. Dial is original tritium with little to no patina, bezel is original tritium with a little patina, hands are service hands with lume. The bracelet has been polished in the past as evident by the soft crown on the clasp. There is some stretch with the bracelet which is to be expected with the hollow gold links on a watch that is over 30 years old and has been worn. The bracelet currently fits ~7.5" wrist. This comes with the Rolex Outer Box and Inner Box and Warranty Papers from 1987.

PayPal Info: https://paypal.me/csu87

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2020.11.25 14:59 MostWanted2011 Zeig mir wie du tanzt [Skrillex Remix] has a Music Video which is actually a demo or an alternate version

disclaimer: idk if this belongs to daily, personally i would consider this information regarding Skrillex
as a surprise to no one, the tanzt remix most likely doesn't have publicly remaining traces of mad early concepts but it does have one aspect where alternate versions are often found and it is the music video.
the key differences are:
considering the mixdown, the intro and the incompetence of major labels sometimes resulting in out of date material circulating internally * i would assume it's a version predating the cd release
Thats all
* (i've seen this many times before, example: one of warner's distributors put a super unfinished 2007 october version of pendulum's propane on a 2008 march internal promo cd, easy buy on ebay 11 years later)
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2020.11.25 14:57 FormalSmoke Release Date: NASA x adidas Ultra Boost DNA Halo Silver

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Release Date: NASA x adidas Ultra Boost DNA Halo Silver

In addition to the “Football Blue” colorway, the NASA x adidas Ultra Boost DNA will be offered in a sleek “Halo Silver” finish. With the model essentially honoring the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the tonal silver theme may be inspired by spacesuits or the International Space Station. Finally, semi-translucent grey lace caging, silver TPU heel overlays, white Boost midsoles, and NASA branding on the insoles and tongues round out the design.
Retailing for $180, look for the NASA x adidas Ultra Boost DNA “Halo Silver” at select adidas stockists and online on December 6. Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news, release dates and where to purchase your favorite kicks.
Images: adidas
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2020.11.25 14:52 IIWIIM8 Global COVID Cases For 25NOV20

Summary As Of: 25NOV2020 @ 22:30 GMT
Countries 218 + 2
Cases 60,650,732
Deaths 1,425,018
Recovered 41,880,721
Active Cases 17,344,993

Countries reporting new cases in this update: 158

Countries reporting new deaths in this update: 109

w/Active cases w/No Active cases w/All cases rcvrd
Cntry’s 212 2 4
Cases 60,650,732 84 126
Deaths 1,425,018 2 0
Rcvrd 41,880,721 82 126

Daily totals of new: cases, deaths & recoveries

Date Cases Deaths Rcvr’s
23NOV 532,244 8,120 385,763
24NOV 549,839 11,733 395,062
25NOV 555,287 11,154 337,754

Cases, Deaths, Active by Continent *

Cont Cases Deaths Active
N A 15,281,945 398,881 9,357,711
Europe 16,252,859 371,007 6,546,239
S A 10,853,453 320,077 9,724,511
Asia 16,098,425 283,312 14,427,723
Africa 2,119,193 50,715 1,790,883
Oceania 44,136 1,011 32,995
World 60,650,732 60,650,732 1,425,018

Countries with Active Cases *

Country Cases Deaths Recoveries
USA 13,104,637+ 267,924+ 7,714,751+
India 9,266,697+ 135,261+ 8,677,986+
Brazil 6,166,606+ 170,769+ 5,476,018+
France 2,170,097+ 50,618+ 156,552+
Russia 2,162,503+ 37,538+ 1,660,419+
Spain 1,622,632+ 44,037+ N/A
UK 1,557,007+ 56,533+ N/A
Italy 1,480,874+ 52,028+ 637,149+
Argentina 1,381,795 37,432 1,210,634
Colombia 1,270,991+ 35,860+ 1,174,959+
Mexico 1,060,152+ 102,739+ 791,516+
Germany 983,731+ 15,381+ 656,400+
Peru 954,459+ 35,727+ 884,747+
Poland 924,422+ 14,988+ 469,527+
Iran 894,385+ 46,207+ 625,606+
South Africa 775,502+ 21,201+ 716,444
Ukraine 661,858+ 11,492+ 307,778+
Belgium 561,803+ 15,938+ 36,569+
Chile 544,092+ 15,138+ 520,180+
Iraq 542,187+ 12,086+ 472,054+
Indonesia 511,836+ 16,225+ 429,807+
Czechia 505,215+ 7,611+ 417,657+
Netherlands 498,653+ 9,109+ N/A
Turkey 467,730+ 12,840+ 385,480+
Bangladesh 454,146+ 6,487+ 369,179+
Romania 440,344+ 10,541+ 313,885+
Philippines 422,915+ 8,215+ 386,955+
Pakistan 382,892+ 7,803+ 332,974+
Saudi Arabia 356,067+ 5,825+ 344,787+
Canada 345,461+ 11,689+ 276,136+
Morocco 336,506+ 5,539+ 284,496+
Israel 331,915+ 2,826+ 319,921+
Switzerland 309,469+ 4,393+ 211,500
Portugal 274,011+ 4,127+ 189,356+
Austria 260,512+ 2,667+ 189,059+
Sweden 230,514+ 6,555+ N/A
Nepal 226,026+ 1,389+ 207,998+
Jordan 198,021+ 2,442+ 131,181+
Ecuador 186,436 13,264 164,009
Hungary 185,687+ 4,114+ 44,020
UAE 162,662+ 563+ 151,044+
Panama 156,930+ 2,986+ 138,007+
Bolivia 144,147+ 8,928+ 119,835+
Kuwait 141,217+ 871+ 134,033+
Serbia 140,608+ 1,315+ 31,536
Dominican Republic 139,396+ 2,315+ 113,263+
Qatar 137,851+ 237+ 134,950+
Japan 135,400+ 2,001+ 114,725+
Costa Rica 134,520+ 1,674+ 82,611+
Bulgaria 129,348+ 3,226+ 40,102+
Armenia 129,085+ 2,040+ 100,913+
Belarus 128,449+ 1,119+ 107,452+
Kazakhstan 127,580+ 1,945 114,347+
Oman 122,579 1,391 113,856
Lebanon 120,341+ 950+ 71,236+
Guatemala 119,989+ 4,107+ 108,854+
Georgia 114,889+ 1,085+ 95,581+
Egypt 113,742+ 6,573+ 102,103+
Croatia 111,617+ 1,501+ 89,425+
Ethiopia 107,109+ 1,664+ 66,574+
Honduras 105,572+ 2,877+ 46,821+
Azerbaijan 102,396+ 1,224+ 66,963+
Moldova 101,203+ 2,209+ 83,789+
Venezuela 100,498+ 876+ 95,344+
Greece 97,288+ 1,902+ 9,989+
Tunisia 91,307+ 2,983+ 66,459
China 86,469+ 4,634+ 81,530+
Bahrain 86,185+ 340 84,335+
Myanmar 83,566+ 1,810 63,366+
Bosnia and Herzegovina 83,328+ 2,429+ 48,210+
Libya 79,797+ 1,125+ 50,914+
Kenya 79,322+ 1,417+ 52,974+
Algeria 78,025+ 2,329+ 50,712+
Paraguay 77,891+ 1,677+ 55,531+
Palestine 76,727+ 665+ 60,499+
Denmark 72,178+ 605+ 69,455+
Uzbekistan 71,187+ 2,033+ 23,364+
Ireland 70,744+ 1,245+ 62,048+
Kyrgyzstan 69,306+ 1,199+ 47,770
Slovenia 66,607+ 1,169+ 62,311+
Nigeria 59,817+ 345+ 46,501+
Malaysia 58,190+ 28+ 58,091+
Singapore 57,451+ 1,600+ 34,970+
North Macedonia 51,655+ 432 12,282+
Lithuania 51,225+ 323+ 50,127+
Ghana 45,490+ 1,725+ 36,145+
Afghanistan 37,884+ 1,086 34,595+
El Salvador 34,944+ 743+ 17,031+
Albania 33,988 316 20,956
Norway 32,808+ 459+ 21,229+
Montenegro 32,100+ 288+ 22,630
Luxembourg 31,735+ 513+ 26,825+
S. Korea 27,854+ 907+ 25,538+
Australia 23,869+ 436+ 22,177+
Cameroon 22,652+ 388 16,800+
Finland 21,469+ 96+ 15,447
Sri Lanka 21,168+ 131+ 20,843+
Ivory Coast 18,890+ 191+ 8,832+
Uganda 17,466+ 357 16,707+
Zambia 17,341+ 251+ 16,657+
Madagascar 16,431 1,202 9,854
Sudan 15,927 331 15,540
Senegal 15,302 128 13,459
Mozambique 14,821+ 340 7,517+
Angola 14,273+ 184+ 1,686+
Latvia 14,006+ 145+ 13,339+
Namibia 13,517+ 70+ 4,842+
French Polynesia 12,929+ 76 11,902+
Guinea 12,854 46 11,681
Maldives 12,365+ 331+ 11,433+
DRC 12,008+ 86 11,395+
Tajikistan 11,116+ 70 9,995
French Guiana 10,541+ 97 6,052+
Estonia 10,526+ 104 9,900
Cabo Verde 10,488+ 247+ 5,623+
Jamaica 9,992+ 31 7,692+
Botswana 9,398+ 274+ 8,297+
Zimbabwe 9,253 122 7,062
Malta 9,229 232 7,886
Haiti 9,199+ 46+ 2,055+
Cyprus 9,173+ 59 9,016
Gabon 8,344+ 149+ 2,242
Guadeloupe 8,246+ 171 7,646+
Mauritania 8,026+ 133+ 7,470
Cuba 7,836+ 39+ 6,660+
Réunion 7,460+ 163 5,708+
Bahamas 7,459+ 391+ 3,271
Syria 6,488+ 115 5,639+
Trinidad and Tobago 6,428+ 76+ 5,542+
Andorra 6,272 120 5,901
Eswatini 6,018+ 185 5,450+
Malawi 5,867+ 108 5,295+
Hong Kong 5,784+ 160 4,225+
Nicaragua 5,779+ 47 5,317+
Rwanda 5,670+ 61+ 5,575
Djibouti 5,632+ 93 4,988+
Congo 5,413+ 40 98+
Martinique 5,335 125 2,899
Belize 5,312+ 26+ 5,110
Iceland 5,300+ 117+ 5,177+
Suriname 5,236+ 147 4,242+
Guyana 5,181+ 49+ 2,964+
Mayotte 5,137+ 85 5,005+
Equatorial Guinea 4,911+ 63 1,924
CAR 4,870 72 3,827
Uruguay 4,778 45 4,632
Aruba 4,445+ 113+ 3,412+
Somalia 4,417+ 148 3,054+
Mali 3,926 60 3,780
Thailand 3,726 123 3,585
Gambia 3,073+ 61 2,938+
South Sudan 2,916 43 2,579+
Benin 2,872+ 64 2,295
Togo 2,757 68 2,557
Burkina Faso 2,422 43 2,309
Guinea-Bissau 2,408 74 1,829
Sierra Leone 2,124 611 1,474
Yemen 2,092+ 44 1,277
Lesotho 2,039+ 25+ 1,955+
New Zealand 1,827 3 1,043
Curaçao 1,655+ 101 1,494+
Chad 1,578 83 1,340
Liberia 1,492+ 44 1,221+
San Marino 1,492+ 44+ 1,221+
Niger 1,406+ 70 1,169+
Vietnam 1,321 35 1,153
Liechtenstein 1,183+ 14 985
Channel Islands 1,124+ 48+ 937+
Sint Maarten 1,020 25 906
Gibraltar 991+ 5 895+
Sao Tome and Principe 981+ 17 926+
Turks and Caicos 746 6 700
Mongolia 699 0 342
Saint Martin 690+ 12 598
Burundi 673 1 575
Papua New Guinea 630 7 588
Taiwan 623 7 553
Comoros 607+ 7 579+
Monaco 594 3 530
Eritrea 558+ 0 473+
Tanzania 509 21 183
Faeroe Islands 500 0 498
Mauritius 494 10 433
Bhutan 386 0 363
Isle of Man 369 25 338
Cambodia 307 0 298+
Cayman Islands 266+ 2 249+
Barbados 262+ 7 242+
Bermuda 239+ 9 205+
Saint Lucia 235+ 2 109+
Seychelles 166+ 0 159
Caribbean Netherlands 161 3 155
Brunei 150 3 145
Antigua and Barbuda 140 4 129
St. Barth 127+ 0 94+
St. Vincent Grenadines 84 0 78
Dominica 77 0 63
Grenada 41 0 30
Laos 39 0 24
Fiji 38 2 33
Vatican City 27+ 0 15
Saint Kitts and Nevis 22 0 19
Solomon Islands 17+ 0 5
Falkland Islands 16+ 0 13
Saint Pierre Miquelon 16 0 12
Western Sahara 10 1 8
Anguilla 4 0 3
Marshall Islands 4 0 1
Wallis and Futuna 3 0 1
Samoa 1 0 0
Vanuatu 1 0 0
Total: 60,650,732 1,425,018 41,880,721

Countries with No Active Cases

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Greenland 18 0 18
Macao 46 0 46
New Caledonia 32 0 32
Timor-Leste 30 0 30
Total: 126 0 126

Countries with All Cases Resolved

Country Cases Deaths Rcvrd
British Virgin Islands 71 1 70
Montserrat 13 1 12
Total: 84 2 82

International Conveyances

Intl Cnvy Cases Deaths Rcvrd
Diamond Princess 712 13 659
MS Zaandam 9 2 0
Total: 721 15 659
Source Notations * Full Chart
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