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A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job.

2020.11.23 23:14 SeanWoodstock #hiring - IT Manager @ Infracore LLC

Hi All!
Infracore LLC is hiring for an experienced, enterprise IT Manager to join our highly technical team. We are looking for someone who wants to be client facing and help an organization create and execute a strategic IT plan and vision. This person would be asked to be a technical, hands on contributor in balance to the leadership and strategic responsibilities of the team and client.
Infracore is a SD based IT Management Consulting and Services firm providing technology agnostic solutions to enterprise IT clientele.
Read about us on Glassdoor or check out our careers page:
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2020.11.23 22:25 AngryGS Reviews on HUD in Dallas Ft Worth?

Not sure to take this offer that need me & family to relocate from PA to TX plus a GS grade down demotion, but I wanted to hear anyone who work there or any pros & cons beside what I've seen from Glassdoor. Also, are they all 100% telework still given the pandemic?
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2020.11.23 21:08 yarny14 KPMG Advisory: Finance Transformation Associate salaries/experiences? (NYC)

Hi all, I'm considering continuing the recruitment process with KPMG for their Advisory/Consulting practice with the Finance Transformation group based in NYC. I was hoping the community could take a look at my experience/stats and tell me what I could expect in terms of comp:
I checked Glassdoor for salary estimates for KPMG Advisory associates and was shocked at how low the figures looked, even with the job being in NYC... I saw anywhere from $65k-$75k. These low figures lead me to believe that this is an entry-level undergrad role, which is not where I'm at and not what I'm looking for.
Could anyone chime in and confirm whether those salary figures look accurate, and whether an Advisory Associate position is an entry-level new grad role? And also maybe share some insights into KPMG's Finance Transformation group if possible.
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2020.11.23 17:54 RaspberryRoyal What would be a good salary for a new grad in Chicago?

I'm being converted from an intern to a full time role when I graduate in January. My boss is going to talk to me about salary tomorrow, and I don't know what to expect or know if I'm being paid fairly.
For reference, here are a few figures:
  1. I was being paid $33 an hour as an intern.
  2. Glassdoor says the salary for Software Engineer 1 for my company is 90k.

If my boss offers me 90k, should I be happy with it? Should I ask for more money? What if they refuse? I love working here and I really do want to continue as a full time employee.
I see people here with ~150k as new grads, but I do understand and recognize that location really plays a big factor and you can't compare salaries just on raw numbers.
So my question is: Is ~90k a decent salary for Chicago?
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2020.11.23 12:25 fcebtfs I’m already burnt out

I’m 23 I graduated in 2019 and it’s been just a little over a year since I started my current job and I’m already burnt out. But I’m one of the lucky ones, I work in a big progressive city for one of the most “woke” companies. I mean we were ranked as one of the top places for women to work by Glassdoor. We have diversity and inclusion seminars, our teams are almost 40% female. We have women groups for support and a female mentor ship program. My co workers have never even said explicitly demeaning things about women in front of me. The words “boys will be boys” hasn’t even been spoken as an legitimate excuse. Awesome! Right? We like solved sexism in the workplace!
No. All we did was mask it. We still fall into the same tropes, protecting men because they’re deemed better assets. Being more critical of women’s work while letting men’s laziness slide. Prolific boys clubs and never accepting a women unless she becomes “one of the boys”. Being ignored and talked over in meetings, I’ve literally been ignored in discussion threads at work where my idea isn’t taken seriously until my male co worker types it. The median age is a solid 30 and there’s still that general air that women aren’t worth really investing in because they’ll just leave to start a family anyways. They went from saying these things explicitly to just hiding it in their actions. I know progress is slow especially when changing a culture. But It feels like all we’ve managed to do is get companies to slap a few bandaids on and pat themselves on the back for not being the worst.
So then why aren’t there more women in the tech industry even with the diversity programs, promised progressive work culture, and a lot of incentive to be there. It’s not because we don’t want to be. I used to be so excited for this job and I am passionate about the work. But I now constantly find my self fantasizing about switching careers. Switching to a career where I don’t have to perform twice as well to be considered half as good as your male counter part. Switching to a career where my accomplishments are not diminished due to my gender. I now understand why women leave so often. Sure you could blame them for not sticking it out and trying to create change from the inside. But the burdens of diversity should not be shouldered by the diverse.
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2020.11.23 09:24 nasdreas CLIQ Digital (netflix/ spotify/ kindle combination)

Hi All,
I found the, relatively small, company "Cliq Digital" and thought I would write a DD post for investing to streamline my own thoughts. The company looks solid from a financial point of view. Due to COVID the number of users has grown significantly. I'm looking for reasons not to invest in this Company / other thoughts.
CLIQ Digital is an all in one streaming platform for Music, Audiobooks, Sports and Movies. It offers unlimited access to Audiobooks, Sports, Movies and Music for €14,99/ month. Hence, the core business of the Group is the online direct marketing of its streaming entertainment services to consumers globally. In 2019 CLIQ Digital realized over 90% of its sales in Europe and North America and employs about 100 staff.
Financial performance
Key figures (Euro M)
Key figures 2018 2019 2020E
Sales 58 63 105
EBITDA 4 6 15
EPS 0.36 0.36 1.12
Sales Growth (%) -17.5% 8.5% 66%
EBITDA Margin (%) 6.6% 9.1% 14.1%
Net margin (%) 3.7% 3.5% 6.6%
At a first (quick) glance, this company looks interesting: 1) revenue grows, 2) margins improve, 3) cash flow positive and 4) strong balance sheet. I'm wondering whether I've missing anything. What do you think?
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2020.11.23 09:13 kdresden Appropriate to ask about new grad compensation as an intern?

I am trying to decide between several internship offers and one of the factors in my decision is whether I would want to join that company after graduation since I am graduating next year. I have been scouring Glassdoor to see what the compensation for full time offers at those companies look like, but Glassdoor may not be that accurate since info may be outdated or it is not representative of new grad offers. Is it appropriate to ask my recruiters at each of my offers what a new grad compensation may look like even if I haven't accepted their internship offer yet?
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2020.11.23 01:12 blueskiesplease Job Offer, is there room for negotiation? Is It Hard to get offers in Perth now?

Offered a role at a company I love.
I don't know if I should negotiate the salary or take the offer?
With everything going on in the world maybe I should just be glad I have a job offer? Thanks, Perth Reddit, any tips here would be great!
Industry: Software Role: BDM Salary: I researched this and in Perth the range was from 85k to 140k (Linkedin, payscale, glassdoor)
How much room for negotiation do I have? I have 10 years experience in management and sales and know software v well, but no BDM expereince.
The interviewed me Wed and offered me the role in the final interview Friday. I don't want to keep them waiting, they are very nice people!
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2020.11.23 00:43 Pale_Efficiency6831 [IWantOut] 31m Mechatronics Engineer Hungary -> Germany

Have a friend who offered me a place to stay with them in Berlin while I get myself up, but I really need help sorting out the logistics and paperwork.
I have to transport a cat and quite a few boxes of accumulated life, and I honestly have no idea where to start. I imagine the cat can be flown with me, and there must be a moving company capable of dealing with this, but would anyone some suggestions on how best to handle it and if there is an recommended company?
As for paperwork, I am a EU citizen, and I know enough that I have to register with the city police within a few weeks of arriving. But I imagine I should get some paperwork on hand before I can claim actual residency, and should probably have a bank account. I looked at N64, but don't know if that would not work for claiming residency.
Also, does anyone know how engineering /software job application work in Germany? Is it instantly disqualifiable to have a photo, birthdate or anything like that in it, or just frowned upon? Are there any specific websites to search besides linkedin and glassdoor?
Thank you to everyone and anyone who can answer these questions and make life a little easier. As you can imagine COVID is making all of this 10x harder than it would have already been, and it would be nice to have an idea of what I am getting myself into.
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2020.11.22 23:15 Legonator What is the Bakery Manager schedule like?

My wife is starting to explore jobs outside of her home bakery. She got her start 15 years ago doing wedding cakes for a nice bakery in Cleveland and has ran her own home bakery since.
It appeared the bakery was fast paced (great for my wife’s personality) and the only real complaint on Glassdoor was long hours.
Can anyone elaborate on the experience with what the life and work life of the bakery manager job would be?
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2020.11.22 19:24 holographicpyramids2 Covid is making me unbury my suicide plan.

Just a heads up, I feel the need to curse to express myself. If anyone takes offense to that please understand it’s not my intention. It’s just my way of explaining my emotions.
Like many, Iam one of the millions of people fucked over by COVID. I lost my restaurant job when the pandemic hit. I did the smart thing and immediately applied for unemployment. I knew it took awhile for the application to go through so I waited patiently for a month. And I didn’t get an email or call about it. So I called them, they were a bitch and a half to get a hold of. I finally talk to someone and they say that there’s no sign of my application at all! That pissed me off so I applied again...
While waiting for financial aid, I applied for tons of jobs. My expertise is in restaurants and retail, but my lovely fiancé is now pregnant with our first kid and I’m freaking the fuck out. I want to be able to provide for my fiancé and kid. So I made the effort to apply for office jobs and better paying full time jobs. Well guess fucking what ! Apparently my 6+ years of restaurant/retail work experience doesn’t count for shit when it comes to applying for ENTRY LEVEL JOBS. I currently use indeed and Glassdoor for my job search and it’s just soil crushing to apply to these entry level jobs just for them to email me saying “sorry you don’t meet the requirements for this job” it’s a fucking slap in the face!
So not only do I used Glassdoor and indeed, I also make the effort to go to various stores and businesses asking for applications. I live in salem Oregon and we have this grocery store called winco. Well I applied there because my mom saw that they were hiring and offered benefits and whatnot. I waited a week, and then I called. I spoke to the hiring manager who looked up my name in the application database and he tells me “I’m sorry to inform you but we have already found someone more qualified for this role” and so I asked him “what made the other person more qualified than me?” I have cash handling experience, customer service experience. And he goes on to say “well yes I looked at your application and saw you’ve worked in restaurants and retail, you don’t have experience in a grocery store.” I was so mad I hung up on him (I know not a good idea)
After putting in about well over 100 applications all over salem I got nothing in response back besides the bullshit “you’re unqualified/ don’t meet the hiring requirements” . So I realized I’m gunna have to bite the bullet and just find a restaurant or retail job to cover me while I find something better... well guess fucking what ! I can’t even land a restaurant or retail gig. All the restaurants are dropping employees because of covid and for some reason the retail stores around me won’t even consider my application. I’ve tried fast food restaurants and they won’t hire me either for some unknown reason. I’ve done everything I can I follow up with applications, I ask to speak to manager personally, I dress well and have clean cut hair...I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. I even went as far to ask my friend who’s currently a manager at a wing stop if there was any sort of website that managers or employers use to look up “reviews” about people. He told me he doesn’t know of any website like that thankfully.
To reiterate here are things and services I have tried to use and still am trying to use Department of unemployment Department of employment Employment agencies Craigslist ads (I have responded to job postings and also posted that I’m looking for work) Indeed and Glassdoor.
Oh and I don’t have a car either so it makes it even harder to get around. Yes there’s a bus system in salem but it’s kinda hard when the nearest bus station is over two miles away and it only runs on weekdays. Also kinda hard to afford a bus pass when you have -2 cents to your name.
It’s a real punch in the face to beg to an employer to give me a chance because I have a baby on the way and that I’m desperate for a job. It’s causing me to dust off my old suicide plan. I find myself thinking the plan out thoroughly a lot lately... I don’t want to die, but if I can’t support my baby and my fiancé , what’s the point of living ? The point of a mans life is to make money to support a family. What good am I if I can’t support my family? I JUST WANT TO SUPPORT MY FAMILY! I DONT WANT TO BE A FAILURE IN MY DAD’S EYES!
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2020.11.22 18:46 armandhoe [RANT] Continuously let down my a website that represents my whole childhood.

I think we can all remember the times when we graduated from girlsgogames to stardoll, dressing up celebrities for hours at the time and then making an account, organising our closet, decorating our room, trying to make patchy makeup go on smooth but always failing, saving up weeks worth of stardollars to spend on one dress, stealing our moms cellphones to sneakily buy 90 stardollars...
I have been on this site for so long, but it always makes me feel sad when i log in and i see nothing has changed.
Stardoll has a somewhat steady income coming from royalties and superstars, that's not counting the ads and possible brand deals they do on the side, yet the quality of the site is the same.
I literally can't even begin to list the things that make me feel this way about the site, i just wish the site would be acquired by someone with a sense of entrepreneurship who actually gives a damn about user experience.
I looked online for remote job openings yet none are offered, what i did come across was many glassdoor posts about the poor experiences of people who worked there and i'm sorry to say the disinterest from management shows on the finished product, a site that has no contests, no games (the game section literally has the same games since 2008), no new celebrities to dress (unless you are a superstar, of course). Let's not even talk about the in game prices, shameful.
For every 100 new items in the store about 5 are starcoin items and about 1 is actually cute.
This website used to be a beacon of light for young girls everywhere, the only lesson it imparts right now is elitism and that you need to be rich to have fun and succeed.
People resorted to make faces with hair, they have been doing so since it was introduced, yet the team never grasped onto making a face mask design studio...
The items you can design in star design have been the same since the day the game launched, and so have been the facial features and hairstyles in the beauty parlour.
I really hope marketing research looks at these posts although i doubt it since the consensus over the website is that it needs creative work and a whole new team of young designers on it if they want it to grow, which it DEFINITELY has potential to do since its nostalgia tokens are really high.
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2020.11.22 17:41 krabrz Anyone at pill hill's pharma/biotech companies willing to shed some light on positions and salaries?

I'm going to be a BSc grad next spring and I'm interested in working in the pharma/biotech industry. Living in Mississauga I know the sector is quite large with big players located at pill hill. I may try to get my foot in the door through the MBiotech program at UTM, although I'm not familiar with many of the positions they offer. I tend to see stuff in sales and marketing, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, etc. (basically all office jobs).
Can anyone here working in this field shed some light on how you like it as well as salaries for new grads and prospects maybe 5 years after? Sites like Glassdoor don't seem to provide great information, it's either those with best or worst experiences that provide reviews and the salary ranges seem quite broad and arbitrary.
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2020.11.22 17:12 JockNRolla Salary’s in ILM

What’s a good living salary here in Wilmington? Glassdoor mostly reports from PPD not sure how accurate this reflects the local average, what’s perceived as a good salary?
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2020.11.22 13:11 ipackedkdb O que fazer em relação a uma empresa tóxica?

Gente, eu estou numa empresa, em que desde o começo tem um pessoal tentando me tirar. Isso está afetando bastante meu psicológico e minha ansiedade está nas alturas. Todo dia em que penso em voltar para essa empresa, sinto uma náusea de manhã e vontade de me matar rs. É uma empresa bem tóxica mesmo, em que só fica quem faz bullying. Bom, alguns exemplos do que tá acontecendo, meu chefe escolhe favoritos, quando vou apresentar alguma coisa, colegas começam a usar o celular, o CEO falou indiretamente que não me ajudaria se não colocasse dinheiro no fundo deles, postava alguma coisa no whats, e ninguém respondia, apenas o CEO, mas quando o colega postava todo mundo respondia. Me xingam indiretamente, a panela lá é bem grande, e o RH tá incluso nessa palhaçada. Meus colegas falam que vou precisar de psicólogo e que deveria me suicidar, kkkk, e muitas outras coisas.
Tem um cara realmente insuportável, que tá fazendo de tudo para eu sair, e falou ainda "fez merda tem que se fuder". Eu talvez não tenha feito uma boa apresentação no começo por ter um pouco de ansiedade social, mas não justifica os atos deles. Uma menina que entrou comigo foi despedida, pq o pessoal não queria passar tarefa para ela. Enfim, eu não sai ainda, porque não quero sair só porque querem que eu saia, principalmente por causa desse fdp que não para de me atormentar o dia inteiro tentando me isolar e fazer o que faz. Depois que comecei a gravar as situações lá e eles perceberam, o pessoal parou de fazer tantas indiretas, e juro por deus que começaram a me tratar melhor, menos esse colega que continua fazendo as merda. Empresa de bosta, não tem avaliação no glassdoor, me pediram para assinar o contrato de pj no início, não pude nem levar para casa para ler. Estou pensando em comprar uma caneta com câmera para deixar lá e gravar as situações que ocorrem no dia a dia. É praticamente impossível fazer as atividades com o que eles fazem com o psicológico.
Quero muito sair, mas não sei se devo sair agora. A porra da estág que faz bullying, vai ser efetivada, e tá falando mal de mim para todo mundo que entra lá. Meu nome tá ficando bem sujo e tem um pessoal que nem olha na minha cara. O turn over é bem alto, então muita gente entra e sai. Dinheiro não me importo muito, pq comecei a trabalhar desde cedo, então tenho uma grana acumulada já. Mas esse gap no currículo ficaria meio ruim. O que vocês fariam no meu lugar?
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2020.11.22 12:44 TheSkyPirate Choosing between Software Engineering vs ML/Data Science as a non-elite engineer

I want to preface this by saying that this is from the perspective of a relatively average or even mediocre engineer. While I often work long hours, I have a big life outside of work. I am aware that there are a small number of very well paying ML/Data Science jobs, however I have no interest in pursuing one of these myself.
My question: I studied EE in undergrad, and got my Master's in Machine Learning, where I learned a bit of Python. For the past two years I've been working in a supposed "Machine Learning Engineer" position, however I haven't really needed to do any Machine Learning, and really I'm just working as a Python + Java developer. My current salary is higher than a normal Software Engineer with 2 years of experience, but at this job it would probably converge with a normal software engineering salary over the next several years.
I hear out in the world that Data/AI type people are in high demand, and on glassdoor I see that these jobs pay a bit better than Java Developer type jobs. However, everyone I've met working one of these jobs is a PhD, or a very talented MS, and they all went to elite schools like MIT or CMU.
So as I gradually develop my skills, I feel torn between ML and Software Engineering. My background is in ML and I hear that these jobs command better salaries, but I don't know if large numbers of ML jobs really exist, in the way that there are millions of Software Engineering positions. Over time my work experience is moving me towards being a "normal" software engineer, but I'm not sure if it's stupid to transition into a slightly lower-paying field when I have a background in the higher-paying field. But on the other hand, I know that there are tons of Software Engineering jobs, and I don't know if realistically there are any significant number of jobs for non-elite engineers to do ML.
Do all of these AI/Data jobs actually exist?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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2020.11.22 02:48 fuckman5 How are salaries on Glassdoor so different from

Looking at the same company and same position, lists much higher compensation than Glassdoor, even for someone inexperienced. E.g. Glassdoor salary for software engineer at company A is 120k average, then on levels some guy with 1 year experience is getting 170k for the same position. I also noticed salaries people post on this subreddit are higher than Glassdoor. Are Glassdoor salaries just consistently underrated? How can I figure out what the actual average salary is for a position at a company?
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2020.11.21 23:27 OutsideYam Does Anyone Have Experience With

I applied for one of their jobs and got a response asking to take an aptitude test, English proficiency test then a 1.5 hour DS&A exam. The pay is only 30k a year, or $15/hr. It seems incredibly fishy, I tried to find them on, but I could only find CrossoverForWork. I'm not sure if it's the same, but the general aesthetic of their logo on GD seems right
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2020.11.21 16:35 NeonCrayon1 I made a browser extension that displays Glassdoor ratings for companies on job sites

I made a browser extension that displays Glassdoor ratings for companies on job sites
LinkedIn, Google for Jobs, Indeed, and Stack Overflow Jobs are supported.
This extension uses the Glassdoor API. Ratings are cached in the browser's localstorage for a week until they are refreshed. You can click on the rating to open up the Glassdoor reviews page for the company or the search page if the company is not found.
Chrome extensionFirefox add-onGithub repo
More screenshots:
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2020.11.21 15:41 KNGVAG Sarasota Jobs, delete if not allowed

Looking for a job in Sarasota area. I've been on indeed, glassdoor, and zip recruiter submitting resumes left and right but still haven't found anything. Does anyone know of any places hiring currently? I have experience in the hospitality, retail, and management. Delete if not allowed. Thanks in advance!
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2020.11.21 15:13 eam115 Be warned about door to door sales jobs disguised as PR and marketing positions.

I’m graduating in a few weeks so I’ve been on the hunt for a job. That’s been a challenge in itself but yesterday I got bombarded with emails from different companies looking for me to work for them. They were companies I hadn’t applied for but they said they found me through LinkedIn and Indeed. Before responding I checked out their websites and they seemed legit, offering services you’d expect any agency to offer and having supposedly real testimonials from clients so I decided to set up an interview. After having a couple moments of panic over the past week about not being able to find a job I was really excited.
Then something in my gut told me to check their reviews on google and Glassdoor. While generally they were high I was surprised to see they had some one star reviews so I decided to sort by lowest review to see what they had to say. Come to find out, all three of the companies I was set to interview for were just thinly veiled door to door sales jobs that pay either minimum wage or by commission. I was so disappointed, but I’m so glad I realized before I wasted my time in an interview. I actually found one of their job listings on LinkedIn and it’s really clever how they make it SEEM like you’ll be doing PR, marketing, brand management etc but really, according to Glassdoor, you’d just be going to Walmart or Sam’s Club to sell phones. One of the listings even said no experience necessary which surprised me since most listings I’ve seen have asked for at least two years experience.
These places seem to particularly pray on recent graduates or people getting ready to graduate so if you’re in that same boat definitely me cautious. From now on I’ll be doing much more research before applying to a company I’ve never heard of before. Always check reviews and sort by lowest to see if the reviews are complaints about a legitimate company or if they’re complaining about being scammed.
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2020.11.21 14:25 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 25 Jobs in erp Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
AdventHealth Manager Enterprise Imaging Altamonte Springs
AdventHealth Enterprise Systems Admin - Sr Altamonte Springs
Comcast Acct Exec 3, Enterprise Direct Sales-Palm Beach Gardens, FL Palm Beach Gardens
Comcast Acct Exec 3, Enterprise Direct Sales-Norcross, GA Norcross
Comcast Mgr 1, Enterprise Direct Sales, Oak Brook, IL Oak Brook
Reyes Holdings Enterprise Technology Architect - RH Rosemont
Northern Tool & Equipment - Glassdoor 3.8 ✪ Enterprise Architect Burnsville
Comcast Acct Exec 3, Enterprise Direct Sales-Nashville, TN Antioch
Comcast Acct Exec 3, Enterprise Direct Sales Baltimore
Comcast Acct Exec 3, Enterprise Direct Sales Silver Spring
Spectrum Senior Manager, Program Management - Spectrum Enterprise New Rochelle
FM Global Senior or Principal Enterprise Architect East Greenwich
Spectrum Director, MSS Vertical - Spectrum Enterprise Maryland Heights
Spectrum Director, MSS Vertical - Spectrum Enterprise Locust
Spectrum Director, MSS Vertical - Spectrum Enterprise Montvale
DHL DHL: Seasonal Order Fillerpickers Fulton
Rush Enterprises Rush Enterprises: Entry Level Diesel Mechanic Mobile
Rush Enterprises Rush Enterprises: Master Diesel Mechanic Mobile
Enterprise Medical Recruiting Enterprise Medical Recruiting: Permanent Family Practice Physician In Banning, California Banning
Blue Hills - Kaya Jobs Blue Hills - Kaya Jobs: Amazon Pickerpacker Fulltime Parttime Schedules Available Earn Up To 19. 75hr Blue Hills
City Of Campbell - Kaya Jobs City Of Campbell - Kaya Jobs: Amazon Order Pickerpacker Work Up To 40 Hrswk W Benefits Campbell
Castro City - Kaya Jobs Castro City - Kaya Jobs: Amazon Pickerpacker Earn 2hr Extra Through 122620 Seasonal Castro City
Rush Enterprises Rush Enterprises: Diesel Mechanic Ceres
Rush Enterprises Rush Enterprises: Entry Level Technician Ceres
City Of Cupertino - Kaya Jobs City Of Cupertino - Kaya Jobs: Amazon Pickerpacker Fulltime Parttime Schedules Available Earn Up To 19. 75hr Cupertino
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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